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My AP Poll Today! September 18th, 2022!

Week 3 is behind us now. It was easily one of the most boring weeks for upsets in recent memories. A few teams got pushed (Kansas, Notre Dame, Texas, Arkansas Wake Forest and Florida), but ultimately I think only three ranked teams lost, and two of them lost to ranked opponents ( BYU and Miami), leaving Michigan State as the true disappointment of the weekend.

#1 Georgia- Theres nothing to add here. Their signature win against Oregon got a lot better. They added their first SEC win of the season to their resume and that game was never close.

#2 Ohio State- Ohio State and Alabama will probably be a debate for a while. Alabama will get chances at some ranked opponents, though the West looks pretty up and down so far, while Ohio State is hoping Michigan and Penn State remain in the top 10 in order to get some quality wins.

#3 Alabama- Alabama will remain #2 in the official AP Poll, I’m sure. But until Alabam Crushes a real opponent, I’ve got to sit them here at #3. There’s enough doubt around an Alabama team for once. You could make the argument for them at #5, but the #1 philosophy of college football is don’t bet against Saban. So I’ll park them at #3.

#4 Michigan- Truthfully, Michigan is my #2 right now. They just lack a quality win. But they’re the only team outside of Georgia that has showed zero flaws or concerns through 3 weeks. If they scheduled a tougher out of conference schedule, this would be a lot easier.

#5 Clemson- Clemson, to me, is like Oklahoma this year. I’m just not sure how good they are this year. The ACC has some tricky teams now in Florida State and NC State and maybe Wake Forest. So there’s chances to get some quality wins.

#6 USC- I really think people don’t know where to put USC. Their matchup with Oregon got a lot of luster back after Oregon dominated BYU. Washington also could be a sneaky good game. Still their offense can probably carry them to a ten win season at this pace.

#7 Oklahoma- The win at Nebraska was much needed. Nebraska had nothing to lose with this being their interims coach’s first game. The game was at Nebraska. And this is one of the most historic rivalries in the sport. Nebraska came out hungry, but ultimately OU was up 6 touchdowns in the 3rd, thus calling off the ponys. It was a dominating performance of a power 5 opponent OU desperately needed early in BV’s career.

#8 Oklahoma State- I’ve felt like, for the most part this season, Oklahoma State is probably the best team in the Big 12. But really, it is hard to take anything away from a 63-7 curbstomping of Arkansas-Pine Bluff. But hey, at least they handled business.

#9 Kentucky- Newcomer to the top 10, Kentucky took care of their FCS Opponent Youngstown State with ease. Shutting out the Penguins 31-0.

#10 Arkansas- By my estimation, Arkansas is the Lone team is danger of getting kicked out of the top 10. My money is on that they will stay here though. They struggled to Missouri State, losing for most of that game. Not a great look for a top 10 team. Luckily for them teams #11 (Michigan State) #12 (BYU) both got dismantled this weekend, while #13 Miami lost a weird one to Texas A and M. So Kentucky looks safe. I don’t think #14 Utah has the resume to jump all the way to 10. That leaves Tennessee has the only real threat to their top 10 placing.

Though it was a boring week, theres still some interesting things to keep our eyes out for. Do Florida State, LSU, Washington and Kansas finally Crack the top 25? Where do Oregon and BYU relocate to? Do Michigan State and Wake Forest fall out of the top 25 with their uninspired performances? That, to me, are the things to watch this week.

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My College FootballPlayoffs Top 10 Poll as of November 21st, 2021

3 more top 10 teams fell. We’re late in the season, too. All loses start to feel like bad losses as the margin for error shrinks and shrinks. Let’s break it down.

#1 Georgia- As always, there was never a moment of panic as Georgia marched on.

#2 Cincinnati- Are we done pretending that Cincinnati hasn’t earned the number 2 spot? They bounced a perfectly respectable SMU team 48-14. If they can close out their last two games, they’re in. Come on.

#3 Ohio State- If you thought the argument for Alabama or Oregon or Ohio State at 3 was close, Ohio State put that discussion to bed. While Alabama struggled to put away a middle of the pack Arkansas team at home and Oregon came out completely flat, Ohio State rolled the formerly number 7 team, Michigan State 56-7. They lost early and have been destroying teams since. They cannot over look a hungry Michigan team now, though.

