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Top Five Type Pairings That Need To Happen

Volcanion was released a few weeks ago becoming the first ever Water/Fire. With the addition of Fairy, the type combos now seem endless. Here’s a list of Top Five Pokemon Pairing that need to Happen Nintendo!

#5 Ice/Bug- And who said bugs could only grow in forests? I must admit, I don’t know how well this pokemon would preform but I love the concept. Creepy little bugs crawling all over the south pole. I just imagine them looking horrifying. They do not really compliment each other’s weaknesses too well. Ice handles bug’s weakness to flying though.

#4- Bug/Fairy- I might be the only person here who wants to see this come to life, but that is okay. Most of their pairings are pretty typical. Seems every generation has a Bug/Poison, Bug/Flying, Poison/Grass. I get excited for the odd ball typing like Bug/Electric. Seeing this typing in the future will add some spice to the game.

#3 Psychic/Poison-This typing seems too dreamy to ever come true.  I like poisons but with this typing it would give them that heavy hitter it needs. The special attack and speed would be there. Poison could give it a bit more of physical side and allow for some mix sweepers.

#2 Electric/Fighting- This one seems like a cool concept. I imagine it being super hyper and feisty. It would always be looking for a fight. Having fighting would help him against steel pokemons. Also, being electric would easily take care of fighting’s weakness to flying. Plus, I’ve seen Pikachu with boxing gloves on too many times to not want this happen!
Pikachu with gloves

#1 Grass/Fire- Grass pokemon’s thrive in sunlight. Think about it. Chlorophyll, solar powered, etc. Fire pokemons love sunlight too. It would increase their attack by 50%. So imagine a 50% stronger fire blast and being able to cast solar beam in one turn. Being grass negates the weakness to water and ground. Being Fire negates it’s weakness to fire, ice, and bug.

What are some combos you’d like to see? let me know!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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Daily Blog Challenge: January 29th

Sorry about no update yesterday! Busy day! Doing two today

Today’s Theme: Early Thoughts on Volcanion

The latest pokemon was revealed a while back and I debated on just waiting til they released the full story, but since were winding down on Pokemon Month, might as well talk about our new goodie!

Volcanion. Pokemon Number 721. Fire/Water. The Steam Pokemon

This guy looks like the real deal. I enjoy the concept and the design very much. To me, looks like a fox’s face with a turtle like body? maybe. I like the ring around him. It’s a cool addition.

They’ve only revealed a short video, so there is a lot left to be desired, but it’s a good start.

He’s the first ever fire/water pokemon. I know! You’d think after 20 years there would be more. but nope. He’s the OG man. This will be the topic of a top five later.

So here’s  a quick description of what he can do. He has a unique organ in his body that turns water vapor into powerful fire. Oh, and his heat can straight destroy mountains. I pulled this info from Bulbapedia. Go there to check out their page for more info on this guy.

The negative. Guess what his ability is. Come on guess. Something unique for this unique little creature? Or maybe pressure? The go to for legends. Nope. You’d be wrong. Bulbapedia has it listed as water absorb. I get that, but why not have the option for flash fire? It’s the same concept. Or, what I would prefer, blending the two. Such as “If this pokemon is hit by water or fire moves, it increases his HP.” or what I call Steam Powered “If this pokemon is hit by a water or fire move, this pokemon receives a boost in special attack” I just feel like this ability makes more sense than just water absorb. That part is kinda lame. I mean, I get that matches his organ ability and every thing.

So yeah. Lot’s of potential for this guy. I am going to keep my eyes peeled for sure.

What about you guys? What do you think? Havent seen it yet? Head over to Bulbapedia and search Volcanion, or go to the pokemon website and watch their video.

Thanks for reading this!

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Daily Blog Challenge: January 26th

So I finally remembered, and do not ask me how I forgot, the final type.

Today’s Theme: Favorite Dragon Pokemon

Yes. One of my favorite and least favorite types in all of Pokemon. Dragons have some of the coolest design of any pokemons. From the big hulking Dragonite to the fierce land shark Garchomp. I like how dragons are weak to dragons. Like a it takes a dragon to kill a dragon idea. I think one of the reasons I find them so cool is Lance. Gary might be my favorite character from the anime, but Lance was the cool guy from the games. He had like 18 Dragonites and it sucked losing to him. I think his iconicness almost made it seem like Dragons are the boss of the pokemon world.

