My Life as a Teacher 1/30/16 and Daily Blog Update

So, yesterday I did my first day of subbing. It was not bad at all. Just really, really boring. The teacher I subbed left the students 5 work sheets to do over the course of the hour and a half class. Only the students had already done 3, and they knocked the other two out within 20-30 minutes. This resulted in a boring but easy day. I let the students speak quietly among themselves or listen to music or play games on their phone. It was a Friday and everyone was looking forward to weekend like they were Rebecca Black in that joint. I was already offered to sub again Monday I just have to confirm it.

Right when I got off, my girlfriend and I began babysitting until 12:30am. After that I had homework to do. This is why no Daily Blog went up yesterday. I passed out after homework. I’ll try to do two today to make up for it.

I subbed 10th grade biology for one block and 11th grade U.S. History. My spot Monday would be English as long as it’s still open

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  1. Your students…actually worked?! @_@

    Honestly I’m amazed to hear of students who do what’s expected of them and actually be quite chill. In the school I was placed the students had literally zero interest in the lesson, and even when they were chilling, they were loud or messing about.

    At least your day was quite relaxed relatively.

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    • Yeah, I mean some students got noisy, but they calmed themselves down. I was amazed how well the biology students were. They had three assignments and I say 75% of the students got all three(or at least close) of the assignments done. It shocked me too.

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      • cool, so it’s technically not the normal situation, hehe 😉
        But you are lucky to be in a good school environment like that. Must be in a nice area as well, where crime is low, am I right?


      • Yeah, for the most part. My city has two high schools. I was job shadowing a teacher at one and he said it was nothing like the other schools he taught at. he said at his old ones parent involvement was super low, crime was high, and racial tension was even higher because of the O.J. Simpson case was concluding at this time. So yeah, I’m lucky to be in a good town.

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