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Top 5 Zelda Games That Need Remakes!

Oh, boy Nintendo fans and gossip mongers alike are gathering by the digital campfire to fire up those whispering lips. The rumor of the week this time? Ocarina of Time is coming to the Switch. Now, I am not even going to begin to dive into if I think this rumor is real, how it impacts the gaming ecosystem or anything in that realm. Simply put, I’m not really a news source. I just want to turn this big rumor into a fun Top Five/ Thought Exercise.

#5 Minish Cap- Quite frankly, I think every handheld Zelda game should be ported over/HDified on to the Switch. A quick Google check reveals that the GBA sold a little over 80 million units in 9 years. In 3 years, the Switch as already sold over 50 million units. In no time, the Switch will dwarf the GBA. Not to mention, a lot of the handheld Zelda games are old as far as video games and technology go. Giving them a fresh coat of paint or updating the games with  “Quality of Life” improvements would be huge. And if you don’t have the time or resources to update them, then just release them for 10 to 20 dollars giving us access to brand new portability of the games. Not to mention, Minish Cap is a great game and the next generation needs to experience it.


#4 Ocarina of Time- Ah, yes. Where the rumor mill all began. I, for one, am holding off judgment on if I think OoT is actually coming to Switch. One Youtuber I watch says don’t put stock in these rumors. Another one says it makes perfect since for Nintendo to move OoT to the Switch. I’m not here to debate the rumor. Let’s just talk about why it made the list. Simply put, this game is a classic. I’d love for it get an HD overhaul. I would enjoy for it to have that hybrid flexibility of being able to play on the big screen and then flip to handheld for on the go. This is a game absolutely everyone needs to play.


#3 Oracle of Ages and Seasons- One of the few Zelda games I never beat. Not entirely sure why. I owned one of these as a kid. Honestly, this is one of the games from my childhood I remember buying. My mom took me to Target of all places to buy a copy. Aside from being a game I’ve never beat, this game was released Pokemon style. By that I mean Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons are different games, so to speak. I would love for Nintendo to release them as a package deal so gamers could get the complete experience on one cartridge.


#2 Skyward Sword- I think everyone considers this the most likely candidate for being ported over to the Switch.  Other people have a hybrid Windwaker/Twilight Princess bundle as a strong possibility. I just don’t see it. Considering both of these games released separately on Wii U. Though it does feel like every Wii U game is on Switch these days. Now back to Skyward Sword. Honestly, secretly, this is probably the game I am rooting for the most. I actually own this game on the Wii, but the motion control has me on the fence. Even if the Switch port doesn’t remove the motion controls, I think I like the motion control feature on the Switch more than the Wii. Not sure. I’ll probably hold out until the end of the year to see if they announce a port before diving into the Wii version.


#1 Legend of Zelda: Adventure of Link- What a misunderstood game. This game was a complete change of pace for the Zelda series. The side scrolling combat was just one aspect of weird. There was a leveling up mechanic and game overs were brutal. I enjoyed playing this game but only when I used save states. I would love to see some quality of life improvements and modern day game design philosophy implemented. I’ve heard several times over Ocarina of Time was an attempt at a 3D remake of Adventure of Link. I don’t really need a 3D HD remake as much as I just want the improvement in game designs. Adventure of Link is archaic in it’s current iteration. It would great if Nintendo made this classic more playable and accessible to the masses. They modified a lot about Majora’s Mask to make it a better game. Personally, I now really love Majora’s Mask and finally appreciate it when I did not as a kid. Wouldn’t it be great if Nintendo did the same for Adventure of Link?


So, that’s my top 5. I wanted to make room for 4 Swords but the more I thought about the game the more I wanted a sequel over a remake. I wanted to mention a 3D reimagining of the original but I feel like Breath of the Wild is pretty close to that, albeit entirely different at the same time. Either way. What Zelda game would you have included?

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5 Historic Decks I Want to Brew (With the Addition of Amonkhet)

Random Wednesday #2: Cells At Work Episode #1

Shakedown Hawaii Comes to Wii U, Release Date Confirmed!


5 Historic Decks I Want to Brew (With the Addition of Amonkhet)

Amonkhet Remastered launched less than a week ago with hopes of adding a bunch of powerful, new cards to the Historic format. With it new archetypes will emerge and existing ones will look to strengthen or refocus themselves. Here’s 5 decks I want to brew now.

