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Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma Review(Episode 1-12)

This weekend I decided to watch Food Wars, an anime based on the manga of the same name written by Yuto Tsukuda. The anime is directed by Yoshitomo Yonetani and ran through the J.C. Staff Studio.

Spoilers: Minor to no Spoilers throughout.

Food Wars

Plot: The plot is very simple. Soma, a young fifteen year old, is the second chef at a diner of two chefs. It is his dad’s diner and they have a father-son rivalry. It is lead on that his dad is a world class chef, but Soma says he does not know much of his dad’s history as a chef. Towards the end of episode one, his dad tells him he is shutting down the diner to go stay with a friend and is shipping Soma off to culinary school. His dad tells him if he cant make it here, he wont have a chance of surpassing him. And thus, were off. Soma hopes to be the be the number one chef at a school full of kids who think money and school will make them the top chef.

Setting: The setting is one of the top culinary schools in the world, Totsuki. If you graduate here, youre almost guaranteed a gig as a chef. It is layered like a regular school, there is their equivalent of middle and high school(Soma went to a formal middle school, so he comments it as interfering with his food studies). Most of the kids here lack what Soma brings, serving actually customers, or as the kids call it “serving on the first line of cooking”. At this school there is a council that is second in command only to the the head of the school himself. This council decides on pressing matters like where the budget is spent. None of the teachers are allowed to challenge the councils rule. The kids on the council are the schools top ten chefs.(At this point in the series weve only been introduced to two). You can challenge their ruling by challenging them to a Shokugeki, which is normally one on one chef-offs. Theyre really entertaining and most of the drama centers around these events.

Characters: Probably my favorite part of this Anime are the characters. When  I first started watching, I wasnt expecting to get attached to any of them, by the sixth or so episode I was really into them. My favorite without a doubt so far is Soma. He falls into the cliche “I want to be the best” stereotype of anime characters, but it works because he is not really the most interesting character but is one of the few likable ones so you want him to win. Plus, he is a chef. This is his life goal. It makes sense he would want to be the best. Cooking is his art, so I am all for him being super hyped to be the best chef. The first few episodes fall into a repetitive trap of using the same formula. A character doubts Soma and he uses his awesome cooking powers to beat them. Most of the villains are not likeable, such Nakiri or Mito. But as the series go on some the rivals become some of the cooler characters, such as Takumi or Shinomiya who are foils of Soma to a degree.

Pros: I watched it for two reasons. First, I wanted a change of pace from the beat em ups I have been watching. Second, I thought it would be funny to watch sense I am hopeless at making stuff outside of a pb&j sandwich or a bowl of cereal. But what I found was a truly hilarious and priceless anime.   Soma is one of my favorite main characters I have seen in an anime. It replaces fighting scenes with cook offs and has very interesting characters as well as solid humor. A really cool bonus, is if you are someone like me who doesnt know the first thing about cooking, the show breaks everything down for you, explains why some foods go together, what the affects of foods are, etc. I found this awesome and handy! Plus the manga, Ive heard, includes the recipes they use in the series. Pretty cool.

Con: We couldnt go this whole review without talking about fan service. It’s there, and theres a bunch of it. I read comments and it seems the extremeness of it did make it uneasy to watch for many. I, myself, found it weird at first because it seemed all over the place. Just be prepared when people eat good food. Though these intense scenes are used to show how powerful food is on the senses, it might make some of the conservative watchers uncomfortable. Fret not, it calms down later on but I’d be lying if I said it went away entirely.

Score: 8.75. Short reason why: You ever watched an anime that was so good you transformed into a cabbage-like superhero?! This series is awesome and oddly poetic at times. Definitely go see for yourself because there is a lot more I wanted to say but could not quite put into words.

Top Five Summer Animes I am Looking Forward To!

With summer animes starting as early as next week, it is time to see what I am most looking forward to!

#5- Dragon Ball Super-
download (3)

Whether you like DBZ or think Dragon Ball needs another series is a topic for a later debate. I would be lying though if I said I was not going to at least check it out. The series will start out after the Majin Buu saga, and stars the original characters, so I think it will be exciting at least.