#4 Alabama- I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. This is not the Alabama of old. They struggled with a highly uncreative Arkansas team. Admittedly, they should’ve blown Arkansas out, but could never get enough momentum to put them away early. They continously let lesser teams hang around which has never been Saban’s M.O. They locked up the West yesterday and won a date with Georgia. They still have to survive Auburn though.

#5 Oklahoma State- This was a tough decision between Notre Dame, Michigan and Oklahoma State. It comes down to the fact that they beat Baylor. The other two don’t have a win nearly as good. Theyre a field goal away from being undefeated. They’ll get a chance to really claim this top 5 spot if they can beat Oklahoma and double down and beat Baylor twice.

#6 Michigan- I like this Michigan team a lot. But it boils down to no signature wins. The Penn State win was a good one but it was close. They lost to one of, if not the only ranked team they’ve played. Of course none of this matters if they handle business and go 12-1.

#7 Notre Dame- Notre Dame certainly edges out Oklahoma when you’re talking about boring 1 loss teams. Again I question their ceiling with Cincinnati hanging out of the top 4. They only get one more show case. Whereas every other team so far has a shot at 2 games.

#8 Baylor- It will be interesting to see where all the two loss teams rank with Michigan State and Oregon joining Baylor. I currently have Baylor as the highest of the bunch. You could argue Michigan State and Oregon each have better wins but they also both have blow out losses as well as losses to teams they should have beat. Baylor . Baylor doesn’t control their own destiny either. They will be rooting for Oklahoma State to beat Oklahoma. This should secure their spot in the Big 12 championship game.

#9 Oklahoma– A lot of people overreacted to Oklahoma all season. But to those people’s credit, Oklahoma still doesn’t have a lot of impressive quarters. It still doesn’t look like they’ve clicked even with the QB change. Could an impressive win over Oklahoma State catapult them into the top 5? Tough to say at this point. One thing is clear though. A loss to the Cowboys and all the hopes and dreams of the season are over.

#10 Mississippi- In my power rankings, I have Michigan State ahead of Mississippi. However, Michigan State’s blow out loss came at such a bad point in the season, the win over Michigan couldn’t save them. Mississippi has losses to Alabama and Auburn somehow. But Ole Miss has also beat Texas A and M and Arkansas. Beating Vandy last week isnt super impressive. Its more so the manner of how Michigan State and Oregon lost that allows Ole Miss to maintain the #10 spot.

So there you have my top 10. As always, next week will be even more telling as Michigan faces Ohio State, Alabama and Auburn square off and Oklahoma and Oklahoma State look to settle things once and for all. Tune in next week for more!

My AP Top 10 as of November 14th, 2021

Oklahoma finally took a loss as Georgia wrapped up a perfect SEC run. Let’s look at how the top 10 shapes up this week.

#1 Georgia– Georgia remains one of a few unbeaten teams left in the country and have continued to dominate everyone they face. 3 games still await them as they locked up the East weeks ago. Still the question remains, is Georgia a lock or could an untimely loss cost them that playoff spot?

#2 Cincinnati- Admittedly, Cincinnati hasn’t looked as impressive as they did earlier in the season but they are still undefeated. Their win over Notre Dame continues to grow more impressive with each week. In fact at this point it is the third most impressive win of the season. With only Oregons win over Ohio State and Michigan States win over Michigan as more impressive. They play SMU next which is the last tough team on their schedule. Handling business could go a long way to securing their playoff spot.

#3 Ohio State- I have gone back and forth and back and forth over spots 3-5. But Ohio States thumping of giant slayer Purdue confirms to me OSU is playing as the 3rd best team in the country. For Oregon there is a mountain to climb, but we will get to that. Ohio State still has to play Michigan and Michigan State. If they are 11-1 by the end of it, they will probably be #2 in my book.

#4 Oregon– Big games count for something. But for how much I’m unsure. As long as Oregon goes 12-1 they are in my top 4 somewhere. The lost to Stanford is terrible. Their lack of conference strength will hurt them. However, the win over Ohio State will keep them afloat even if they aren’t looking that great.

