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Top five games I want ported on the Switch. 

Top five games I want ported on the Switch. 


A year ago I wanted to make this list. It was going to be filled with goodies such as A Hat In Time and Spyro, but Nintendo did such a great job getting games on the switch that we even got Super Lucky Tale. Really Go Ninteno.

But theres still more games I want to see come to the switch. Also I’m going to try to not include any exclusive from Sony. I can’t say the same about Microsoft.


#5- Kingdom Hearts- So personally I don’t care too much about Kingdom Hearts which is weird since I like both of its source materials honestly. However, Jessica loves these titles and I know she would lose her mind to hear they finally made it to the Switch. Plus it can’t be that unreasonable. Kingdom Hearts as a console title finally leapt off of Sony’s Playstation and onto Microsofts Xbox but skipped the switch? I don’t know which was more weird to see. Square enix as been insanely buddy with Nintendo and well does Xbox even care about JRPGs? Either way seeing a Kingdom Hearts on a Nintendo licensed system wouldn’t be something unheard considering they had a handful of titles appear on DS. Also you’ll notice I don’t specify which game because I think even baby steps like porting over the PS3 remakes of the originals would be a good start before finally getting some form of definite edition for 3.


4 Persona 5- Okay so we have Joker in Smash. We have a spin off or two coming to Switch. The other tied closely to Persona. The Shin Megama Tensay series featured on the 3DS. We’ve got a perfect store of why the heck is Persona not on Switch? At first I thought it was a Sony exclusive but again the series as appeared on 3DS. Could be something in a contract that allows them to work with handheld if Sony doesnt see those as direct competitors. I’m really not. It could be that Joker on Smash and all these other signs are pointing to Persona 6 coming out for Switch. Of course were all just guessing at this point.


3 Fallout Bethesda has come out with support for the Switch immediately.  I remember that being a selling point for switch right off the bat. The Switch got Skyrim basically right from the start yet the Wii U couldn’t get Oblivion? Come on Bethesda. Regardless, Bethesda has yet to bring over any trace of the Fallout series. Honestly this title could be my number one has I absolutely adore Fallout under Bethesda’s watch, however Switch is getting Outer Worlds sometime this year. That game will hold me over until something Fallout related eventually happens.


2 Rare Replay- I am aware this title may be a stretch. After all, this game really serves a purpose Microsoft needed at one rather Microsoft still cares about that purpose is yet to be seen I suppose as they’re already porting one exclusive title, Cuphead to the Switch so I say depending on Microsofts attitude towards everything determines this merging of consoles success. Banjo already made it over to Smash which considered enivatible and others consider a miracle. Regardless, The Switch would lock up a majority of the 3D platformers they’re missing in Banjo and Conker. Not sure how likely this one is but I’d love it.


1 Bioshock- Here it is. My favorite non Nintendo franchise. An HD Trilogy was released to ever system a few years back that even the Colecovision got a version. Yet the Wii U couldn’t score a version? Regardless it’s a real shame Nintendo couldn’t secure a version of the awesome remake on any of their systems but that’s how it goes. Not to mention 2K has announced a new Bioshock. If we can’t get remakes or heck even original versions of the 360 PS3 games, please let us get a version of this new Bioshock. Please Nintendo, please 2K, and please Cloud Chamber studio make this happen.


So what are some games you want to see brought to the Switch. I tried not to go too crazy and say stuff like The Last of Us or God of War even those would be awesome. I’m going to try to do one on old Nintendo Titles that should be ported so stay on lookout for that.


Top 5 Nintendo Games that should be ported

Mario 64- Wow. What do I even say about this game except please make it portable. If it got a physical release it would blow my mind. But I would go crazy for a digital HD remake. With the N64 being my first console you can imagine my nostalgia for this game. I won’t really go into why it’s amazing as most of you probably already know. I would love if they added new content to go exploring but I feel like that could receive some backlash so I’ll settle for any version of the game coming to the Switch. I would also not complain if Mario Galaxy came to the Switch. 


