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Daily Blog Challenge: January 7th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Anime Character

Note: This is the original anime so origin does not count.

It might be easy for the old schoolers to think of Ash. Ash was always one of my least favorite. He just seemed to get outclassed by most of the others he met. From Todd to Ritchie, they all just seemed a little cooler.

Most of my anime knowledge stems from the first two generations though  I did see some of Hoenn.

So who is my favorite character? Gary.

Gary was the coolest dude ever. Gary was a good trainer. Gary had the pokemons, the cheerleaders, the car, the badges. He was everything Ash was not, remember the Krabby comparisonGary's_Krabby.

Gary did not have people skills and did not relate to his pokemon quite like Ash, but he was the reason you wanted to become a pokemon trainer.

I always wanted more Gary in the anime. He had Squirtle and Eevee and Arcanine and loads other.

Did I mention Squirtle was his starter? Just saying. He knew what was up.

So who is your favorite character? Why? Good backstory? Attitude? Pokemon? Design? Let me know in the comment section.

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