#5 Alabama- I live in the South. I know Alabama gets the benefit of the doubt everytime. But Alabama only has one thing going for them, that’s Saban. I do think Young is great and they have playmakers everywhere. But this Alabama team isn’t as great as ones in years past. They have Saban and five star recruits everywhere, which means they could still win it all. They have 3 games left assuming they handle business. It starts with Arkansas then Auburn and finally Georgia. Obviously sitting at 12-1 would get them in. Let’s just sit back and see where this goes.

#6 Michigan State- There was definitely two weeks of cause of concern. They were on the verge of being blown out by Michigan before ultimately losing to Purdue by double digits. They got back on track and will now try to finish strong.

#7 Michigan- My pick to win that tough Big 10 division almost came out flat. It was a dog fight against a Penn State team that doesn’t get enough credit, honestly. Michigan needs a big game against Ohio State and then it needs some help from outside forces to jump into the top 4.

#8 Notre Dame- Notre Dame continues to just beat people. However they picked the wrong year to lose to Cincinnati. No one on their schedule has panned out to be a top 25 team outside of Cincinnati. And if the committee caps Cincinnati’s ceiling than how could ND ever hope to get in without a championship game?

#9 Oklahoma- Oklahoma finally gave the polls something to cheer about with their 24-14 loss in which neither Oklahoma QB got it going. There’s plenty of cause for cornern in Norman. OUs best case scenario is to go 11-1 and avenge their loss to Baylor in the Big 12 Championship.

10 Wake Forest- A few teams are vying for this spot. Oklahoma State, Baylor and Ole Miss all made strong statements that they deserve to be in the top 10 with impressive wins. However, Wake Forest only has a 1 in the loss column. I’m aware the playoff committee will probably leave Oklahoma and Wake Forest out of the top 10 due to lacking quality wins. But I’ll park these two teams at 9 and 10 and see if they can keep their winning ways going.

So that’s my list. The last few weeks promise to be real telling on how our top 10 fills out. Thank you guys for reading and have a great day!

My College Football AP Poll as of November 7th, 2021

Surviving becomes more and more important as undefeated teams keep falling. Georgia dominated again while Oklahoma was on bye. Ohio State, Oregon, Alabama and Cincinnati all struggled to escape the week with W’s. Meanwhile Wake Forest and Michigan State both took their first losses of the season.

#1 Georgia- College Football remains Georgia’s league to lose. What else needs to be said at this point. Even with a loss, I still think they would be #1.

#2 Cincinnati- Ignore the chatter of how UC let Tulsa hang around. Everybody struggled this week. They deserve to be #2 because they earned it.

#3 Oklahoma- Wins matter even if they weren’t created equal. Oklahoma will get a chance to build its resume here soon closing with Baylor, Iowa State and Oklahoma State.

#4 Alabama- Alabama keeps being given the benefit of the doubt despite constantly struggling with lesser teams. They allowed Tennessee, Florida and LSU to hang around and lost to Texas A and M. I say all this to say that the media is gate keeping hard right now. Alabama does have the best resume of all 1 loss teams and I will rank them at 4 off the wins of Miami and Ole Miss.

#5 Michigan State- MSU suffered its first loss of the season and it was a medium one. They lost to a Purdue team that is a few weeks removed from besting former #2 Iowa. Still they have wins over Michigan and Miami which honestly makes for a better resume than Alabama. However, MSU lost recently and it’s a weaker loss than Alabama’s. Michigan State and Alabama will get chances to solidify their top 4 placings later in the season.

#6 Oregon- Based off of how each team is playing, it is such a coin flip between Oregon and Ohio State. Ohio State has the quality wins beating Penn State while Oregon is drug down by its conference. Still, Oregon won the head to head.

#7 Ohio State- Is it just me or has Ohio State stopped looking impressive? I think they need strong showings against Michigan State and Michigan along with Oregon and Alabama losses to make the top 4 cut. However, the CFP would probably take a 1 loss OSU over an unbeaten UC.

#8 Michigan- I actually think UM is the 4th best team in the country and my pick to win their division and the big 10. However, chocking away a 4th quarter lead against the only good team they played definitely hurt. Their resume is arguably one of the weakest in the top 10. We will see if Michigan can finally get out of their own way for once.