Honorable Mention: Bant Approach of the 2nd Sun

Approach of the Second Sun · Amonkhet (AKH) #4 · Scryfall Magic ...Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath · Theros Beyond Death (THB) #229 ...Growth Spiral - Ravnica Allegiance, Magic: the Gathering - Online Magic: The Gathering - Shatter The Sky - Foil - Theros ...

This is a controlling ramp deck. Growth Spiral and Uro are a great reason to play blue and green in the deck. Blue also gives great counter spells and draw spells as well as Planeswalkers. Green is mostly here to ramp us.

#5 White Black Zombies

Wayward ServantMurderous Rider | Throne of Eldraine | Standard | Card Kingdom

Zombies were a big part of Amonkhet block. It is only natural to think the tribe would see an uptick in playable cards now. Dread Wanderer, Wayward Servant and Thoughtseize headline a stellar cast of new cards. Zombies are always an interesting tribe being a black aggro deck. They get interaction in the form of Murderous Rider and Thoughtseize which is powerful. They also get recursive creatures and creatures that make tokens which can be used directly in conjunction with the draining abilities of Corpse Knight and Wayward Zombie. I see a lot to like in this deck. It’s filled to the gills with rares though so it is not the cheapest deck to throw together.

#4 Sultai Scarab God
The Scarab GodChampion of Wits
Ravenous ChupacabraThoughtseize

This deck is going to look a little familiar to the standard deck of old. I see new UB list running Murderous Rider and Brazen Borrow. That is probably correct. At first, I didn’t like that idea because those cards don’t really do anything when getting revived by Scarab. However, they do allow you to interact with the board on turns 2 and 3 and buy you time to get to turn 5+. I do want to run high impact cards to revive off of Scarab so cards like Chupacabra, Champion of Wits, and Hostage Taker all come to mind. We want to control the game with our spells and creatures and then pull away with the insane card advantage in the late game Scarab God provides.

#3 Grixis Pteramander
Pteramander, Magic, Ravnica AllegianceThoughtseizeClaim // FameCensor

Pteramander finally gets a one mana hand strip spell and it is one of the best ever, Thoughtseize. Claim to Fame is another interesting addition here. We can now fire our creatures off a bit more aggressively and then just claim them back later. Of course, in the late game Fame can help swing over with haste late. Is Censor good or bad in this deck? The card is a very polarizing card to begin with. However, cycling allows us to fill the yard for Pteramander’s adapt while also drawing a card. I think I’m willing to test it in here. The goal of a Pteramander deck is to play cheap interaction cards that don’t need targets to cast. Shock is a good example of being able to interact with creatures if needed or sling it at them for damage. Pteramander becomes insane value late in the game as a 5/5/ flier for an overall 2 mana investment

#2 Collected Company Elves

My astute readers will notice Amonkhet did not reprint a single elf creature! So how did this get #2 on the list? Well, the other half of the name kind of gives it away. Collected Company.

Collected CompanyElvish VisionaryDwynen's EliteElvish Clancaller, Magic, Core Set 2019
Elvish Clancaller and Imperious Perfect definitely gives the deck a few lords it needs. Llanowar Elves, Dwynen’s Elite, Elvish Visionary and Steel Leaf Champion allow the deck to play an on curve aggro plan. Collected Company helps the deck “elfball” so to speak or recover quickly. I’ve never got to play with CC because it has always been so expensive. I can’t wait to finally test this out. Merfolk is also probably going to love this new card too.

#1 Esper Approach of the Second Sun

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, Magic, Prerelease CardsApproach of the Second SunShatter the Sky

I’m curious how Draw Go this archetype wants to be. Or does it want to play Planeswalkers and ramp spells? Would it prefer to play Settle the Wreckage, an instant speed board wipe, or tap out for a less conditional removal spell like Shatter the Sky? I think pure control favors Esper, while tap out, ramp and planeswalkers, favors Bant with Uro, Hydriod Krasis.

There’s some other interesting decks such as Jeskai Cyclers and Esper Humans or even Riddleform that look really fun to brew around.

Let me know which deck excites you the most.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Random Wednesday #2: Cells At Work Episode #1

Welcome to the second installment of “Random Wednesday”. A series where I review random anime. Read the first one here: Girlish Number- Random Wednesday Number 1

Typically, I let Crunchyroll roll a random wheel and that decides it. Today, I let Jessica pick the anime. I was very happy when she announced Cells At Work as the choice.

Boy, do things change. 5 years ago when I started this blog I was a Biology Education major. Now I am in the school of business. However, some things never change. Like my love of science. That’s why many times I grazed over at the manga form of Cells At Work and almost grabbed it on several occasions.


