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Daily Blog Challenge: January 22nd

Today’s Theme: Favorite Grass Pokemon

Oh yes. Grass pokemons. Some types I relate to more than others. Grass is one of those types. Coming out of high school one of the things I wanted to study was ecology. I wanted to study ecosystems and how populations played a role in that ecosystem. I’ve said many times this is one of my justifications in liking pokemon. I feel like playing pokemon lets be be an ecologist. Yeah. Now I do not normally keep grass pokemons on my team but I enjoy them and do find them visually pleasing.

So whose my favorite: Chikorita!

I  know we’re suppose to stay away from starters but I could not help it. Chikorita is adorable and stays cool through it’s evolution line. The problem with grass, like most types I’m learning, is that most of the cool dudes are dual typed like Breloom and Shiftry. Shaymin is cool as pure grass but I think it gets beat out by Celebi who is Psychic/Grass. Not to mention Black and White’s legend trio that’s Grass/Fighting .

I like the type. It’s very visually appealing and provides a lot good energy on your adventures, but at the same time I normally do not catch them with the illusion of using them. As individuals, some are frail and others are forgettable. As a whole, I do enjoy grass pokemon a lot.

So whose your favorite? Let me know in the comment section.

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