Monthly Archives: March 2022

We’re Becoming Parents!

Wow. So this what I’ve been hinting at on the blog. Jessica and I will be having a child in about 2 weeks. How crazy!? I started this blog back forever ago. Jessica and I had only been a couple for a few months. Fast forward to today and we’re about to celebrate our first anniversary of being married (April 17th) and somewhere that week we will be having a girl. She will be here on the 14th if we have to have a C-Section and as late as the 20th if she comes on her due date (but we all know how babies are!)

I’ve said it before on here. This year, as far as the blog goes, is not off to a great start. But in my real life I am so excited to become a father. Anyway, I felt like I should go ahead and share it to the blog.

Our little Girl!

Tonight, we are going to see Morbius! So everyone who reads this. Have a great night!

It’s been a while.

Last year was the best year in our blogs history. And I really wanted to build on that momentum. And while some stuff definitely happened, I still could have.

I actually got really bad sick on New Years. I was running a fever of at least 103 and shaking. And a few days later on January 4th, one of my best friends and co-workers died suddenly. It was easily the worst week of my life as an adult. And it seems shallow in comparison to those things, my graphics card in my computer died. So I’ve been without my computer for a while now. Hence, while videos and post have stopped. I really feel like the world doesn’t want it to work out. I went to record a digimon box opening and pulled the Omnimon Ghost Rare and then the SD card died.

It was a string of back luck that made me question doing all this side stuff. Maybe I should just focus on work and family. At the end of the day, I still enjoy blogging and recording, but the set backs are rough. Mostly because they require time or money I don’t have. I mean, getting a graphic card is not going to be cheap, so who knows when I’ll get my computer back.

I do have plans for some new blogs, but I’ll either have to do them on my phone or Jessica’s computer. Which I guess isn’t that big of a deal. I just really like editing these post on my computer. My phone is very much a 7 out of 10 experience.

Oh, well. If you’ve stayed following the blog after another month break, thank you for understanding! I want to announce something big tomorrow. So here’s to hoping I can actually pull it off.

That’s all for today. Have a great day!