Without further ado, let’s dive into episode #1.


Cells At Work is like a modern day Osmosis Jones, if you kiddos remember that gem of a show. Every vital uh, species in the human body is working together to fend off viruses, fix problems as they arise and keep the body running smoothly.

B002AJIOES_OsmosisJones_UXWB1._SX1080_(Osmosis Jones and Drix)

Our plot centers around two types of blood cells, red and white. Red blood cells deliver nutrients and other goodies throughout the body via oxygen. White blood cells act quickly to dispatch any foreign invaders the body may come in contact with. Our heroes are a veteran white blood cell clearly trained to eliminate viruses pretty efficiently and a rookie red blood cell on her first day, a la Leon Kennedy.  And, if you’ve ever played Resident Evil 2, then you know what happens next.


A red blood cell on her first day to work gets assigned a simple enough task, deliver oxygen to the lungs. Mere seconds later, like a gaggle of geese, 3 or so viruses looking like rejected extras from the Cell Saga emerge. White blood cell makes quick work of them and then bathes in their blood all manly like. One camera pan later, and the audience sees one virus survived. So, as to not spoil the rest of the episode, I’ll end the rehashing of the story here.


It is a quite enjoyable, pseudo rom-com, The Office lite, fantasyesque adventure anime. I had a lot of fun with this one. It is very funny. There’s light elements of romance budding but not in your face, yet anyway, while anatomy and biology nuts are going to have a lot of fun exploring the human body in this delightful anime.

I liked a lot of what I saw and I think most demographics will too. There’s nothing too vulgar or offensive, though when they kill the viruses at the start it is a little bloody (see previous pictures for references). Personally, my backlog of animes to watch is growing larger by the day, but this one might start to tick up the pecking order at this rate.

What do you guys think of Cells At Work? Am I bias as a science lover or does this show have legitimate chops as an anime? Let me know down below.

Thanks for reading and have a great day everybody!

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Shakedown Hawaii Comes to Wii U, Release Date Confirmed!

Yes, Shakedown Hawaii was already announced but now we have a date.


According to the site, Vblank, you can buy the game digitally and, more importantly, physically. Why do I say more importantly? To my knowledge, this will be the last physical game made for the Wii U. As I’ve made known on both this blog page and Youtube channel, I love collecting for the Wii U, as evidenced by the post I made this morning.

I did not seriously start collecting for the Wii U until after it’s lifespan had closed. I remember when Axiom Verge game out. The gaming world lost their collective minds. I’m not saying Shakedown Hawaii will be sought out in the same way but it very well might.


The game will also come out in two versions. Per Vblank, “A standard edition ($24.99), and a special edition ($29.99). The special edition includes everything the standard edition does, plus a digital soundtrack and protective case with alternate cover art. Each is limited to 3,000 copies.”


So, neither addition is more rare than the other, at least on the primary market. If you enjoy the Wii U, I would mark the date.


So, what do you think about this late, late release for the Wii U? Let me know down below. I’ll also link to a video showing gameplay footage.

Gameplay here: Gameplay!

Only 7 More Wii U Games Left!

I acquired a lot of Wii U games from Gamestop the last 3 months and found myself only missing 8 titles.

3 Just Dance Games
2 Heavy Hitters (Axiom Verge, Devil’s Third)
Disney’s Planes Fire & Rescue
Ben 10 Omniverse 2
Brunswick Pro Bowling

Currently, despite my fever pitch rush to amass the whole NA Library, I only really desire 3 of them. Ben 10, Planes, Brunswick Bowling. They are affordable, readily available, and games I might play a few times. The Just Dance games might never be played by yours truly. While Axiom Verge looks good, it is also hard to find it under $100 dollars. Devil’s Third is well, well… Well, honestly, it is $200 dollars. Paper Mario Thousand Year Door is my most sought after game right now. It is roughly $100-125 complete and I vomit a little thinking about it. So, no way I am paying $200 for a game I only kinda sort of care about.

I sent that list of 3 games to my local video game store and in about 2 or 3 weeks, one of those games emerged.


Yeap, Brunswick Pro Bowling has been scratched off the list. This leaves just 7 more games! I have no rush for the previously discussed 5 titles. I look forward to getting Ben 10 2 and Disney’s Planes Fire and Rescue in the coming months.

Thank you for reading! Have a great day.

