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Lets Talk: Deadpool Movie!

It’s here. If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for the Merc With A Mouth to hit the big screen. Today’s the day!

I saw it yesterday, which is why I did not blog any yesterday!

Spoilers- None.


This is not your grandpa’s superhero movie. It’s edgy, violent, and hilarious.

In my years of hunting, I never came across too many Deadpool comics, but I knew the basics.

I’ll say for the cinema comic world, he is unique. He almost reminds me of a cross with the humor of The Comedian with the aggression of Rorschach. Aside, from the development of Wade, the story actually seems short. Which in one hand is a bummer, but also left me really wanting more. I think rather you like Deadpool or find him vulgar, he is nice change of pace from the goodie goodies Disney/Marvel keeps throwing at us. He is a good tide you over until the X-men movie comes out.

So, for those of you who have seen it, did it meet your expectations?

For those of you who have not, do you plan on watching it?

Leave your thought down below!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Check back tomorrow for more daily post!

DareDevil Netflix Review

Daredevil on Netflix will be the topic of review today. There may be some spoilers but not any major ones.

For Starters: This is an origin story. This means you do not have to know anything about Daredevil to get into this series.

Highlights: What makes this Daredevil work is they can say and do whatever they want. I feel like this Daredevil would not exist in the movies. It is gritty, it is dark, it is violent, and all these elements work. I feel like it is a nice mix between the darkness of Batman and the adult violence and themes of Deadpool. The next thing I  love about this Daredevil is the characters: Matt Murdock and Kingpin in particular. When Kingpin starts showing up the show gets really interesting. The action is fantastic and is what keeps you watching. Probably the best action scenes I have seen from a live action show ever. They are great. Episode 3 is a great example of this!

The Drawbacks: Okay, so I loved this Daredevil but it had its flaws. Namely, FOGGY NELSON. For me, he is biggest nuisance in the Marvel Universe. I am not the biggest reader of Daredevil comics but I have a handful of the old 60’s adventure and my feelings are the same. I havent seen a version of him I can stand. His only role in the show is just to take time away from Matt/Daredevil. Now do not get me wrong, when he is on scene with Matt, the duo are actually quiet funny. A good example of this is the flashback of them in college. If he is on scene with Karen or literally anyone else, it will make you want to just take a nap until Matt is back on screen, seriously. The first few episodes are watch Matt/Daredevil beat up baddies then flip to watch Foggy desperately try to get Karen to like him.The tip of the annoyance Iceberg is when Foggy gets mad at Matt and acts like Matt’s upset lover for like three episodes.

Favorite Episode: Episode 8 A shadow in the glass, and episode 7 Stick. These episodes have to be compared side by side, because they both provide insight to Matt’s,Episode 7, and Fisk, episode 8, back story. In episode 7, Stick comes along and trains Matt. This is such a huge turning point in the series because we see how Matt becomes Daredevil. Stick teaches Matt that sight is a distraction and that his blindness is not a curse. This is the building block for what makes Matt Matt. In episode 8, we see Fisk as a child. We see his family interactions, and they are not pleasant. We see the event that makes Fisk a heartless loner. These two events are what separates two men who are plagued by despair, pain, and hurt. After these episodes, the show just feels so real. The battle between Matt and Fisk is a lot bigger than rivalry and has a lot at stake.

Favorite Character: Not so much a shocker here, Matt/Daredevil. With Kingpin as a super close 2nd.

Least Favorite Episode: Episode 10 Nelson vs Murdock. I hate to put this as my least favorite episode. The series as a whole is very solid and does not even really have a weak episode. The episode just showcases some of the series weaker points. Those weak points being Foggy Nelson doing entirely too much, Ben Urich trying to win his own Netflix spin-off series, etc. This episode still has one of my favorite scenes: A flashback to my two favorite Avocados of Law.

Least Favorite Character: Foggy Nelson

Score: I am giving it an 8.5 for these reasons-Awesome action meets great characters, But, Foggy nelson interrupts the flow, it felt a little long to be an origin arc, and lastly I feel like the next season will be so crazy good. Season one is awesome and a definite must see, but I think the netflix series will keep getting better.

Whats To Come

To all Potential Readers,

This is my very first post so this will be a run down of what content I will be putting out!

I am going to be blogging on mostly what anime I am watching, what comic books I am reading, what video games I am playing. Every now and again I will post about movies music or sports too!

Here is a list of what anime’s I am watching and how far I am into them: Naruto(415), One Piece(170), Attack on Titan(Episode 27),Parasyte-The Maxim(24) Assassination Classroom(17), Death Parade(12) Is it Wrong to Try and Pick up Girls In A Dungeon(10),

Ones i plan to start watching: Akame Ga Kill, Punch Line, Kill La Kill, Fairy Tale, Reborn, etc.

Games I currently Playing: Madden 15, Fallout New Vegas, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, Majora Mask 3DS, Borderlands Pre-Sequel, Fable, Wind Waker(wiiU)

Comics in 2015 I am reading: Aquaman and the Others(1-7) Lobo(1-5), Secret Wars(0-1), Convergence(0-5) Suicide Squad(3,5). I am mostly a 60’s-80’s kinda guy.

Also, I will be doing weekly Top Fives!

If this sounds like stuff you want to talk about and hear my opinions on be sure to check out often!