#4- Rokka no Yuusha-


The story follows six heroes who are deemed the six heroes of the flower. They all agree to meet up together only it seems seven have arrived. They assume the villain is the seventh member and now they must figure out who is really the fraud member. I have never read the light novel it is based off of, so I might have the wrong idea of where the series will go. But based off the description Im definitely willing to give it a few watches and see where it goes.

#3- Gangsta-

download (4)

Gangsta sounds like an amine I could get caught up in. The town is ruled by four rival gangs. There are also people with super speed and super strength known as twilights. The two main characters do jobs no else wants and that’s when things get a little tricky. A cop ask for help handling a new gang that is starting trouble. This seems like a great action anime to get wrapped up in.

#2- Ushio to Tora-

maxresdefault (1)

A boy doesn’t believe his dad when his dad tells him he sealed a demon by stabbing him with a spear and that the demon is now in their basement. When the boy finds his family and friends are in danger by spirits, he unlocks the demon. Now we will see their relationship develop and rather unleashing him was the right thing to do.

Honorable Mentions- Gate and Charlotte. Two animes that I might give a watch but did not quite crack the list.

#1- God Eater-


Another “Humans are going extinct and must go into hiding and play defense for  a long time when a new species named “Oracle seeds” begin adapting and taking out humanity” kind of story, and I am totally digging the sound of it. Our typical weapons do not work. Later on, we develop new weapons known as God arcs. With this, an elite force is formed and plan to take back the fight.I have been waiting on this one for a little while now so I am pumped for it to air already.

This summer should have more than a few animes for everyone to enjoy. These are just the ones I am looking forward to. Comment the ones you guys cant wait to spend the next months getting attached to!

Manga Monday- Deadman Wonderland Vol1 Review

I went to the book store last week and picked out a few mangas. The first one was Deadman Wonderland Vol 1. This book is written by Jinsei Kataoka and illustrated by Kazuma Kondou. Vol 1 was released in Japan in 2007 and came to the states in 2010.

Plot: Ten years ago an earthquake hit japan and sank about one third of the mainland. There is only one prison left in area and it is know as Deadman Wonderland, a very fitting title. The main story starts with Ganta, the main character, in school with his friends. Ganta looks out to see a figure and then suddenly the figure appears in the room. The figure, named the Red Man, kills everyone except Ganta. He shoots him with a red crystal. When Ganta looks around he smells blood and sees everyone of his classmates dead. He is the sole surviver. He than is sentenced to Deadman Wonderland on Death Row. Which we find, technically everyone there is on death row but I will explain that later. Upon arriving to the prison Ganta slowly learns the twisted rules DW has. He also learns that he must compete in intense life or death challenges to earn CPs, the currency here. He meets too fellow Deadmen, Shiro and Yo. There is a link between Shiro and Ganta. They were friends when they were little, but outside of maybe two brief flashbacks, this substory line has not been developed yet. The red crystal seems to give Ganta powers to launch projectiles when he feels his life is endanger.

Setting: The setting so far has been my favorite part of the series. The prison uses the money it raises to help rebuild Japan. All the prisoners have a lethal poison in them which they must eat a piece of candy to neutralize. The candy has the antidote in it. The candy is sold at high prices throughout the prison. So if they want to live, they must compete in challenges to earn CP. Ganta gets a taste of one of the events, the dog race, which forces the players to try to make it to the end of the race alive. I am really looking forward to learning all the ends and out of the prisons as well as seeing all the challenges it holds.

Characters: I like most of the characters so far. Ganta is pretty cool and is only getting cooler as the series goes on. Shiro is a nice mystery that I cant wait to see explored. Yo is not my favorite character and hasnt done too much, but Vol 1 ends with me believing he will play a much bigger role for later Vols. Some other characters worth mentioning are Makina, a the chief guard of DW, she is pretty legit.

