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Daily Blog Challenge: January 5th

Today’s Theme: Lamest Pokemon Design

I do not like being negative, but Pokemon is not all gold. Sometimes it just misses the mark. Today were going to look at the lamest pokemon design.

Now, the community seems to hate on Jynx, Vanillish, Garbodor, and a handful of others. I dont necessarily hate any pokemon. If you read into the lore and Japanese culture, most pokemon make sense or, at least, become a little more reasonable to defend.

My beef lies in the pokemon that just seem like utter copy cats. Namely: Dedenne.

So, why dedenne specifically? Now, I may be incorrect, and feel free to correct me if I am, but most of the electric mouse pokemons that came after Pichu just seem like Gamefreak cashing in on Pickachu’s fame. I’m fine with ever generation have a pidgey-esque character, but Pikachu and his line should’ve been a one and done. His shoes are just to big to fill and I dont think any of the rip-offs have touched me the same as the original yellow haired rodent.

This wasnt the first example of ripping off previous pokemon either. Hoenn gave us a ton of new and awesome pokemons, but it also gave us some blatant rip-offs with slight spins. Wurmple’s line were copycats of caterpie, but I’m willing to let this pass because it was some of the early examples of evolution depending on gender(which is pretty cool.) Seviper, Plusle and Minun, and Feebas didnt help the cause either.

I find this to just be more lazy than bad or stupid. I mean, some of these example they tried to spice up a little, but Dedenne seems like they just made Pikachu a little smaller, orange, and gave him antenna whiskers and called it a new pokemon. At least, X and Y was able to give him a fairy typing to help try and make him a little unique.

Anyway, whats your least favorite design for a pokemon? Why? Did it look just plain dumb, or was there no originality to it?

Challenge: After you comment/think of your least favorite pokemon, see if it’s inspired by any Japanese legend or lore. You might be surprised what inspired some of those weird looking hooligans.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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