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Daily Blog Challenge: January 8th

Today’s Theme: Coolest Mega Evolution

When X and Y originally dropped, I was not sure what to make of these mega evolution. I knew they were going to be powerful and game changing and ORAS proved they arent going anywhere soon.

Mewtwo and Charizard were among some of the early ones I remember. Man, I thought they looked awesome. The black Charizard with blue fire was legit and Mewtwo X looked like one customer I didnt want to have to deal with. You were given Blakizen and his Mega Evolution had speed boost so it seemed way too overpowered. The story mode had you fight Mega Lucario and that guy just looks great.

So of all the awesome pokemons, which is my favorite? Ampharos.

I know. Of all the Pokemon I named how could I not pick one of them? I just love Mega Ampharos’s design. The long white hair sales it to me for two reasons.

1). It makes him seem like a Poke Elder. This Ampharos has a little history to him. He is an electric pokemon so I have this image of him on a mountain as lightning comes crashing down and he is on top commanding it. The elder feel makes it feel like other pokemons come to him in time of need.

2). It looks like he is going straight Super Saiyan 3 in here man. That idea alone makes it one of the cooler looking pokemon.

There’s a lot to love with this new Ampharos, but at the same time, a lot of the Mega Evolution guys look really awesome.

So what’s your favorite and why? Leave in it the comment section!

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