Score: I am giving vol 1 an 8. It did what I want a manga to do, not make me want to put it down. You will really pull for Ganta who is making the best of his situation and you will be dying to learn more about the characters and the prison itself. It definitely has me ready to go buy vol 2. I recommend giving it a try and seeing if you like it too.

Top Five Reasons You Should Own A Wii U

Now I know the Wii U, and Nintendo at large, gets a lot of hate now a days, and rightful so at times. But if you examine the Wii U for what it is, there is a lot to like.

#5- The Gamepad is actually awesome- Did you see the footage of Star Fox. The gamepad can be so useful if the game calls for it. In the new Star Fox, the gamepad will be used to create a first person look while the tv scene is in third person. I found the gamepad very useful while playing windwaker. I also exclusively play SSBU with the gamepad. It is actually funny. I was afraid of the gamepad and totally stayed away from the Wii U because I thought it was clunky dumb and just awkward. I heard about SSBU and bought the Wii U like two years in advance just for SSBU. I played the Super Mario game that came with it and Windwaker and fell in love with the gamepad and the Wii U. Nintendo will keep renovating the gaming world.

#4- There is more third party involvement- It seems to be believed that third party companies refuse to make games on the Wii u. That really is not true. Now rather you consider these games to be good or not is of your own opinion but they have a good list of third party games. There is the Batman series, the assassins creed series, the lego series, the amazing spiderman 1 & 2, Bayonetta 1 and 2, Call of Duty, Skylanders, Disney Infinite, Resident Evil Revelations, Madden and NBA 2k, Monster Hunter, and more. Also this list debunks the thought that Nintendo only does kids games too.

#3- Virtual Console- A lot of people believe we should be propelling into the future of games and not take the time to glorify the old ones. I believe we can do both. If you do not know what the VC is, it is a feature on the Wii U that allows you to download old games, much like running a old rom on the computer. Their selection is nice and has solid games on it. The highlights are: Megaman 1-6, Kirby’s adventure, Super Mario Brothers 1-3., Ghost ‘n Goblins, Metroid, Castlevania 1-3, Donkey Kong 1 and 3, Mother 1(Earthbound Beginnings), Punch-out, Zelda 1 and 2. But there is a whole lot more too. It is a very nice feature. Most games will range from 5-10 dollars though.

#2- Multiplayer Games- A great story is always nice, but in todays gaming world multiplayer games are at the front of the gaming world. My first experience of multiplayer gaming: Playing my brother at 007 Golden Eye on N64 as well as Mario party and Mario Kart. And Nintendo is still going strong with multiplayer goodness. Mario Kart 8, Mario Party 10, SSBU, Nintendo Land, DK Tropical Freeze, and now Splatoon. Grab a buddy or go online and spend hours having some of the most fun you can have with a friend. Not to mention the Wii U’s online access is still FREE! My friend, who is not the biggest Nintendo fan in the world, said he would buy a Wii U just to try and kill me in the new Super Mario Bros game.

# 1-The Library of games- While the PS4 and the Xbox one try to lure you in with all the bonus features, and granted I use my 360 for crunchyroll 90% of the time on it, a console should be mostly about its games. I do believe the PS4 and the One both have some respectable games, but early on their biggest titles were just remakes of their biggest hits on previous consoles(Tomb Raider, Last of Us, and Halo Master Chief Edition). I know people will say Nintendo is just remakes of Mario and Zelda, but they really are not. I have played a Nintendo system every time they come out. The games are not simply remakes. Each addition brings nice new touches to the series. But as point 4 showed, they have the third party games to go along nice with the Wii U games.

So do not believe the hate on the Wii U. It is a great system. I have had mine for about two years or so and I am loving it. I can not wait for some of the big games they have coming out this year and next.

DareDevil Netflix Review

Daredevil on Netflix will be the topic of review today. There may be some spoilers but not any major ones.

For Starters: This is an origin story. This means you do not have to know anything about Daredevil to get into this series.

