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Daily Blog Challenge: January 21

Today’s Theme: Favorite Dark Type

Today we’re talking dark pokemons. This finishes off the smooth and creepy guys. I like dark pokemon. Theyre very interesting and was one of the first types added after the originals. The pure library is slightly lacking with only 10 pure dark pokemon. However, Darkrai is one of those so they aren’t that bad off.

So whose my favorite: Absol

Yes dark has some sweet dudes. A legend in Darkrai, a mega evolution in Absol, and Umbreon gives it some heavy hitters. Absol is one those gems of third gen and one of my better memories. He’s my brother’s favorite pokemon. His mega form’s design is fierce but questionable at the same time. He looks like a lion with Pete Wentz as his hair dresser. But hey, if that’s my only complaint, it can’t be that bad.

Today’s a short one because I did not get a lot of time to throw this together with school work(I took a break to jot this one down).

Check back tomorrow, were almost done with the types!

Thanks for taking the time to read all this!