Scream Queens: Early Thoughts

So are you guys watching this show? Scream Queen airs on Fox and is created by Ryan Murphy, he created other works such as Glee and American Horror Story, and starring every young actress from your childhood. I do not typically watch tv shows. The only really exceptions are The League and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. This show reminds me why I do not trust tv shows.

I love most satires, be it music, films, or literature, so I was actually eager to see what this show would bring to a genre I do not particularly enjoy(slashers), Here’s a disclaimer for you: Just because it is a satire does not make it good. Also, just because it does not take itself serious is no excuse to just produce one giant joke(And I am not talking about the good kind of jokes). That is basically how you sum up this show, A self-proclaimed satire/deconstruction of the genre. Albeit, slashers are pretty laughable to being with, but this show is particularly awful.

The weird part? Most of the actors are good! At least in my opinion all the actors are very solid, even the worst of characters. They do the best with what they are given. Here’s the problem with this… Theyre not given much to work with. Most of the lines are laughable(and only a few in a good way). Jamie Lee Curtis is by far the most interesting character and the only one that seems to be getting developed. I hate to say all the characters are shallow and not very fleshed out since were only two episodes in… but I only see 3 maybe four characters getting the proper treatment. Emma Roberts, Skyler Samuals, Diego Boneta, and Glenn Powell, are all great as the characters they play and I have hopes they can drive this show to something salvageable.

The pacing is iffy. This issue shines with the murders. They just feel rushed. Oh, and they are not done well. I made a fairly quick assumption at how bad this show was going to be based on the second death of the series. The first one was comically bad and predictable, but the second one just made you say “Oh, come on”.

So lets quit being negative. Surely this show has something good, right? Well the satire and comedy is hit or miss. When they tried to be funny it came off as really bad, but when it was subtle, it was hilarious. There were several lines that went right over my girlfriend’s head like the Jimmy Olsen line that I thought were kinda funny. So I know the show has potential, but it would rather waste that potential with very unnecessary attempts at shock value. The other good thing it has going for it is that I genuinely want to know who the Red Devil is. That is very important because it gives us a reason to tune in next week.

Early Score: 3.5 out of 10. Look as fans, as audience members, as viewers who help decide what stays on air, you deserve better than a few guys sitting around writing a horrendous script  with shallow characters that depends almost solely on famous actresses to carry it. We will pick this series back up around the 6 or 7 episode mark to see if it’s fixed the problems.

What do you guys think about it? Does it make you scream out of discomfort or die of laughter. Leave a comment!

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