Highlights: What makes this Daredevil work is they can say and do whatever they want. I feel like this Daredevil would not exist in the movies. It is gritty, it is dark, it is violent, and all these elements work. I feel like it is a nice mix between the darkness of Batman and the adult violence and themes of Deadpool. The next thing I  love about this Daredevil is the characters: Matt Murdock and Kingpin in particular. When Kingpin starts showing up the show gets really interesting. The action is fantastic and is what keeps you watching. Probably the best action scenes I have seen from a live action show ever. They are great. Episode 3 is a great example of this!

The Drawbacks: Okay, so I loved this Daredevil but it had its flaws. Namely, FOGGY NELSON. For me, he is biggest nuisance in the Marvel Universe. I am not the biggest reader of Daredevil comics but I have a handful of the old 60’s adventure and my feelings are the same. I havent seen a version of him I can stand. His only role in the show is just to take time away from Matt/Daredevil. Now do not get me wrong, when he is on scene with Matt, the duo are actually quiet funny. A good example of this is the flashback of them in college. If he is on scene with Karen or literally anyone else, it will make you want to just take a nap until Matt is back on screen, seriously. The first few episodes are watch Matt/Daredevil beat up baddies then flip to watch Foggy desperately try to get Karen to like him.The tip of the annoyance Iceberg is when Foggy gets mad at Matt and acts like Matt’s upset lover for like three episodes.

Favorite Episode: Episode 8 A shadow in the glass, and episode 7 Stick. These episodes have to be compared side by side, because they both provide insight to Matt’s,Episode 7, and Fisk, episode 8, back story. In episode 7, Stick comes along and trains Matt. This is such a huge turning point in the series because we see how Matt becomes Daredevil. Stick teaches Matt that sight is a distraction and that his blindness is not a curse. This is the building block for what makes Matt Matt. In episode 8, we see Fisk as a child. We see his family interactions, and they are not pleasant. We see the event that makes Fisk a heartless loner. These two events are what separates two men who are plagued by despair, pain, and hurt. After these episodes, the show just feels so real. The battle between Matt and Fisk is a lot bigger than rivalry and has a lot at stake.

Favorite Character: Not so much a shocker here, Matt/Daredevil. With Kingpin as a super close 2nd.

Least Favorite Episode: Episode 10 Nelson vs Murdock. I hate to put this as my least favorite episode. The series as a whole is very solid and does not even really have a weak episode. The episode just showcases some of the series weaker points. Those weak points being Foggy Nelson doing entirely too much, Ben Urich trying to win his own Netflix spin-off series, etc. This episode still has one of my favorite scenes: A flashback to my two favorite Avocados of Law.

Least Favorite Character: Foggy Nelson

Score: I am giving it an 8.5 for these reasons-Awesome action meets great characters, But, Foggy nelson interrupts the flow, it felt a little long to be an origin arc, and lastly I feel like the next season will be so crazy good. Season one is awesome and a definite must see, but I think the netflix series will keep getting better.

Top Five Anime You Should Watch To Start Off Your Summer!

Everyone knows about Naruto and Once Piece. If you are looking to add some good quality spice to your anime watching list, this list is definitely for you!

Here is my list of Animes you should be watching:

#5 Attack On Titan- Season one of AoT was ferocious and blow up instantly over here in the states. Odds are you’ve probably heard of it but if you are on the fence about it, it is definitely worth the watch. Season two of the anime is still a while away so you can watch this one at your own pace. It is only 25 episodes long. My friend and I knocked it out in two viewings and thought it was great. It has its flaws, of course. I am not a huge fan of Eren until about episode 23 or so, but the other main characters make up for that. Plus the titans are some of the cooler villains I have seen and only get cooler as the season progresses. Watch as the human race tries to take Earth back in this action thriller! It is a great starting point to kick off your summer anime indulgence. You can watch this on crunchy roll and netflix

#4 Death Parade- Death Parade is over, clocking out with just 12 episodes, but boy is it ever a thrill ride. The story is about how we get judged after death. Two recently deceased souls enter this realm and compete in intense games of life and death. I wont spoil anything but it definitely gets better as the seasons goes on. The last two or three episodes are SO intense. You can catch this one on Hulu

#3 Amagi Brilliant Park- If you are looking for something a little more light-hearted and a lot more humorous then look no farther than Amagi Brilliant Park. A high schooler, Kanie, is asked to be the acting the GM and is tasked with the job of getting the desired amount of visitors in three months or the park will close down. The main characters, Kanie, Latifah, and sento, are very likable but the three mascots steal the show. Crunchyroll has twelve episodes so is not hard to finish but you wont want to stop once you have started. It is brilliant.