#9 Notre Dame- Notre Dame has been boring and forgettable this year. It’s not completely their fault. There was a time they were playing 4 top 25 teams in a row including Cincinnati, North Carolina, VA Tech(I think), and Wisconsin. Cincinnati has been the only team of substance and they lost that game. If the committee is gate keeping Cincinnati out of the top 4, Notre Dame stands no chance.

#10 Oklahoms State- Honestly, Oklahoma State has looked more impressive than Oklahoma so far. But you expect Oklahoma to have a better roster. I hope both teams stay in the top 10 to set up a classic Bedlam matchup.

So there’s my top 10 so far check back next week to see how it all shakes out. Thanks for reading and have a great day and thanks for reading!

My AP Top 10 as of October 31st

Prove Yourself Saturday was a huge event this week. Some teams took huge steps (Georgia, Oklahoma, MSU Baylor and OSU) while others just faded to the wayside (Michigan, Iowa, SMU and Ole Miss to name a few). Let’s see how this all shaped our top 10.

1. Georgia- Many thought renewing Georgia’s bitter Rivalry with Florida could be a trap game, but Georgia quickly jumped out to a 10-0 lead. The score gradually became 24-0 before Florida was finally able to score. Georgia continues to solidify their number 1 ranking.

2. Cincinnati- I’ve heard people make the argument they aren’t the number 2 team. Ohio State, Michigan State, and Oklahoma all had great showings but it is hard to take this spot away from Cincinnati. They beat Notre Dame and have double digit victories over the teams they’ve played in conference. They haven’t let that bulleye on their heads get to them yet.

3. Michigan State. For the longest time, MSU was lacking that signature win. That fact was lowering their ceiling each week. And being down 30-14 to that hated rivals Michigan was a bad look. Some how, off the back of 5 rushing TDs, they erased a 3 score hole to win by 4. They now have a complete resume. Penn State and Ohio State still loom large in the background though.

4. Oklahoma. I know people will want Ohio State and Alabama over OU. And it is true, OU does lack a signature win now that Texas has gone and shown the whole world they are back, again. But they are clicking, finally playing great for 4 quarters. The fact they are undefeated counts for something still. Heading into their bye week, if they keep things rolling, they will be a lock for the playoffs. However, due to how they win games, one loss could be fatal this late in the season.

5. Ohio State. Ohio State is just more impressive to me than Alabama. This is a results based poll. Their wins aren’t the greatest, especially if they knock PSU out of the rankings. However their loss is way better than Oregon or Alabama’s loss. They are killing the bad teams they face too. OSU has just proved more to me right now.

6. Alabama. I do give Alabama the edge over Oregon at this point. Alabama’s loss is better than Oregon, even though Oregon beat OSU. The win over Florida keeps becoming less and less impressive. The win over Miami keeps getting better and better, surprisingly. The Ole Miss win has lost some luster, but they get to play Auburn and maybe Georgia at the end of all this.

7. Oregon. Oregon has gone through a mid-season lump after a great start to the season. Their win over Fresno State and Ohio State both got bumps yesterday and potentially going 12-1 keeps them in the hunt.

8. Michigan. Hard to drop Michigan too far considering they lost on the road by 4 to a now top 5 team. Not sure why they couldn’t close the game out or how they let Michigan State get back in by running on them. It’s very confusing and all a cause for concern. But they can still win out and win their division. So they still have a lot to play for.

9. Notre Dame. Notre Dame has hung around and bounced back nicely from their early loss to Cincinnati. They are winning which is good for them , but the one loss could Haunt them without a championship game to boost the resume.

10. Wake Forest.. The poll has tried to keep Wake Forest down for too long. They deserve to be in the top 10 with all the imposters dropping like flies ahead of them. The ACC is surprisingly competitive which actually hurts Wake Forest because football logic. They don’t play elite teams but they play a balanced conference. Still at 13-0 could the committee really leave them out?

Baylor and Oklahoma State round out my top 12. Honestly, as far as the playoffs go, I think these are the only 12 teams that matter. So that’s my top 10. What do you guys think? Where would you rank teams?

My New AP Top 10 as of October 17th, 2021!

Georgia continues to dominate. Iowa got exposed failing to catch up to Purdue. Oklahoma looks reinvigorated. Half the Big 10 took byes this week. Let’s break down this week’s top 10.