What to make of UW Wizards in Modern (A Magic the Gathering Post)

Hey everybody. Let me start by saying that it’s been about a year since I played Modern. I love watching Magic the Gathering, but actually playing the game is different. I often fall in and out of love with it. Well, I decided to throw together one of my pet decks, UW Wizard, and take it to Modern. Now, I need two disclaimers.

Since I fall in and out of love with MTG, I rarely buy expensive cards. Namely, lands. I’m sure running 8 fetch lands or so would help the consistency of the deck. (I run 3)
And secondly, I’ve only played a few games, so who knows. But I have noticed a trend.

I am just going to put my thoughts out here and maybe some of you will get some use out of it.

I started brewing this deck back when Dominaria first released because of Naban

Naban, Dean of Iteration · Dominaria (DOM) #58 · Scryfall Magic ...


His ability to double triggers just screams value. These support cards jumped out to me.

Meddling Mage · Planeshift (PLS) #116 · Scryfall Magic: The Magic The Gathering - Deputy of Detention (165/259 ... Reflector Mage · Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) #157 · Scryfall Magic ...Silvergill Adept - Rivals of Ixalan, Magic: the Gathering - Online ...

Merfolk Trickster · Dominaria (DOM) #56 · Scryfall Magic: The ...Siren Stormtamer · Ixalan (XLN) #79 · Scryfall Magic: The ...

I’ve found myself wanting an aggressive 1 and 2 drop and more Merfolks.

Maybe these two?

Benthic Biomancer (Ravnica Allegiance) - Gatherer - Magic: The ...Cursecatcher · Shadowmoor (SHM) #34 · Scryfall Magic: The ...

I got excited when Benthic Biomancer launched but honestly I never bothered buying him. He is a 1CMC Merfolk. In theory, he helps play on curve, discount Wizard’s Retort, and is another merfolk to reveal to Silvergill. Also is a semi Silvergill in that turn two he can draw us a card. I think he is a card where it is easy to talk yourself into him. May have to pick some up later.

Cursecatcher on its surface seems worse because they can simply pay one to bolt or path Naban. However maybe we want to run both? or maybe we just need more merfolks and the slight disruption is just a plus? I’m not really sure honestly.

Wizard’s also needs more stack or hand disruption. We don’t get very solid interaction in either phase. We can mess with creatures all day. We need a 2CMC card like Kitesail Freebooter that would let us view their hand. This would let us set up our Meddling Mages better and then use Deputy and Reflector to better effects. Not to mention, a freebooter like effect in wizards getting a double trigger would be great. Other cards I’ve considered would be Spell Queller and Thalia just to get some more controlling effects. We lose out on some synergies because they are neither merfolk nor wizards but they are pound for pound good cards.

Kitesail Freebooter · Ixalan (XLN) #110 · Scryfall Magic: The ...Thalia, Guardian of Thraben · Dark Ascension (DKA) #24 · Scryfall Magic The Gathering - Spell Queller (189/205 ...

Interestingly enough, since Naban, Reflector, and Meddling Mage are all humans, you could cut out the merfolk package and use cards like Cavern of Souls and Aether Vial and Unclaimed Territory naming humans and still cast half your wizards. Then your playing Naban, Kitesail, Thalia, Meddling Mage, Reflector Mage, still playing Deputy, and maybe   Champion of the Parish

If Naban and Champion see a human entering the battlefield like Meddling Mage, then Champion gets double +1/+1 if I am not mistaken. This strategy ultimately makes Wizard’s Retort worse but I’m sure other counters such as Unified Will could work.

You could also cut the human package and play mostly merfolk.

Harbinger of the Tides
 You may cast Harbinger of the Tides as though it had flash if you pay  more to cast it. (You may cast it any time you could cast an instant.)When Harbinger of the Tides enters the battlefield, you may return target tapped creature an opponent controls to Lord of Atlantis
 Other Merfolk get +1/+1 and have islandwalk. (They can't be blocked as long as defending player controls an Island.)Master of the Pearl Trident
 Other Merfolk creatures you control get +1/+1 and have islandwalk. (They can't be blocked as long as defending player controls an Island.)