#2 Is it Wrong To Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?- This is the first anime on this list that is still being updated weekly. It has become one of my top favorite animes in its short time. Ive only seen about the first eight episodes of Sword Art Online but IIWTTTPUGIAD plays a lot like SAO from what ive seen. Gods come down to live with us humans and form Familia’s. The God’s are the head of each Familia and they get the humans to go into dungeons. The humans goals are to go deeper into the dungeons. It is not set in a video game world like SAO but the characters level up, learn spells, and fight monsters much like a character would in an rpg. There is a weird love decagon going on where every female character seems to be in love with Bell, the main character. But I stick around for Bells progression from a weak fighter that no one wanted as their partner to now the slightly better version of him ten episodes in. With only ten episodes, itll be easy to catch up with.

Two way tie for first

We have a two tie for number one

#1 Assassination Classroom- This show is awesome! Brief plot recap without spoilers: An alien lands on Earth and we cannot kill it. The alien decides he wants to teach a class of reject students in hopes they can make better exam grades then the head of class kids. The only catch is the kids also have to find a way to kill the alien by next summer or he will destroy earth. When I first heard this plot I thought it was the craziest sounding plot, but nearly 20 or so episodes in and I am addicted. I am so pumped to see where it goes. It is only about 20  episodes in, so catching up shouldn’t be a problem, but it is updated every Friday on Hulu.

#1 Parasyte- The Maxim- This is an absolute gem. I started watching it when it was on its final arc, and probably finished it in three sittings. It has 24 episodes all on crunchyroll and is over, so you can catch up easily. It is based off a 1980’s manga series but the message it delivers is still true today. When these new species start emerging on earth, humans fear for their extinction. These creatures, later named parasytes, latch to a humans bloodstream and travel to the brain. From their the parasytes than feed on humans to survive It brings into question the hierarchy of living species and how important life is. It is absolutely gory in an awesome way but it also profoundly beautiful and has a lot of heart and thought. It is a much watch for sure!

Enjoy your summer of Anime right!

Anime Top Ten: Comedy Anime

Solid List.


Say hello to the 1st of my new Top Ten Anime Lists! All of my reviews are essentially recommendations for series’ to (or not to) watch, and unfortunately I can’t always find the time to write/post about every one of my favourite anime series’. My remedy for this is to write Anime Top Ten Lists which will let me provide more recommendations across various genres. Anyway, without further ado…Top Ten Time!

Anime Top Ten – Comedy Anime

“I think it’s wonderful! 2D…A woman’s not a woman until she loses that third D”
“Takebayashi! That’s your first line?! Are you sure?”

Kotaro Takebayashi / Yuma Isogai & Masayoshi Kimura, Assassination Classroom

10. Ben-To


What’s that? You want an anime that takes a normal act like buying lunch and turns it into a battle of honour, deception and all-out violence? Well that’s what you get with Ben-To. After being physically beaten while reaching…

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What I want from E3

E3 is just around the corner, so to honor it heres my Wishlist for E3:

Star Fox: I am ready to see what Nintendo rolls out in general, but I am interested to see some Star Fox news. I havent played a Star Fox Game since the N64, so I am very interested to see what the new one will be like.

Fall Out 4: The game will undoubtedly be epic! I am currently playing New Vegas for the first time and loving it, so I am sure 4 will only improve on a series that seems to be doing pretty darn good!