Manga Monday: Rebirth Vol 1 Review

Rebirth was written and illustrated by Woo. It was brought stateside by TokyoPop. Rebirth originally debuted in 1998.

Rebirth v1.jpg

Spoilers: Just ones covering this volume and not the series as a whole.

Plot: Over 300 hundred years ago a powerful vampire named Deshwitat loses a fight and is sealed away but not before his love, Lilith, dies. Flash forward to today (or well 1998, but you know what I mean) and we meet a handful of professors. Our main professor is named Shangho Do and him and his daughter, Remi Do, are visiting a few doctors. You can tell Woo loved some Resident Evil. The two doctors are named Dr. Chris Redfield and Dr. Leon Kennedy. I love it. Well, things go awry when these demonesque creatures emerge and start killing the doctors.  Remi is innocent and when her blood spills on the demons it breaks the seal unleashing Deshwitat from his imprisonment.

This is when the drama begins. Let me introduce Millenear Shephield real quick. She is a pretty cool exorcist trying to help the doctors fight the demons. Okay, so Deshwitat is too weak to fight the demons since he has been in a suspended state for 300 years. Shangho actually sacrifices himself to Deshwitat to strengthen him. In return, Deshwitat kills all the demons and sets out for revenge against those who killed his beloved Lilith. However, he needs Millenear to teach him light magic. Remi, naturally so, wants revenge against Deshwitat for killing her dad. (Yes, her dad sacrificed himself to save all three of them, but oh well.) The catch is, Reni has to wait for Deshwitat to die or her dad will come back as an eternal vampire.

I don’t know if I did the best job explaining the plot, but it is really good for a story about vampires.

He is the main character and is a vampire endowed with dark magic. He is absent for most of the manga as he floats in limbo until the seal is broken. I’m led on to believe we get to know more about him in later volumes and that he will be quite interesting. As of right now, he is a cool, strong lead who seems to be morally gray. He is bent on defeating his enemies and avenging his love. Standard stuff, cool design.

Remi Do- You got to feel for her. She didnt want to take the trip with her dad. Then, monsters attack. Finally, her dad dies to said monsters. It is brutal world sometimes. She was pretty enjoyable and you relate for her at times. She is tagging along Deshwitat’s quest as she hopes to kill him in the end and save her father.

Millenear- Her character honestly seemed random. We are introduced to her as her car breaks down. Though she feels the evil appearing and makes quick haste on foot to the doctors. Her purpose is later revealed as the person who will train Deshwitat in the ways of light magic. She is devout and a strong believer in her faith. So far there isn’t too much more to add to her character at this point.

The World: This world is just like ours except with light and dark magic. Demons are real and attacking. Vampires are real as well. Again, think earth but with supernatural and hyper-realistic religious ideas.

Recap: It takes a little bit to get going but is never bad.

Action: Yes sir (or lady).
Romance: Well, Deshwitat had a wife but she is dead so… there’s that.
Plot: Seems pretty typical of the vampire genre, but it is enjoyable.
Characters: A nice bunch. I liked them when they were on the panels but time will tell how memorable they are.
The World: It is standard for books like this. We will see if they dive more into lore and such that could make it stand out.
Humor: While it had it’s moments, I don’t remember this being particularly funny. In a lot of ways this is a story about love and what lengths we would go to for revenge if we lost them.

Verdict: Again, nothing groundbreaking. It is more so just a solid story through the first volume. The characters are good, the dialogue is good, and the action is solid.

Score: 8 out of 10. It is definitely worth reading the first volume to see what you think.

Thanks again for reading and have a great day everybody!

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Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 1 Review!

Somali and the Forest Spirit is a brand new anime based off the manga of the same name. It is available on Crunchyroll.


(I do not own the rights to any pictures used in this blog. All rights reserved to their respective owner)

Spoilers: None really as this is the first episode.

