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Daily Blog Challenge:January 15th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Electric Pokemon

Electric Pokemon are some of the most and adventuress  pokemons and they are great. They remind of youth and fresh energy. I think I would definitely keep one of my team in real life because they provide that spark I would probably need for adventuring day in and day out. And as Ash has learned over and over, they can be quite shocking.

Ash and Pikachu

So who be my electric pokemon of choice: Electrivire 

Electrivire is one cool customer and not a guy I would look forward to fighting. He was one of my favorite additions to Diamond and Pearl. He is one of the few physical attacking electric pokemons. And unlike some of the other physical attack electric pokemons, Electrivire had the moves to back it up. He had access to most of the punchs allowing him to cover a good range of attacks and had Earthquake which pack a nasty punch. How the fun would be raising a elekid all the way up Electrivire. Elekid was my favorite electric pokemon up until Electrivire release. That whole evolution line is sweet. I think they are heads and shoulders above the rest of the pure electric pokemons next to Mareeps evolution line.

So whose your favorite Electric Pokemon? Leave it in the comment section.

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