Georgia- Georgia still clinches the number 1 spot by a country mile at this point. They continue to be the most complete team in the country. They added another top 15 win to their resume besting Kentucky.

Cincinnati- Hard to argue with Cincinnati at this point. They just keep winning. They went out and beat IU and ND out of conference. Now they have to keep stomping their in conference foes.

Oklahoma- Under true freshman QB Caleb Williams, OU is finally playing like a top 10 team. 9-0 is easy to imagine before they get into the heart of Big-12 play. Baylor, ISU and Oklahoma State stand ready to challenge OU for the top spot in the Big 12.

Alabama- Alabama was hoping to prove last week was a flute. They did just that, destroying MSU. Alabama still has some tricky SEC West games to go. They hope to be 11-1 facing Georgia for a playoff spot.

Penn State- PSU was on bye this week. If Clifford returns, I still have them as a top 5 team.

Ohio State- Ohio State was on bye as well. Not much to say here but I believe they are a more complete team than Iowa.

Michigan- 3 straight entries for the Big 10. 3 straight bye weeks. The bye weeks have made this hard to guage honestly.

Oklahoma State- The biggest mover for me is Oklahoma State. I wasn’t a believer early, but they have compiled quality wins over Baylor and Texas now as well as remaining undefeated.

Michigan State- I can’t wait for Michigan State and Michigan to settle this ranking mystery. As my pick in that game changes weekly. Still, they are unbeaten and surviving when they need too.

Iowa- Iowa is one dimensional. And by that I mean strictly defensively minded. I have my reservations about them as a whole after they couldn’t muster much in the way of offense after falling behind to Purdue. Iowa still has their whole season ahead of them, but they need to figure things out soon. I think a realistic landing spot for Iowa is somewhere between 6-8. The competition is Fierce in those spots and the loss is one of the worst of any top 15 team. Combine that will a fluky win over PSU and that’s why I’m parking them here.

Oregon falls out of my top 10 because they simply have been unimpressive if you remove the OSU game. Still the Big 10 will consume themselves while Oregon should be able to run the Pac-12. Meaning, if they keep winning, they will be a top 10 team soon enough.

So there’s my new top ten. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

My AP Top 10 as of October 10th, 2021

Yesterday gave us maybe the most insane week yet. Cincinnati took care of business Thursday. Michigan survived against Nebraska, Georgia cemented they are the new number 1. Oklahoma rallied back to rip Texas’ heart out again. And oh yeah, Alabama lost to an unranked Texas A and M team. Here’s my new top 10.

Georgia- Georgia has been the most impressive and complete team all year. It was just hard to take that spot from Alabama with all they had accomplished this year and last.

Iowa- Full disclosure, in my opinion, Penn State would have won if Clifford had stayed healthy. Still Iowa won an ugly 3 point game that came down to the fact Iowa made the plays when they needed to.

Cincinnati- if you hate Cinderella stories or football outside of the South, this pick has your eyes rolling. However, Cincinnati continues to look the part, and should all year. The question will become will being undefeated keep UC in the top 4 all year. Bama and Oregon losing helps. If the power five schools don’t have undefeated teams at the end, this could be the year a group of five school gets in.

Oklahoma- Oklahoma continues to be underwhelming and must see football. If Rattler continues to start and struggle, the ceiling is low. But if Williams balls out well against ISU, Baylor and Oklahoma State, skies the limit for maybe the most interesting team in the country.

Penn State- Penn State with Clifford for four quarters beats that Iowa team. That would solidify them as a top 2 team. Sadly for them, that’s not how the ball bounced. Penn State without Clifford will continue to lose and fade from the top 25 with how intense that division is. Losing Clifford in a game that felt like a playoff game was a terrible twist of fate.

Alabama- Alabama has been impressive, no doubt. However, they looked beatable against Flordia before smacking Ole Miss. Another trip on the road leads to less than desirable results. Still Alabama had moments in both the Florida game and Texas A and M game where they looked like the clear dominate force. A loss is a loss and this loss stings. Texas A and M was on a two game losing streak with their back up QB in. They blew a 14 point lead but rallied back to win with a walk off field goal, delivering Alabama their first loss. I think Alabama would beat PSU if they played today, but Penn State got the better lose Saturday.

