Daily Blog Challenge: January 14th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Fairy Pokemon

Oh, yes. The latest type thrown at us in our pokemon adventures. I did not know what to make of this type originally, but it has more or less grown on me. Anything that completely blanks a dragon pokemon is fine in my book. The mascot for the fairy pokmones was Sylveon. A very gimmicky, but albeit, a cool pokemon nonetheless. Sylveon was also here to showcase the new way to play with your pokemons to obtain a new form of max happiness. I was under the impression(Maybe foolishly) that Slyveon was going to be one of the few fairy Pokemons. What they did instead was change the typing of a lot of the old pokemon to pure fairy pokemon. They made nine pure fairy pokemons for X and Y. In addition, they also changed 6 previously normal pokemons to pure fairy typing(Cleffa, Clefairy, Clefable, Togepi, Snubbull, and Granbull). A few more of previous pokemons (Jigglypuff, Azumarill, Gardvoire to name a couple) were given the fairy typing almost making fairy one of my favorite typings, okay it was not that extreme, but they added some cool pokemons to help get fairies started.

So, quick history lesson aside, whose my favorite pure fairy type: Clefairy

I guess this a match made in heaven. After all it is CleFAIRY. In all seriousness, Clefairy is a cool pokemon. It has one of the more extensive backstories of the originals. The idea of pokemon from space was pretty cool. Gamefreak must think so too if you see the Pokemons they have coming from space after this(Deoxys, Jirachi maybe even Mew). I even made a point that celestial should be it’s own typing Here!

Anyway, enough with how cool space pokemons are. Rather this is a  rumor or not, I read Clefairy was originally going to be Ash’s first pokemon(And I pretty sure was Red’s starter in the original manga back in the day). I do not know how I feel about this. Ash’s Pikachu is pretty great but I do not care much for other Pikachus. I can picture Clefairy laying in the pokecenter after being demolished by Surge’s Raichu and Ash holding his hand out, in it, containing a moon stone. Clefairy chokes up at first. Than, she boldly double slaps the moonstone out of Ash’s hand. She waltz up to that Raichu the next day and uses metronome and down comes the strongest, fiercest thunder from the sky(Gym ceiling?) and totally obliterates Raichu.

So whose your favorite fairy pokemon? Let me know!

Thanks for taking your time to read this!

Check back tomorrow for more Daily Post!

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