My AP Top 10 as of October 31st

Prove Yourself Saturday was a huge event this week. Some teams took huge steps (Georgia, Oklahoma, MSU Baylor and OSU) while others just faded to the wayside (Michigan, Iowa, SMU and Ole Miss to name a few). Let’s see how this all shaped our top 10.

1. Georgia- Many thought renewing Georgia’s bitter Rivalry with Florida could be a trap game, but Georgia quickly jumped out to a 10-0 lead. The score gradually became 24-0 before Florida was finally able to score. Georgia continues to solidify their number 1 ranking.

2. Cincinnati- I’ve heard people make the argument they aren’t the number 2 team. Ohio State, Michigan State, and Oklahoma all had great showings but it is hard to take this spot away from Cincinnati. They beat Notre Dame and have double digit victories over the teams they’ve played in conference. They haven’t let that bulleye on their heads get to them yet.

3. Michigan State. For the longest time, MSU was lacking that signature win. That fact was lowering their ceiling each week. And being down 30-14 to that hated rivals Michigan was a bad look. Some how, off the back of 5 rushing TDs, they erased a 3 score hole to win by 4. They now have a complete resume. Penn State and Ohio State still loom large in the background though.

4. Oklahoma. I know people will want Ohio State and Alabama over OU. And it is true, OU does lack a signature win now that Texas has gone and shown the whole world they are back, again. But they are clicking, finally playing great for 4 quarters. The fact they are undefeated counts for something still. Heading into their bye week, if they keep things rolling, they will be a lock for the playoffs. However, due to how they win games, one loss could be fatal this late in the season.

5. Ohio State. Ohio State is just more impressive to me than Alabama. This is a results based poll. Their wins aren’t the greatest, especially if they knock PSU out of the rankings. However their loss is way better than Oregon or Alabama’s loss. They are killing the bad teams they face too. OSU has just proved more to me right now.

6. Alabama. I do give Alabama the edge over Oregon at this point. Alabama’s loss is better than Oregon, even though Oregon beat OSU. The win over Florida keeps becoming less and less impressive. The win over Miami keeps getting better and better, surprisingly. The Ole Miss win has lost some luster, but they get to play Auburn and maybe Georgia at the end of all this.

7. Oregon. Oregon has gone through a mid-season lump after a great start to the season. Their win over Fresno State and Ohio State both got bumps yesterday and potentially going 12-1 keeps them in the hunt.

8. Michigan. Hard to drop Michigan too far considering they lost on the road by 4 to a now top 5 team. Not sure why they couldn’t close the game out or how they let Michigan State get back in by running on them. It’s very confusing and all a cause for concern. But they can still win out and win their division. So they still have a lot to play for.

9. Notre Dame. Notre Dame has hung around and bounced back nicely from their early loss to Cincinnati. They are winning which is good for them , but the one loss could Haunt them without a championship game to boost the resume.

10. Wake Forest.. The poll has tried to keep Wake Forest down for too long. They deserve to be in the top 10 with all the imposters dropping like flies ahead of them. The ACC is surprisingly competitive which actually hurts Wake Forest because football logic. They don’t play elite teams but they play a balanced conference. Still at 13-0 could the committee really leave them out?

Baylor and Oklahoma State round out my top 12. Honestly, as far as the playoffs go, I think these are the only 12 teams that matter. So that’s my top 10. What do you guys think? Where would you rank teams?

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