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Daily Blog Challenge: January 24th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Poison Pokemon

They are cut throat and ruthless. Poison by design is one of the fiercest types. I always liked the poison type though I never really used them until I got to high school. I became in love Crobat years later after he was released. He was such a great pokemon. He had awesome speed and was poisonous. Amazing combo. I was thinking about breaking into competitive and using poison strategies was going to be something I tried. Instead, I used Abrok to get intimidation and than poison. It was a good idea but Arbok was took weak in the competitive scene to accomplish much before dying. I never got around to using Crobat competitively, but I did use him a number of play throughs.

So whose my favorite: Weezing

Yeah, Mister 6 Packs A Day himself. I’m picking Weezing because I caught a Koffin in Emerald and he was on my team the whole way through. That might have been my favorite team because that team was just a mix of odd ball characters. I had Swampart, Weezing, and Castform. That was the team I used to beat the game. I do not know how either. haha

The first time I ran a youtube channel I made a banner that had Weezing, Arbok, and Crobat saying “Get Infected”. You know. Infected with videos. That’s when I realized I really liked poison as a type even if most of the pokemons are inferior. I might like them more than Water type. I don’t know. It’s close.

I know I said this was the last type post, but I missed normal and I might even have missed another one. So I’ll be checking into that later. I got to go to my brother’s birthday party so I probably wont be on here much today.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this!

Check back tomorrow for more daily post!