Merrow Reejerey
 Other Merfolk creatures you control get +1/+1.Whenever you cast a Merfolk spell, you may tap or untap target permanent.Master of Waves
 Protection from redElemental creatures you control get +1/+1.When Master of Waves enters the battlefield, create a number of 1/0 blue Elemental creature tokens equal to your devotion to blue. (Each  in the mana costs of permanents you control counts towar

I run Harbinger in my paper deck. I did not have him online so I cut him. That felt like a big mistake. I never had enough Merfolk for Silvergill and the curve was wonky. I also wanted more bounce effects against Infect. So, whether its Harbinger or not, I do think the deck wants more 2 mana interaction. The draw back to the lords is that none of them are wizards except Harbinger and Master of the Waves. I think that might be okay if we had more interactive merfolk. So, I’m not sure how deep I want to go on Merfolk at the moment. I think Wizard’s wants a more reliable 2 mana draw card. Like a Silvergill or Elvish Visionary but less dependent on our hand.

Lastly, a good 3 mana lord.

Naru Meha, Master Wizard · Dominaria (DOM) #59 · Scryfall Magic ...

I’ve just been underwhelmed with Naru any time I wasnt playing casually (Casually, it is amazing). She almost makes me want to splash red for 4 lightning bolts. As ETB and copying Lightning Bolt and then having Naban trigger allowing Naru to trigger again on the bolt almost seems like a reasonable way to close the game with just 5 mana. Let me know if that sounds just crazy.

I suppose a parting question will always be why not play Humans, Merfolk or Spirits? I suppose there’s a brewer in all of us who wants to create a new archetype. Wizards seems to work fine in fair creature metas and good draws with Naban into Deputy should help manage almost any board, but I feel like wizards needs more hand and stack interaction to solidify itself. I guess there’s a chance we just cut Naban and try to play UW Good Wizards.

I’m not going to submit a decklist because I’m not sure what the correct build or numbers are. Here are other Wizard’s that could be great SB or meta dependent calls.

Champion of Wits · Hour of Devastation (HOU) #31 · Scryfall Magic ...Sunscourge Champion (Hour of Devastation) - Gatherer - Magic: The ...Voidmage Prodigy · Onslaught (ONS) #120 · Scryfall Magic: The ...Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor (War of the Spark) - Gatherer - Magic ...

Exclusion MageUnsettled Mariner - Modern Horizons, Magic: the Gathering - Online ...

Phantasmal Image · Modern Masters 2017 (MM3) #46 · Scryfall Magic ...

In testing, Phastasmal Image worked to great effect but it was bounced or walking ballistaed every chance someone got. Unsettled Mariner could fix some problems with Wizard’s Retort, Silvergill, and Champion of the Perish, but it doesn’t interact with the stack or hand and it doesn’t effect the board. I’m undecided on if I want to buy some and test it out.

Have you played with UW or UWB or UWR wizards? If so, let me know. And if this inspires you to brew it, let me know how that goes.


Just A Small Update: First Day of the Semester (August 11th, 2020)

Good news: I don’t have any crazy updates like in the past. Simply put, I feel like it is good to pump out content on a regular basis. When I have nothing to really blog about or I am super busy, I like to do these updates. We’ve gained a handful of new followers, so I don’t know how much you guys know about me, actually. So, I figured I would just do a life update today instead of trying to come up with something to review or report on.

Today was my first day back to my college. Technically, my semester started yesterday with 4 online classes. Today, my two in person classes began. It’s a weird time world wide, but definitely here in the States. I have no illusions of colleges staying in person all year. Especially, mine and my state here in the south. Plenty of elementary schools have started and then contracted cases of Covid within 3 days. Wild. With some elementary schools, a student gets it and the class moves online for 2 weeks. Sometimes 10 plus cases in a single school occur and they move online for 2 weeks. My belief is that pressure will mount through August, and if by some miracle we are still going in September, we wont make it through September.

I still love doing anime, video games and manga reviews, so expect more as the semester goes on. However, there are a couple of me projects, as in real life projects not associated with the blog, I want to prioritize along with school that could cut into regularly scheduled content. When I was majoring in education and student teaching/job shadowing/subbing, I tried to blog more about that. Since switching over to accounting, I have not had the same drive to integrate that aspect of my life to the blog. However, with Covid messing up aspects of my life such as attending college and watching sports just to name a few, I could see myself blogging more about my personal life. I have a Twitter. I never use it for its intended use. I put most of my thoughts here.

So there you have it. A very short update. Hopefully you guys read this and compare it to your situation. I’d love to hear down below how your school/work life is holding up now that Fall is in full swing.

