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Top Five Pokemon

The first of many top fives to come!

This installment will cover MY top five favorite Pokemon.

#5-Mankey/Primeapre- This evolution chain is awesome! Mankey is the first Pokemon i caught in both Pokemon yellow and Pokemon leaf green and I would recommend catching him first to anyone else too. His fighting moves rip through Brock and is a top memory of mine collecting my first ever badge with him by my side.

#4- Yanma/Yanmega- This is an interesting pick. I have never used a yanma in game, but I have always liked them and the addition of yanmega made it even more awesome. I plan to use one the next time I do a pokemon playthrough. I think they have a cool design and speed boost is a nice touch on an already pretty cool pokemon.

#3- Jirachi- Jirachi is the coolest legendary in my opinion and has been since his debut years ago. Competitively he can be a tough customer as well with serene grace as his ability. I used psychic, flash cannon, water pulse, and charge beam. This set can be hilariously great when Jirachi’s luck is really on.

#2 Crobat- Crobat is epic. There hasnt been a Pokemon to even come close to Crobat in the recent installments. He would easily be number one if my number one hadnt been my favorite since Pokemon Red. I have beat so many games using Crobat, including, Alpha Sapphire. Poison is also easily my favorite Pokemon type. So Crobat is just a total win. He is able to cripple opponents with poison and then wreck them with strong flying moves and almost unrivaled speed. He is the total package.

#1- SQUIRTLE- Squirtle will always be the GREATEST Pokemon of all time, ever. I still remember the early days of picking Squirtle from Professor Oak and then subsequently murdering hundreds of pidgeys and caterpies that never stood a chance against our endless onslaught of deadly bubbles down the early routes. These are the memories that are with you forever. Though I dislike the rest of his evolution chain(I once beat red version without evolving him), Squirtle will more than likely be my favorite forever. He is wonderful. I once tried to get my friend to dress up with me as a giant charmander and giant squirtle and have a pokemon battle in the halls for our senior prank.

Whats To Come

To all Potential Readers,

This is my very first post so this will be a run down of what content I will be putting out!

I am going to be blogging on mostly what anime I am watching, what comic books I am reading, what video games I am playing. Every now and again I will post about movies music or sports too!

Here is a list of what anime’s I am watching and how far I am into them: Naruto(415), One Piece(170), Attack on Titan(Episode 27),Parasyte-The Maxim(24) Assassination Classroom(17), Death Parade(12) Is it Wrong to Try and Pick up Girls In A Dungeon(10),

Ones i plan to start watching: Akame Ga Kill, Punch Line, Kill La Kill, Fairy Tale, Reborn, etc.

Games I currently Playing: Madden 15, Fallout New Vegas, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, Majora Mask 3DS, Borderlands Pre-Sequel, Fable, Wind Waker(wiiU)

Comics in 2015 I am reading: Aquaman and the Others(1-7) Lobo(1-5), Secret Wars(0-1), Convergence(0-5) Suicide Squad(3,5). I am mostly a 60’s-80’s kinda guy.

Also, I will be doing weekly Top Fives!

If this sounds like stuff you want to talk about and hear my opinions on be sure to check out often!