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My College Football AP Poll as of November 7th, 2021

Surviving becomes more and more important as undefeated teams keep falling. Georgia dominated again while Oklahoma was on bye. Ohio State, Oregon, Alabama and Cincinnati all struggled to escape the week with W’s. Meanwhile Wake Forest and Michigan State both took their first losses of the season.

#1 Georgia- College Football remains Georgia’s league to lose. What else needs to be said at this point. Even with a loss, I still think they would be #1.

#2 Cincinnati- Ignore the chatter of how UC let Tulsa hang around. Everybody struggled this week. They deserve to be #2 because they earned it.

#3 Oklahoma- Wins matter even if they weren’t created equal. Oklahoma will get a chance to build its resume here soon closing with Baylor, Iowa State and Oklahoma State.

#4 Alabama- Alabama keeps being given the benefit of the doubt despite constantly struggling with lesser teams. They allowed Tennessee, Florida and LSU to hang around and lost to Texas A and M. I say all this to say that the media is gate keeping hard right now. Alabama does have the best resume of all 1 loss teams and I will rank them at 4 off the wins of Miami and Ole Miss.

#5 Michigan State- MSU suffered its first loss of the season and it was a medium one. They lost to a Purdue team that is a few weeks removed from besting former #2 Iowa. Still they have wins over Michigan and Miami which honestly makes for a better resume than Alabama. However, MSU lost recently and it’s a weaker loss than Alabama’s. Michigan State and Alabama will get chances to solidify their top 4 placings later in the season.

#6 Oregon- Based off of how each team is playing, it is such a coin flip between Oregon and Ohio State. Ohio State has the quality wins beating Penn State while Oregon is drug down by its conference. Still, Oregon won the head to head.

#7 Ohio State- Is it just me or has Ohio State stopped looking impressive? I think they need strong showings against Michigan State and Michigan along with Oregon and Alabama losses to make the top 4 cut. However, the CFP would probably take a 1 loss OSU over an unbeaten UC.

#8 Michigan- I actually think UM is the 4th best team in the country and my pick to win their division and the big 10. However, chocking away a 4th quarter lead against the only good team they played definitely hurt. Their resume is arguably one of the weakest in the top 10. We will see if Michigan can finally get out of their own way for once.

#9 Notre Dame- Notre Dame has been boring and forgettable this year. It’s not completely their fault. There was a time they were playing 4 top 25 teams in a row including Cincinnati, North Carolina, VA Tech(I think), and Wisconsin. Cincinnati has been the only team of substance and they lost that game. If the committee is gate keeping Cincinnati out of the top 4, Notre Dame stands no chance.

#10 Oklahoms State- Honestly, Oklahoma State has looked more impressive than Oklahoma so far. But you expect Oklahoma to have a better roster. I hope both teams stay in the top 10 to set up a classic Bedlam matchup.

So there’s my top 10 so far check back next week to see how it all shakes out. Thanks for reading and have a great day and thanks for reading!

My New AP Top 10 as of October 17th, 2021!

Georgia continues to dominate. Iowa got exposed failing to catch up to Purdue. Oklahoma looks reinvigorated. Half the Big 10 took byes this week. Let’s break down this week’s top 10.

Georgia- Georgia still clinches the number 1 spot by a country mile at this point. They continue to be the most complete team in the country. They added another top 15 win to their resume besting Kentucky.

Cincinnati- Hard to argue with Cincinnati at this point. They just keep winning. They went out and beat IU and ND out of conference. Now they have to keep stomping their in conference foes.

Oklahoma- Under true freshman QB Caleb Williams, OU is finally playing like a top 10 team. 9-0 is easy to imagine before they get into the heart of Big-12 play. Baylor, ISU and Oklahoma State stand ready to challenge OU for the top spot in the Big 12.

Alabama- Alabama was hoping to prove last week was a flute. They did just that, destroying MSU. Alabama still has some tricky SEC West games to go. They hope to be 11-1 facing Georgia for a playoff spot.

Penn State- PSU was on bye this week. If Clifford returns, I still have them as a top 5 team.

Ohio State- Ohio State was on bye as well. Not much to say here but I believe they are a more complete team than Iowa.

Michigan- 3 straight entries for the Big 10. 3 straight bye weeks. The bye weeks have made this hard to guage honestly.

Oklahoma State- The biggest mover for me is Oklahoma State. I wasn’t a believer early, but they have compiled quality wins over Baylor and Texas now as well as remaining undefeated.

Michigan State- I can’t wait for Michigan State and Michigan to settle this ranking mystery. As my pick in that game changes weekly. Still, they are unbeaten and surviving when they need too.

Iowa- Iowa is one dimensional. And by that I mean strictly defensively minded. I have my reservations about them as a whole after they couldn’t muster much in the way of offense after falling behind to Purdue. Iowa still has their whole season ahead of them, but they need to figure things out soon. I think a realistic landing spot for Iowa is somewhere between 6-8. The competition is Fierce in those spots and the loss is one of the worst of any top 15 team. Combine that will a fluky win over PSU and that’s why I’m parking them here.

Oregon falls out of my top 10 because they simply have been unimpressive if you remove the OSU game. Still the Big 10 will consume themselves while Oregon should be able to run the Pac-12. Meaning, if they keep winning, they will be a top 10 team soon enough.

So there’s my new top ten. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Just A Small Update: First Day of the Semester (August 11th, 2020)

Good news: I don’t have any crazy updates like in the past. Simply put, I feel like it is good to pump out content on a regular basis. When I have nothing to really blog about or I am super busy, I like to do these updates. We’ve gained a handful of new followers, so I don’t know how much you guys know about me, actually. So, I figured I would just do a life update today instead of trying to come up with something to review or report on.

Today was my first day back to my college. Technically, my semester started yesterday with 4 online classes. Today, my two in person classes began. It’s a weird time world wide, but definitely here in the States. I have no illusions of colleges staying in person all year. Especially, mine and my state here in the south. Plenty of elementary schools have started and then contracted cases of Covid within 3 days. Wild. With some elementary schools, a student gets it and the class moves online for 2 weeks. Sometimes 10 plus cases in a single school occur and they move online for 2 weeks. My belief is that pressure will mount through August, and if by some miracle we are still going in September, we wont make it through September.

I still love doing anime, video games and manga reviews, so expect more as the semester goes on. However, there are a couple of me projects, as in real life projects not associated with the blog, I want to prioritize along with school that could cut into regularly scheduled content. When I was majoring in education and student teaching/job shadowing/subbing, I tried to blog more about that. Since switching over to accounting, I have not had the same drive to integrate that aspect of my life to the blog. However, with Covid messing up aspects of my life such as attending college and watching sports just to name a few, I could see myself blogging more about my personal life. I have a Twitter. I never use it for its intended use. I put most of my thoughts here.

So there you have it. A very short update. Hopefully you guys read this and compare it to your situation. I’d love to hear down below how your school/work life is holding up now that Fall is in full swing.

Have a great day and thanks for reading! I am off to do homework…