Have a great day and thanks for reading! I am off to do homework…

In Defense of Nintendo Switch Ports

Switch logo

As many of you know, the Nintendo Switch has been a port machine, sometimes it seems like Nintendo is relying on those ports. Perhaps that has never been more noticeable than this year, 2020. Nintendo fans have seemingly rioted in droves by the lack of stellar Triple A titles barely trickling out this year, you can kind of see why the Switch owners have not been happy. For me, 2020 has been solid. Sure, it’s nothing spectacular, but with Spongebob Battle For Bikini Bottom and Paper Mario Origami King, I’ve been enjoying my Switch over the summer. I still have Ary and the Secret of Seasons and Pikmin 3 Deluxe to look forward. That’s to say nothing of games I did not pick up such as Animal Crossing. Yet, when you look at Nintendo’s big holiday season, all we have is a port of Pikmin 3. Not great but not bad on it’s own. However, nothing is in a vacuum. Nintendo fans ran with every rumor and leak to come over the last 12 months. That means fans are still anxiously waiting for the BOTW 2 release date and official announcements for the Mario 3D games. You can see how fans view a $60 port of an existing game as just underwhelming. However, ports are not this big evil concept many consumers are trying to make them out to be.


Let’s start by saying that if Nintendo’s big holiday title is Pikmin 3, I will feel underwhelmed but completely okay. I mean many gamers do not have endless amounts of income to just throw at video games. Nintendo does not need three Triple A titles in November and December to have a good holiday season. By the end of the year, I’ll most likely have bought the four aforementioned games. That’s a good year in my opinion. However, I think for the general public to count Nintendo’s holiday season as a success, Nintendo needs one Triple A title that is not a port. Realistically, I think all Nintendo might have in the chamber would be a port of Super Mario 3D World. Which brings us back to Wii U ports. There’s two reasons this is okay. The first one, and you’ve all heard this, no one bought the Wii U. Remember the Wii U sold like 13 million units world wide. The Switch has already sold over 50 million units. Meaning virtually no one played Pikmin 3. The second reason is a bit more controversial. Nintendo always ports games over with bonus features. DK Tropical Freeze released with a new Funky Kong mode. Xenoblade Chronicles released on Switch with more story content. Even Pikmin 3 Deluxe is releasing with all DLC and bonus Olimar missions. Not to mention every game getting re-released on Switch has an added feature. It is mobile. That cannot be understated. You’ll now be able to play Pikmin 3 on the go. Jessica and I can play Pikmin Bingo while we are waiting on our next class to start. That is huge.


Now, why did I mention controversy? I saw a video ripping Nintendo for taking down the Wii U digital versions of DK Tropical Freeze and Pikmin 3 from the Wii U eShop, then selling the Switch versions for $60 dollars. Personally, I’m not sure how I feel about it. I don’t feel like Tropical Freeze added enough content to upgrade for the full $60, so I skipped it. I could see people taking issue with it. Now, with Pikmin 3. Jessica loved Pikmin 3 on Wii U. She never got to beat it because I was glued to my Wii U during it’s lifespan. However, she loves portable gaming. She loves the Switch, the 3DS, and the Vita. So, if she gets it on the Switch, she probably wont ever stop playing it. $60 probably doesn’t seem that bad for the game, the bonus content, and portability in her eyes when Pimin 3 Deluxe launches in October. So, if you already own the game on their former systems, it is really up to you how much the bonus content adds in your eyes.

maxresdefault (1)

Ports often carry a console when it first launches. PS4 coasted it’s first year with remasters of GTA V and The Last of Us while Xbox One’s big title was the Halo: Master Chief edition. That is nothing uncommon. However, the Switch is in it’s 3rd year. Having your big holiday title, remember as of right now, being a port is just so flat when Sony and Microsoft are pitching the next gen of gaming. But the theory is that Nintendo was just not prepared for Covid and the restrictions thereafter. Now, it is a little jarring that the biggest video game company in the world could be so blindsided by this but it might just be a product of old man philosophy we know Nintendo clings to. So, I look at these ports as a necessary evil. Nintendo clearly has a robust lineup coming down the pipeline if you believe all the leaks and rumors. My thought then becomes, “Wow, 2021 is going to be a crazy year.” 2021 could host 3D Mario remakes, BOTW2, the next mainline Kirby game, F-Zero returning, Mario Kart 9, Pikmin 4 and those are just the ones that have a shot. So, if Nintendo needs to use ports as a buffer while the world begins to fix itself, I’m okay with that. If you aren’t, that’s fine too. However, I would say don’t jump ship yet. Breath of the Wild 2 will be the biggest thing in 2021 if it is able to squeeze into the calendar year.

downloadmaxresdefault (2)