Plot: Set in an alternative reality where humans are nearly instinct, the story picks up by introducing the forest spirit, Golem. While venturing in his forest, he stumbles across a human girl, Somali. Title sequence, fast forward, bam, the two have now formed a duo. Not much more information is given beyond that. However, Golem does reveal later on that they are on a quest for more humans. This quest is a little strange. For starters, a side characters comments something to the effect of, “I didnt think you spirits left your forest.”. Couple that with the fact Golem is void of emotions and always tries to think logically, it appears to be an uncharacteristic behavior. I wanted to set up the plot but I want to dive more into this during our “character” portion.

Image result for somali and the forest spirit

Characters: Lets focus on the primary two. We will start with Somali. Her name is listed first, but from the first episode I don’t see her has the main character, that would be Golem in my opinion so far. She is one of the last remaining humans. Golem finds her shackled in the woods for some reason. In the city they visit, characters made mention of keeping humans as pets, but the show never tells us why she is in the woods. Despite not knowing her parents and being held against her will, Somali is a very fun loving and free kind of person. She is often distracted by the pets, which by the way, animals are now humanoid and are the main inhabitants of the world. This offbeat, carelessness gets her in trouble. By the end of the episode, I cannot really say she’s undergone any form of change. She even utters the say line from one of the early scenes.

Image result for somali and the forest spirit Golem

Golem, on the other hand, is very straightforward, logical, and systematic. Every move is very well thought out and often correct. There’s a lot to break down and love about his character. From the early scenes of the show, he is lead on to be a machine, basically. He is void of emotion. He is stubborn. He is unwavering in his decisions. I say all of this, and yet, he undergoes so much change in the first episode. I’m actually really impressed. For starters, Golem is untrusting of the species living in the village. He fears they want Somali (he is probably right, too). He clamps his hand over her mouth and tells her not to be loud as he listens to people walk by their room. Him having no emotions is brought back up and Somali says something along the lines of, “I could feel you shaking. You can’t fool me.”. I dont remember the exact quote but it basically was saying that when he thought Somali might be in danger, it caused him to have feelings.

Secondly, while walking around the market district, Golem noticed all the parents holding onto their kids. I really liked this scene. Initially, the scene looks like it is being experienced through Somali’s eyes. This made me feel sad for Somali on account of her not having parents. By the end of it, you realize Golem was actually paying attention to how the parents interacted with their kids. All this leads up to is them holding hands (um, fingers?), but it will be more powerful once you actually watch the episode. \

Image result for somali and the forest spirit Golem

The World: Oh, boy. Considering I think the aspect of humans being nearly exist is kinda over done, this show reinvigorated the genre for me. The forest scenery is beautiful. The animals of the world are brand new species as it appears as if cross breeding has occurred. You’ll have cats with 5 tails, rabbits with antlers, a butterfly on two legs. Every character is a new species and that makes it fun getting introduced to new characters. So far, we’ve only seen one forest and one city.

Recap: 2020 anime is getting started on a good foot. This is a great anime to start your year off.

Action: So far, sparingly. Though, as they get deeper into their hunt for humans, I wouldn’t be surprised if action came up from time to time.
Romance: Our main characters are a forest spirit with no emotions and a child. In other words,

Image result for that's a no from me dawg
Plot: Didn’t overly care for it before. Now I am very interested in seeing where it goes.
Characters: For two characters that seem shallow up front, I think they are very good characters that will have surprising depth by the end.
The World: Cannot wait to see other places there are to explore.
The Humor: This show is about personal relationships and the journeys we take together, but it can be funny.
The Ending: Maybe one of the best endings to an episode one I’ve ever seen. It does more than make we say “I cannot wait for episode two.”. It also shows growth in our main character right from the start and makes this story that much more enjoyable.

Image result for somali and the forest spirit Golem

Verdict: Obviously we cannot grade the entire season on one episode, but this is about a promising start as there is. I will be tuning in weekly to see this one develop.

Score: 9.75 out of 10. Remember I’m grading this based off of episode one. I’m not saying the season will remain this strong. I’m just saying that as an introduction, you’d be hard pressed to find one that does it better.

Let me know what guys thought of this one down below.

Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!

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