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Magic Monday: A Beginner’s Guide to Magic- White

Wishing for white Christmas? I got you covered!

This week we end our Beginner’s Guide to Magic. Where does the time go?

White is honor and pride. White is about the army of many. It’s about justice and valor. White is all the little pieces that make the machine work. What’s the best creature type to represent white in this standard? Allies of course.

Here’s a mono White Allies Deck I threw together!

Lands 21
21x Plains

Creatures 28
4x Cliffside Lookout
4x Expedition Envoy
4x Seeker of the Way
4x Kor Bladewhirl
4x Serene Steward
4x Lantern Scout
2x Archangel of Tithes
2x Felidar Soverign

Other Spells  11
4x Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
3x Silkwrap
3x Valorous Stance
1x Radiant Purge

Summon as many allies as you can. The rally will trigger and give us sweet perks. Tithes and Felidar are the only non-ally triggers in the deck, so you should get them often. Remember Ultimating Gideon right off the bat can be the right play giving all our little guys +1/+1. If you can’t afford him put in Retreat to Emeria instead. Also, if you want the consistency of the Ally triggers over the finishing nature of Tithes and Felidar, add 4 of Hero of Goma Fada.

White are players who- like synergy with their creatures. Every creature works for the good of the whole. You will in no way have the biggest creatures, you will have no permission based cards, and no burn damage. You will, however, have creatures that go well together as well as solid removal. Kill and exile stuff that is in your way and then rally your way to victory behind first strike, double strike, etc.

Pros- Everything goes together. You get to play Gideon. You have access to some of the best removal in standard. What you like in size and speed you make up in your army. In your brotherhood valor and justice will always shine through.

Cons- You do not want to fall behind. Outside of maybe Soverign and Gideon, you do not really have a card that is going to just break the game. Be mindful of board wipes and know stabilizing might become more difficult the harder the hit, as a single creature will likely not win us the match by itself. No counter magic, no burn magic, and no pump spells(Outside of Gideon’s emblem) make us a little less exciting than the other colors but build your army and ruthlessly take  down your opponent before they can mount a comeback.

Well there you have it!

Beginner’s Guide to Magic is through, but Magic Monday will make a return in 2016 down the road.

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Top Five Pokeballs that should exist!

It’s been tooooooo loooong since we’ve done a Top Five, so here’s an easy one to try and get us in the swing of things!

Remember the good old days of just having 4(5 if you count safari) different types of Pokeballs? Yeah, I’ve never said that either. One of favorite aspects of Johto were new pokeballs. Albeit, I grew up and realized there really isn’t a point to buy anything other than ultra balls once you can afford them. That does not mean we cannot have some fun with wacky pokeball ideas. Right? Plus, I always buy out there balls to try and capture the legendary pokemons in funny balls.

So here we go.

#5-The Random Ball- Okay. You’re gonna have to hear me out here. It wouldn’t be a DaHubbz countdown if we didn’t have a wacky and and crazy entry on this top five. You know how early in the game you get a bunch of pokemons no one cares for? Well the Random Ball will take that pokemon you do not care for and turn them into a random pokemon. I love this idea because it adds a curve ball to the every day mundane task of dealing with those annoying early game pokemons. It would throw off the balance of the game, so I suppose you can make it only available after you beat the Elite For or maybe make it the semi-random ball.

#4- The Nurture Ball- So, the badges let you do a lot of cool stuff outside of battle. Get into the Elite Four, use HMs, and oh, use traded pokemon. This use to be such a hassle back when I was still starting out. Blastoise would be falling asleep or recharging for who knows why. This Nurture Ball would make that a little less demanding. If badge two lets Lv 30 obey, than if a Lv 30 Pokemon is caught with a Nurture Ball and traded to someone, that Pokemon would obey even if the second owner did not have the second badge.

#3- Luck Ball- I think this one is pretty cool. Its a pokeball that has a chance to raise one random stat. If these pokeballs are accessible early on this could be a huge boost to get by the first couple parts of the game. It’d be pretty awesome. Don’t think there is any other thing needed to say about it. Yeap.

#2- The Scatter Ball- You know how they’ve made horde encounters a thing? Well, if you ever tried to catch a pokemon while the entire horde is still alive, you cannot “aim” somehow. I have two ideas for this one. Either A). It bust into multiple balls and attempts to catch all of them. or B). You could call it The Scope Ball or something where it singles out a single Pokemon in a horde. I think this ball would be relevant since the horde seems to be sticking around.

#1- The Lead Ball- Maybe not the best name for it but I didn’t want to name it the sticky ball or the trap ball. I am not sure how this ball would function completely yet. Some ideas for it that I do have are A). As the namesake, it makes the pokemon like lead and unable to flee. This would prevent abra from teleporting or the legendaries from fleeing. Chasing the dogs or the birds or the lake spirits or whatever, were always some of the most dreaded parts of my experience and this would just be an option to keep them stationary. B). Maybe it could have a better catch rate against pokemon that flee.

So there ya have it. That’s my top five. Feel free to add your own in the comments!

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Magic Monday: A Beginner’s Guide to Magic- Black

In honor of the Star Wars movie, we join the dark side.

You know the stories they tell you about witchcraft and voodoo and necromancy?  Well that were here to do! Black wizards use tricks and savage tactics to manipulate aspects of the game. Often, they do not care about their creatures and gain perks when they die.  Black is very twisted, but it is very satisfying.

Here’s a mono Black deck I threw together for today:
Lands 23
23x Swamp

Monsters 29
4x Bloodsoaked Champion
4x Hangarback Walker
4x Zulaport Cutthroat
4x Qarsi Sadist
4x Carrier Thrall
4x Nantuko Husk
2x Drana, Liberator of Malakir
2x Smothering Abomination
1x Gurmag Angler

Spells 8
1x Bone Splinters
3x Alter’s Reap
2x Ruinous Path
1x Murderous Cut
1x Duress
1x Transgress The Mind

Creatures die! It’s part of the game, after all. Our deck just takes advantage of this. This deck is stylized in the form and aristocrats deck that runs cards that want to die. Were mono black and not fancy. So we do not run Rally The Ancestors. You want to be sac’n Bloodsoaked Champion because he can revive himself. Hangarback leaves tokens behind, which, in return, can sac’d themselves. Do this while Zulaport is on the field and you start to hurt your opponent. Sac’n as a result of Nantuko Husk can beef him up and just kill your opponent right there. Drana, Smothering, Gurmag are here to finish the deal. The spells are mix of goodies from removal to draw spells. Duress is good for control and Transgress picks stuff out that is bigger than us.

Black is for players who- want evil creatures and diabolical spells. If you have ever dreamed of playing the bad guy black is for you. You have access to some of the best straight removal, most of your creatures have abilities

Pros- Black cards give you some amount of say in what sticks around(In the form of removal). Like green, the little guys shine here. Though green pumps its creatures,  black normally does not mind if it’s creatures die. You may not always have board presence because you are sac’n your creatures, but with all your removal they should have trouble establishing a board on you as well.

Cons- As mentioned, your creatures are small. Drana is a flyer which helps, but she’s still a 2/3 for 3. Gurmag is a welcomed addition because you can delve all your sac’d guys to get him out for 1 or 2. Remember, black with go faster, green will get bigger, and blue will try to deny you, but you are the most wicked one of them all!

Next week we finish the colors up with white!

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