So whose my favorite: Dratini 

I went back and forth between Dratini and Bagon. I like Bagon and the tragic story of how they cannot fly. But Dratini is the OG of Dragons. If Dragonite was pure dragon he would be top of the list for sure. In all honestly they are both sweet and I think if I could only use one, I’d use Bagon. Dratini is hard to train itself. It’s common moves are wrap and t-wave. It’s not much to work with, but like magikarp, the pay off is ten-fold.

So that does it for types. Tomorrow I got to think of something else.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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Daily Blog Challenge: January 25th

Today’s Theme:  Favorite Normal Pokemon

I never really think much of normal pokemons. After all, theyre just that. However, I found some that seem to be anything but normal.

So whose my favorite: Porygon

Honestly, any of the Porygons have always fascinated me. In the 90’s they seemed so cool. They were based on computers and coding. He had the signatures move conversion 1 and 2 and Sharpen. Which in all honesty are cooler in theory than practice, but it’s still cool. I think part of the mystery is that I’ve never fully studied them. This helps keep them kind of in the dark. It’s my imagination doing the telling. It’s like with Unown or a handful of legends. I never look beyond what is given, so there’s still a lot I do not know about them. That’s cool to me.

So whose you’re favorite?

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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Daily Blog Challenge: January 24th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Poison Pokemon

They are cut throat and ruthless. Poison by design is one of the fiercest types. I always liked the poison type though I never really used them until I got to high school. I became in love Crobat years later after he was released. He was such a great pokemon. He had awesome speed and was poisonous. Amazing combo. I was thinking about breaking into competitive and using poison strategies was going to be something I tried. Instead, I used Abrok to get intimidation and than poison. It was a good idea but Arbok was took weak in the competitive scene to accomplish much before dying. I never got around to using Crobat competitively, but I did use him a number of play throughs.

So whose my favorite: Weezing

Yeah, Mister 6 Packs A Day himself. I’m picking Weezing because I caught a Koffin in Emerald and he was on my team the whole way through. That might have been my favorite team because that team was just a mix of odd ball characters. I had Swampart, Weezing, and Castform. That was the team I used to beat the game. I do not know how either. haha

The first time I ran a youtube channel I made a banner that had Weezing, Arbok, and Crobat saying “Get Infected”. You know. Infected with videos. That’s when I realized I really liked poison as a type even if most of the pokemons are inferior. I might like them more than Water type. I don’t know. It’s close.

I know I said this was the last type post, but I missed normal and I might even have missed another one. So I’ll be checking into that later. I got to go to my brother’s birthday party so I probably wont be on here much today.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this!

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Daily Blog Challenge: January 23rd

Today’s Theme:  Favorite Water Pokemon

There’s so many awesome water pokemon, but let’s cut to the chase. If you know anything about me there can only be one answer. I do not even care if it’s a starter.

My Favorite: Squirtle

Seriously, what more  can I say about this guy? He was my very first pokemon. He was there when I killed my first Rattata. He was there when I caught my first Pidgey. He was there when I got my first badge. His pokedex number 007, once my favorite characters in cinema and all around iconic character James Bond. I’ve already mention on here how I tried to talk my friend into dressing up like Charmander and Squirtle and have a battle in our hallways for senior prank. Squirtle will always be my first beloved pokemon, and one of the reasons I always come back to the franchise. This guy had his own gang for crying out loud. For me he is one of the things that makes the original Red and Blue so awesome. There’s no better feeling than to set out from Pallet town with him by my side. He’s empowering and much like Charizard, Pikachu, and Mewtwo, he’s become just as huge of an icon for Pokemon. He is simply the best pokemon of all.

Whose your favorite Water pokemon? Also who was your very first starter? Did they have a impact on you. For me, I turned on Pokemon Red the first time over 15 years go. I probably played pokemon before I even started school. It’s hard to remember exactly.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Check back tomorrow. We finish up types with poison!

