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Daily Blog Challenge: January 13th

Today’s theme: Favorite Flying Pokemon

If you thought steel had a low total at 5 pure pokemon, wait until you see flying. Flying only has 2! Yeap. Two pure flying pokemons. Can you guess which two. Pidgey? Nope. Braviary? No. Fan Rotom? Haha. no.

Tornadus Incarnate Forme. and…. Tornadus Therian Forme.

Yeah, Tornadus is the only pure flying pokemon. As you know, no legends on this list so we’re going to have to go with a dual type.

If we’re going to branch from the pure type than we’d look at the primary flying type. Well there are only 2 primary flying pokemons. Noibat and Noivern. I have nothing against these two but I dont have the best experience with them.

So I am going to look at flying as the secondary typing. Whose my favorite: Crobat

Crobat is an epic pokemon. It’s poisonous. Crobat cripples his opponents with his toxic poison attacks. Once he disables his victims he uses his crushing flying attacks to finish them off. He is lethal, he is unapologetic, and he is ruthless. He is the embodiment of what a pokmon should be and what a trainer should look for in his pokemon.

So whose your favorite flying pokemon?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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