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Daily Blog Challenge: January 10th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Rock Pokemon

Did you guys know there are only 9 rock only Pokemons? This caught me quite off-guard. It saddened me too, because most of my favorite Rock pokemons have a second type (Lavitar, Aerodactyl, Kabutops). The other thing that doesnt help is Regirock is the coolest rock only pokemon, but he breaks the Legend Clause.

So, with all those hurdles what is my favorite rock pokemon? Sudowoodo

I think he is very fun Pokemon, both by design and back story.

For those of you who do not know, Sudowoodo went around pretending to be tree, tricking people as far as what type he is.

Watch this Pokemon Episode

The funny part is my faovrite rock pokemon wants to be a grass type. Haha.

I dont know if it is his charismatic whine, his endless attempts to use grass moves, or his energetic dance. There’s a lot to love in this guy. I think of the Sudowoodo from the anime every time I run across the Sudowoodo in the game.

So whose your favorite rock type? and why? Let me know in the comment section.

Pokémon Golden Age Demo

Video demos of our latest fan made game project

Source: Pokémon Golden Age Demo

Anime Top Ten: Comedy Anime

Solid List.


Say hello to the 1st of my new Top Ten Anime Lists! All of my reviews are essentially recommendations for series’ to (or not to) watch, and unfortunately I can’t always find the time to write/post about every one of my favourite anime series’. My remedy for this is to write Anime Top Ten Lists which will let me provide more recommendations across various genres. Anyway, without further ado…Top Ten Time!

Anime Top Ten – Comedy Anime

“I think it’s wonderful! 2D…A woman’s not a woman until she loses that third D”
“Takebayashi! That’s your first line?! Are you sure?”

Kotaro Takebayashi / Yuma Isogai & Masayoshi Kimura, Assassination Classroom

10. Ben-To


What’s that? You want an anime that takes a normal act like buying lunch and turns it into a battle of honour, deception and all-out violence? Well that’s what you get with Ben-To. After being physically beaten while reaching…

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