I also hear people degrading Nintendo fans because all Nintendo fans want are remakes and they get excited about ports such as Pikmin 3 Deluxe. Here’s the thing. We love our Nintendo games. Everyone wants Ocarina of Time on Switch because the game is timeless. We want the younger generation to experience it. We want traditional Xbox or Sony fans who picked up the Switch for casual gaming to experience it. We are just proud and nostalgic about our games and we want everyone to experience them. The Switch is selling like hot cakes with literally no sign of stopping. Nintendo would be wise to keep pumping out ports as long as we keep getting fresh IPs like Splatoon and Astral Chain and new games such as Odyssey and BOTW. The 2nd reason being to get these classic games HDified. Spyro getting the remake trilogy and Battle For Bikini Bottom getting HDified are some of the best games I’ve played. Destroy All Humans got a remake and it is amazing. Simply put, as long as they’re adding new content, updating the game play and controls, and improving the graphics, I am all for it. Quite frankly, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess coming to Switch would excite me to no end. If Nintendo ported over Super Mario Sunshine with more friendly FLUDD controls that would be a dream. I’m not saying they can, but FLUDD has inhibited me from enjoying Sunshine.

maxresdefault (3)

So, in defense of Nintendo ports, these ports have not stopped Nintendo from releasing new games. Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Breath of the Wild, Kirby, Yoshi, Smash Bros, Astral Chain, Pokemon Snap, and Bayonetta (if you’ll allow me to count it.) all have had sequels or births on the Switch. That’s just to name a few. Nintendo is also adding content, rarely just shoveling out the same game with nothing added. Many of these games were released on systems that sold poorly, meaning no one ever experienced these games in the first place. Ports are normally a win win. Sure, there’s people like us who buy every first party Nintendo game, but remember we are niche. These ports will help Nintendo while also allowing a brand new generation to enjoy these games for the first time. So, I defend Nintendo porting over titles and if those games do not appeal to me, I skip them.

Nintendo’s 2021 will probably be killer assuming they are able to get back to normal and prepare for the future. So, keep an eye on Nintendo and don’t jump ship yet.

What do you guys think about Nintendo Switch ports? I do not work in the game industry nor am I an insider, so I could be completely off base here. These are just my opinions on the public information and perceptions we have.

Thank you guys for reading. Have a great day!

My Personal Spell Book (A Magic the Gathering Post)

Okay, guys. I’ve been seeing this go around. First off, Sam Pardee shared a photo of his own personal spell book. I’ll add the link to the picture here via twitter. Sam’s Spell Book
Then, MTG Streamer Jim Davis made a post about his own personal spell book. You can read that here. People in his comment section were taking the time to post their own. So, I figured why not? Ill make my own!

By the way, this is a post about Magic the Gathering. I guess I should add some context. The spell books are a product of cards centered around specific Planeswalkers. The spell books feature iconic cards and moments involving the Planeswalkers.


Here’s an example of a card from the Jace’s Spell Book.

Okay, so the idea is I will list the 8 cards that would be in my spell book. These aren’t necessarily the best spells in the game. They’re just spells I love or have a fondness for. Okay let’s start the list off

Elvish Mystic


My goodness. This is arguably my favorite card of all time. This was the first card I ever opened in a pack. I had a friend explain to me how a creature could tap for mana. I thought ramping was the most busted thing ever. I immediately started grabbing all the big, dumb green creatures I could find and threw it in a deck. At the same time, I tried watching some Magic the Gathering streams to understand the game better. One of the first matches I watched was a GR Monsters deck. Elvish Mystic was a huge part the deck allowing the deck to play cards earlier than normal. On top of that, he lead to my love of the Elf tribe. He is a pivotal part to the modern version of elves. I jam him in a lot of green ramp/monster decks. I’ll never forget how cool I thought this guy was. And quite frankly, he still is.

Genesis Hydra


Well, we had to ramp into something right? To be fair, I feel in love with a lot of the monsters like Polukranos, World Eater, Hydra Broodmaster, Terra Stomper and Destructor Dragon, but the card I loved the most was Genesis Hydra. I would put so much mana into this guy I would end up hitting Polukranos anyway. They were an unstoppable duo in my play group. Definitely my favorite casual deck.

Mana Leak


In all my time playing magic, this may be the card I have cast the most. It took me forever to realize why this card was so good. I thought this card would just eventually be so bad. Which, I mean, to be fair, after turn 5 or so the card is just bad. However, Modern, a format I was new to, was just too fast to not be interacting with your opponent on turn 2. It’s been a corner stone of most of my UW/UWB modern decks.

