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Daily Blog Challenge: January 4th

Today’s theme: Which Pokemon has the coolest design?

Pokemon gets ripped on pokemon designe A LOT. and sometime it is well deserved. If you browse the library of pokemons you’ll learn there are actually a lot of cool ones. I self imposed the challenge of no legendaries because, honestly, Mewtwo, Deoxy, Darkrai, would easily win. So what everyday joe do I like most?

Magmortar. How I went about answering this question is “What pokemon would I not want to come bustling out of a bush on my adventure.”

Rather you like him not, imagine his hulking huge body covered in flames come tumbling out into the open where you are. He loads his two lava bazookas and… Bang.

You better hope you got a Squirtle.

There are others I love for looking awesome: Scyther, Blaziken, Bisharp.

Others for their lovable weirdness: Scaggy, Bouffalant

So what’s your favorite looking pokemon? Why do you like it? Awesome design, wacky charm?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more daily post!