Resident Evil: Resident Evil 1-5 were golden, and Six was alright. Capcom has been intentionally leaving the RE series off of E3 to make sure they got it right. Well I need more RE in my life and soon. I would be nothing less than excited to see some footage of RE 7. Preferably they will find a nice blend of survival horror like the first three with the nice action vibe of the last two. 4 wouldve be absolutely perfect if they hadnt have done the plague idea. Basically if RE7 plays like RE4 but with Zombies it will be perfect. Make it happen Capcom!

Yoshi’s Woolly World:  I have literally lost track of how long ive been waiting for this game to come out! It will be all I play once it comes out. It looks cute and a like good way to waste hours on end. Enough teasing, I want an official release date and I want it to be this summer. Lets go.

Zelda Wii U: I AM SO READY FOR THIS GAME. I am actually okay with the push back. It just means Nintendo is taking their time to make it right and that is okay with me. E3 though, better give me plenty of Zelda news and updates. I am beyond pumped !

And of course, I am always interested in learning about games I have never seen or heard of. I am ready for all the secrets and big announcements. I ready to discover gems. I am ready for E3. It is going to rock!

Top Five Pokemon

The first of many top fives to come!

This installment will cover MY top five favorite Pokemon.

#5-Mankey/Primeapre- This evolution chain is awesome! Mankey is the first Pokemon i caught in both Pokemon yellow and Pokemon leaf green and I would recommend catching him first to anyone else too. His fighting moves rip through Brock and is a top memory of mine collecting my first ever badge with him by my side.

#4- Yanma/Yanmega- This is an interesting pick. I have never used a yanma in game, but I have always liked them and the addition of yanmega made it even more awesome. I plan to use one the next time I do a pokemon playthrough. I think they have a cool design and speed boost is a nice touch on an already pretty cool pokemon.

#3- Jirachi- Jirachi is the coolest legendary in my opinion and has been since his debut years ago. Competitively he can be a tough customer as well with serene grace as his ability. I used psychic, flash cannon, water pulse, and charge beam. This set can be hilariously great when Jirachi’s luck is really on.

#2 Crobat- Crobat is epic. There hasnt been a Pokemon to even come close to Crobat in the recent installments. He would easily be number one if my number one hadnt been my favorite since Pokemon Red. I have beat so many games using Crobat, including, Alpha Sapphire. Poison is also easily my favorite Pokemon type. So Crobat is just a total win. He is able to cripple opponents with poison and then wreck them with strong flying moves and almost unrivaled speed. He is the total package.

#1- SQUIRTLE- Squirtle will always be the GREATEST Pokemon of all time, ever. I still remember the early days of picking Squirtle from Professor Oak and then subsequently murdering hundreds of pidgeys and caterpies that never stood a chance against our endless onslaught of deadly bubbles down the early routes. These are the memories that are with you forever. Though I dislike the rest of his evolution chain(I once beat red version without evolving him), Squirtle will more than likely be my favorite forever. He is wonderful. I once tried to get my friend to dress up with me as a giant charmander and giant squirtle and have a pokemon battle in the halls for our senior prank.

Whats To Come

To all Potential Readers,

This is my very first post so this will be a run down of what content I will be putting out!

I am going to be blogging on mostly what anime I am watching, what comic books I am reading, what video games I am playing. Every now and again I will post about movies music or sports too!

Here is a list of what anime’s I am watching and how far I am into them: Naruto(415), One Piece(170), Attack on Titan(Episode 27),Parasyte-The Maxim(24) Assassination Classroom(17), Death Parade(12) Is it Wrong to Try and Pick up Girls In A Dungeon(10),

Ones i plan to start watching: Akame Ga Kill, Punch Line, Kill La Kill, Fairy Tale, Reborn, etc.

Games I currently Playing: Madden 15, Fallout New Vegas, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, Majora Mask 3DS, Borderlands Pre-Sequel, Fable, Wind Waker(wiiU)

Comics in 2015 I am reading: Aquaman and the Others(1-7) Lobo(1-5), Secret Wars(0-1), Convergence(0-5) Suicide Squad(3,5). I am mostly a 60’s-80’s kinda guy.

Also, I will be doing weekly Top Fives!

If this sounds like stuff you want to talk about and hear my opinions on be sure to check out often!