Daily Blog Challenge: January 22nd

Today’s Theme: Favorite Grass Pokemon

Oh yes. Grass pokemons. Some types I relate to more than others. Grass is one of those types. Coming out of high school one of the things I wanted to study was ecology. I wanted to study ecosystems and how populations played a role in that ecosystem. I’ve said many times this is one of my justifications in liking pokemon. I feel like playing pokemon lets be be an ecologist. Yeah. Now I do not normally keep grass pokemons on my team but I enjoy them and do find them visually pleasing.

So whose my favorite: Chikorita!

I  know we’re suppose to stay away from starters but I could not help it. Chikorita is adorable and stays cool through it’s evolution line. The problem with grass, like most types I’m learning, is that most of the cool dudes are dual typed like Breloom and Shiftry. Shaymin is cool as pure grass but I think it gets beat out by Celebi who is Psychic/Grass. Not to mention Black and White’s legend trio that’s Grass/Fighting .

I like the type. It’s very visually appealing and provides a lot good energy on your adventures, but at the same time I normally do not catch them with the illusion of using them. As individuals, some are frail and others are forgettable. As a whole, I do enjoy grass pokemon a lot.

So whose your favorite? Let me know in the comment section.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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Daily Blog Challenge: January 21

Today’s Theme: Favorite Dark Type

Today we’re talking dark pokemons. This finishes off the smooth and creepy guys. I like dark pokemon. Theyre very interesting and was one of the first types added after the originals. The pure library is slightly lacking with only 10 pure dark pokemon. However, Darkrai is one of those so they aren’t that bad off.

So whose my favorite: Absol

Yes dark has some sweet dudes. A legend in Darkrai, a mega evolution in Absol, and Umbreon gives it some heavy hitters. Absol is one those gems of third gen and one of my better memories. He’s my brother’s favorite pokemon. His mega form’s design is fierce but questionable at the same time. He looks like a lion with Pete Wentz as his hair dresser. But hey, if that’s my only complaint, it can’t be that bad.

Today’s a short one because I did not get a lot of time to throw this together with school work(I took a break to jot this one down).

Check back tomorrow, were almost done with the types!

Thanks for taking the time to read all this!

Daily Blog Challenge: January 20th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Psychic Pokemon

Ah, yes. One of the best types in the whole game. They’re cool, they’re edgy, mysterious and very fun. I think what makes them so awesome is their impressive library of legendary pokemons. Mewtwo, Mew, Deoxys, Mesprite, Uxie, Azelf, and Cresselia. That’s just the pure psychics! Their powers and abilities to defy physics makes them very cool to study and very powerful to watch. The only sad part is we cannot pick legends because Mewtwo is an OG man.

So whose my favorite: Alakazam 

The sad part about pure psychic pokemons is that once you get away from the legends it’s not that hard to narrow down the best. Espeon is sweet and Wobbuffet and Unown get a boost from the anime and movies. I was fascinated by Mushama but I did not put enough time into black and white to really have memories with it. Most of the others are odd balls. I did use Espurr and Meowstic to beat X so I do enjoy it.

Alakazam is easily one of the coolest pokemons of any type. He has insane special attack and speed which makes him a near auto include when you need a special sweeper. Not to mention he has a mega form! He was one of the four trade evolutions from gen one which means some players might have never used him. That is a sad truth for I’m sure many old school players.

Anyway whose your favorite?

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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Daily Blog Challenge: January 19th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Bug Pokemon

Bug pokemons get a bad rap and deservedly so if were just looking at pure bug pokemons. They don’t offer much. I know what you’re saying, “But DaHubbz, what about Butterfree, Scizor, Scyther, Heracross” That’s just it. Almost any cool bug pokemon is a dual type. There’s really only two bug pokemons I would deem cool.

So which is my favorite in this lack luster typing: Pinsir.

Yeah, probably a no brainer. He’s been one of my favorite since the beginning and I think really shows how cool pokemons can be but also  how cool pure Bug pokemons can be. They don’t all need flying or steel or poison. Pinsir is just straight up bug and he’s killing it(Lets forget how it lost to Ash’s Metapod, ok). It has bulky attack and defense stats and a very solid speed. The only drawback really is based on it’s moves it could use the fighting type, but that aside he is a sweet pokemon.

The other bug pokemon that I like is Accelgor. He kind of looks like that shady, cool drug dealer we all know.

What’s your favorite bug pokemon? Let me know in the comments

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