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Daily Blog Challenge: January 29th

Sorry about no update yesterday! Busy day! Doing two today

Today’s Theme: Early Thoughts on Volcanion

The latest pokemon was revealed a while back and I debated on just waiting til they released the full story, but since were winding down on Pokemon Month, might as well talk about our new goodie!

Volcanion. Pokemon Number 721. Fire/Water. The Steam Pokemon

This guy looks like the real deal. I enjoy the concept and the design very much. To me, looks like a fox’s face with a turtle like body? maybe. I like the ring around him. It’s a cool addition.

They’ve only revealed a short video, so there is a lot left to be desired, but it’s a good start.

He’s the first ever fire/water pokemon. I know! You’d think after 20 years there would be more. but nope. He’s the OG man. This will be the topic of a top five later.

So here’s  a quick description of what he can do. He has a unique organ in his body that turns water vapor into powerful fire. Oh, and his heat can straight destroy mountains. I pulled this info from Bulbapedia. Go there to check out their page for more info on this guy.

The negative. Guess what his ability is. Come on guess. Something unique for this unique little creature? Or maybe pressure? The go to for legends. Nope. You’d be wrong. Bulbapedia has it listed as water absorb. I get that, but why not have the option for flash fire? It’s the same concept. Or, what I would prefer, blending the two. Such as “If this pokemon is hit by water or fire moves, it increases his HP.” or what I call Steam Powered “If this pokemon is hit by a water or fire move, this pokemon receives a boost in special attack” I just feel like this ability makes more sense than just water absorb. That part is kinda lame. I mean, I get that matches his organ ability and every thing.

So yeah. Lot’s of potential for this guy. I am going to keep my eyes peeled for sure.

What about you guys? What do you think? Havent seen it yet? Head over to Bulbapedia and search Volcanion, or go to the pokemon website and watch their video.

Thanks for reading this!

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Daily Blog Challenge: January 26th

So I finally remembered, and do not ask me how I forgot, the final type.

Today’s Theme: Favorite Dragon Pokemon

Yes. One of my favorite and least favorite types in all of Pokemon. Dragons have some of the coolest design of any pokemons. From the big hulking Dragonite to the fierce land shark Garchomp. I like how dragons are weak to dragons. Like a it takes a dragon to kill a dragon idea. I think one of the reasons I find them so cool is Lance. Gary might be my favorite character from the anime, but Lance was the cool guy from the games. He had like 18 Dragonites and it sucked losing to him. I think his iconicness almost made it seem like Dragons are the boss of the pokemon world.

So whose my favorite: Dratini 

I went back and forth between Dratini and Bagon. I like Bagon and the tragic story of how they cannot fly. But Dratini is the OG of Dragons. If Dragonite was pure dragon he would be top of the list for sure. In all honestly they are both sweet and I think if I could only use one, I’d use Bagon. Dratini is hard to train itself. It’s common moves are wrap and t-wave. It’s not much to work with, but like magikarp, the pay off is ten-fold.

So that does it for types. Tomorrow I got to think of something else.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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Daily Blog Challenge: January 25th

Today’s Theme:  Favorite Normal Pokemon

I never really think much of normal pokemons. After all, theyre just that. However, I found some that seem to be anything but normal.

So whose my favorite: Porygon

Honestly, any of the Porygons have always fascinated me. In the 90’s they seemed so cool. They were based on computers and coding. He had the signatures move conversion 1 and 2 and Sharpen. Which in all honesty are cooler in theory than practice, but it’s still cool. I think part of the mystery is that I’ve never fully studied them. This helps keep them kind of in the dark. It’s my imagination doing the telling. It’s like with Unown or a handful of legends. I never look beyond what is given, so there’s still a lot I do not know about them. That’s cool to me.

So whose you’re favorite?

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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