Daily Blog Challenge: January 24th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Poison Pokemon

They are cut throat and ruthless. Poison by design is one of the fiercest types. I always liked the poison type though I never really used them until I got to high school. I became in love Crobat years later after he was released. He was such a great pokemon. He had awesome speed and was poisonous. Amazing combo. I was thinking about breaking into competitive and using poison strategies was going to be something I tried. Instead, I used Abrok to get intimidation and than poison. It was a good idea but Arbok was took weak in the competitive scene to accomplish much before dying. I never got around to using Crobat competitively, but I did use him a number of play throughs.

So whose my favorite: Weezing

Yeah, Mister 6 Packs A Day himself. I’m picking Weezing because I caught a Koffin in Emerald and he was on my team the whole way through. That might have been my favorite team because that team was just a mix of odd ball characters. I had Swampart, Weezing, and Castform. That was the team I used to beat the game. I do not know how either. haha

The first time I ran a youtube channel I made a banner that had Weezing, Arbok, and Crobat saying “Get Infected”. You know. Infected with videos. That’s when I realized I really liked poison as a type even if most of the pokemons are inferior. I might like them more than Water type. I don’t know. It’s close.

I know I said this was the last type post, but I missed normal and I might even have missed another one. So I’ll be checking into that later. I got to go to my brother’s birthday party so I probably wont be on here much today.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this!

Check back tomorrow for more daily post!

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  1. I’ve never had an affinity for poison pokemon except to to teach poison moves to my pokemon to get the type advantages like Poison Jab.
    And when I’ve had poison pokemon in the past they’ve always been mixed type like Roselia or Bulbasaur. I quite like having Roselia in my party, but I don’t think any of the pure poison types are my favourites.

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