Ohio State- OSU made the jump over Oregon in the rankings when Oregon stumbled at Stanford. With Oregon on bye and OSU cruising to another win today, no reason to change things here.

Oregon- a bye week keeps them from jumping the losing teams in front of them. The Ohio State win is still a quality win to keep them here.

Michigan State- Personally, at this point I think MSU has done enough to jump Michigan for now. Michigan State is roughing up the teams they are suppose to.

Michigan- I said it last week I was a skeptic of UM this high. They keep winning which is more than the likes of BYU can say. I don’t think they could beat Ohio State, MSU or PSU with a healthy Clifford but they have looked more complete than say Oklahoma. Michigan needs that first quality win to really validate this top 10 spot after struggling against Nebraska.

So there’s my list. Thank you guys for reading. Have a great day guys!

My AP Top 10 as of October 3rd, 2021

Another week, a new top 10.

1. Alabama

No surprises here. While I think they are 1.A with Georgia, I have my questions with all of Georgia’s injuries. They got a huge quality win absolutely shutting down Ole Miss until the game was out reach. With the rest of the west looking human, Alabama will probably cruise to a 12-0 finish to meet Georgia.

2. Georgia

Honestly, Georgia lacks the quality wins of the other top 10, thanks to how mediocre Clemson looks, but their defense looks unstoppable and their offense seems to be clicking no matter who takes the snap.

3. Penn State

Penn State continues to be one the best stories in College football. Their defense constantly looks the billing of a top 5 defense. Their offense has given pause at different parts of the year. But they get another showcase game this week against Iowa to prove they’re a top 3 team.

4. Iowa

Every week Iowa just keeps destroying people. They have bullied Indiana, Maryland and ISU into submission. This helped set up a top 4 battle next week with Penn State. Honestly, if I have Alabama and Georgia as 1.A and 1.B, then Penn State and Iowa are 2.A and 2.B.

5. Cincinnati

I’m interested to see if the AP agrees with me on this. The AP poll was high on ND and is constantly viewed as the committee’s golden boy. Well Cincinnati said they would manhandle ND and backed it up. They jumped up 17-0. I would have liked to have seen them throttle ND to really validate them. Still when Notre Dame made it close again, Cincinnati capped off an iconic drive with a QB run for a touchdown. I think they’ve earned the top 5 spot. Now they need to win out and watch the SEC and Big Ten defeat each other.

6. Oklahoma

Survive is the name of the game. If they’re unbeaten at the end of it they will have beaten Oklahoma State, Texas, Iowa State and Baylor and be 13-0. They are one of the least impressive unbeaten teams left, but they keep winning. You can only drop them so low at this point. Though undefeated teams like BYU and Oklahoma State have looked more impressive at times. Oklahomas offense is doing enough while their defense is really keeping them in it. OU has yet to play 4 good quarters against an FBS team, but they remain unbeaten, which is good enough for this week.

7. Oregon

Admittedly, I could make the argument for Oregon at 6. They have a better win at Ohio State than anything Oklahoma has done all season. They came back from 17 down at Stanford just to lose in overtime (a game They might could have won if they could have performed a better 4 minute drive to close the game. However, Oregon is going to learn a valuable lesson. It’s better to be in control of your own destiny. If they’re at 11-1 and Stanford wins their division, that could have a negative impact on their playoff hunt.

8. Ohio State

Ohio State is closing games out now. They did lose 1 game to a top 10 Oregon team but that’s hardly a big deal at this point. If they run the table and beat Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State and Iowa at the end, that should be more than enough to overcome a loss. The real question would be at 11-2 and Big Ten Champs, would that be enough?

9. BYU

BYU handled business early in their schedule, beating two teams that were ranked at the time. Their biggest hurdle at this point seems to be Cincinnati. The nation thinks more of the Bearcats than the Cougars at this point. I just can’t see two group of five schools getting in.

10. Michigan

I’m not sure if Michigan is a top 10 team yet or not, but they are bullying everyone they play and people in front of them keep losing. Like all the other Big Ten teams, they will get plenty of time to show us who they really are.

For the record, ND, Arkansas and Coastal Carolina are all right outside of my top 10 because I dont punish you that hard for losing to other top teams. Oklahoma State also makes a nice jump in my list as well for the quality win over Baylor.

Well, thanks for reading guys. Have a great day guys.