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Daily Blog Challenge: January 19th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Bug Pokemon

Bug pokemons get a bad rap and deservedly so if were just looking at pure bug pokemons. They don’t offer much. I know what you’re saying, “But DaHubbz, what about Butterfree, Scizor, Scyther, Heracross” That’s just it. Almost any cool bug pokemon is a dual type. There’s really only two bug pokemons I would deem cool.

So which is my favorite in this lack luster typing: Pinsir.

Yeah, probably a no brainer. He’s been one of my favorite since the beginning and I think really shows how cool pokemons can be but also  how cool pure Bug pokemons can be. They don’t all need flying or steel or poison. Pinsir is just straight up bug and he’s killing it(Lets forget how it lost to Ash’s Metapod, ok). It has bulky attack and defense stats and a very solid speed. The only drawback really is based on it’s moves it could use the fighting type, but that aside he is a sweet pokemon.

The other bug pokemon that I like is Accelgor. He kind of looks like that shady, cool drug dealer we all know.

What’s your favorite bug pokemon? Let me know in the comments

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