Shaman of the Pack 


Standard Elves was arguably the first competitive deck I ever built as most of my Monster decks were casual. I could have so many other elves in this spot such as Dwynen’s Elite, Elvish Visionary or Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Dean which are all strong candidates. I loved them all. However, draining people for a crap ton of damage was just so much fun. This is a deck I am currently trying to rebuild with some strong modern upgrades.


There is almost no other game action I love more than drawing cards, maybe countering spells. The time has come to pick a draw spell. It was tough! There’s Opt, Sphinx’s Revelation, Chemister’s Insight and many more. However, when I built my first Esper Control deck, think twice was an important part of curving out right. Giving you something to do on turns 2 and 3 while keeping mana open to Mana Leak something if needed. I think this card is a staple in “Draw Go” Control.

Thought Erasure


I could not put this card in my Esper control deck in standard fast enough following it’s printing. I destroyed a lot of people curving this into Sinister Sabotage. They took care of problematic threats while each surveiled allowing you to smooth draws, hit lands, or get more counter spells. I loved this start. I had a rule that I would keep most hands that allowed me to cast Thought Erasure on Turn 2 and definitely keep the ones that let me curve into Sabotage.


My first exposure to an alternative win condition. Which is to say, winning without reducing your opponents life to 0. Many people thought this card was broken. It really wasn’t. I did win a lot of games with this card as the win con, but that’s not to say it could not be beaten. It did feel good to only have to run this if you did not want to run creatures. There’s talk of Wizard’s adding Amonkhet to MTG Arena. You best believe we will be tearing up historic with Esper and Bant 2nd Sun!



Nissa entered my life at an interesting time. In my casual group I was the green player. I was also the only one of us to pull a Planeswalker. Naturally she went into every green deck I was building at the time. Nowadays, Nissa the character is still my favorite Planeswalker though this probably isnt my favorite Planeswalker card, I doubt it is even my favorite Nissa PW card. Gideon being a creature PW that dodges boardwipes makes him ideal for my control decks. The new Narset is busted not letting opponents draw additional cards on top of finding more spells. Nissa, Voice of Zendikar is an aggressively costed PW who can be a creature factory to help against sac effects and generate blockers. Though there is no denying the impact this card had on me. It further more convinced me to play green. It made me feel more powerful than my friends without PWs. And fetching up all my forest to run my opponents over was such a great feeling.


So there you have. I left off plenty of great cards like Path to Exile, Savage Knuckleblade, and Disdainful Stroke. But that’s how making a list goes after all. Let me know what spells make your list!

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Pikmin 3 Deluxe Confirmed!


Today, Nintendo confirmed Pikmin 3 will be coming to the Switch. This isn’t just a basic port over to the switch either. The name deluxe might tip you off, but there’s going to be added content. The game features, as stated by Nintendo, “multiple difficulty modes, new side-story missions featuring Olimar and Louie, and all the DLC from the original release.”. Not to mention, every port to Switch adds new portability via the handheld mode. That’s just always an added bonus.

A few months back I made a list of Wii U games I thought could get ported over. Among them was Pikmin 3. Here’s the direct comment I made about the likeliness of it being brought over to Switch

“4. Pikmin 3. The first game on the list I have never played. So I cannot speak to how dependent on the Gamepad this game is. Regardless, I kind of disregarded this port considering all of the talk about Pikmin 4. Also, Ive heard people say they would prefer a Trilogy much in the way Metroid Fans are clamoring for. However, if we dont get the trilogy the more and more I write this the more I think this could be a solid port. Pikmin 4 looks like it is taking longer than expected so giving us Pikmin 3 remastered could solve a lot of issues. A. it would tide over Pikmin fans while finishing up Pikmin 4. B. It would introduce a new generation to Pikmin. Pikmin 1 and 2 came out on the Gamecube and a lot of hardcore players jumped off the Nintendo bandwagon with the Wii meaning plenty of people could have missed the 3rd installment after loving the first 2.”

Here’s a link to the rest of that article: Games that COULD come to the Nintendo Switch this year! (2020)

I feel like this was a pretty good guess. Pikmin 4 doesn’t seem like it is on the horizon yet. With Covid slowing the world down I guess adding Pikmin 3 Deluxe was easier than rebuilding Pikmin 1 and 2 for the Switch. Beats me, that just seems to be what this announcement tells me.


So, there you go. Nintendo quiet year might begin to make an uproar. Only time will tell. What do you guys think about this announcement? What games do you guys want to see added to Switch?

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