Daily Archives: January 2, 2016

Daily Blog Challenge: January 2nd.

The theme of January is Pokemon.

Today’s Topic is Which Pokemon Would Be my Traveling Buddy

I like to think  this question is asking if I were to randomly get a tv show cataloging my adventures in Pokemon, who would be my sidekick? The answer is Squirtle, but since I have already talked about him so much, I am going to give other pokemon a chance to shine.

So who would it be? Yanma!

I’ve loved Yanma ever since the good ol’ day, and really more so now that they are more available now that trading is easier than ever.

Yanma is precious to look at and can be ferocious in battle making him a wonderful partner.

The biggest drawback yanma has is not being able to learn a single HM. Not one. This was alarming to when I realized it. Just seems weird. I figured he could learn cut or, I dont know, Fly! But nope.

I am willing to overlook this because of his cuddly face and for the fact that I do not want to mess with something that see 360 degrees. No Thanks!

Check back tomorrow for another daily post!


January 1st! A New Year Update

Here we are! The first day of the year. The first blog of the year. The first update of the year. Honestly, I am super excited for this year. Why? Were trying something new here. I don’t want to call it a daily blog. No, it’s more of a challenge. Were going to do a 30 day challenges(Some months 28, some months 31). Each month will have it’s own theme. This month will be Pokemon. It’s one of my favorite topics and generally gets some response in the comment section when I do a pokemon post. So January 2nd through the 31st will be a daily post about pokemon. February will be the same style just a new theme.

I’ll try to keep Manga Mondays, Anime Reviews, Top Fives and Miscellaneous Reviews coming on a normal basis.

My school is starting back up and it should not interfere with the daily blog, but it might slow some of the other stuff down. I should also be starting my first semester as substitute this month.

Anyway, I know this is coming out on the 2nd EST. A late Christmas party had me out all day. Anyway, expect a new post later this day!