Daily Post Challenge: January 28th

Today’s Theme: What occupation would I want in the Pokemon Universe

So many choices. The everyday poke mart that I can relate to(Former DG employee haha). Or how about helping pokemons at a Pokemon Center? I did put up a post about becoming a substitute teacher today, so maybe I’d want to do that? Than there’s the awesome ones. Gym Leader! Elite Four! Champion! That’s pretty close to being the President right? Wait. Does the Pokeverse even have a government?

So what job do I want: Scientist

Yes! The crazy people with voltorbs. While becoming a teacher is a goal of mine, ecology is my passion. I’d love to study pokemons in their habitats. Come on. Is there anything better. To get to swim with goldeens. To fly with Pidgeottos. To explore caves with digletts. To traverse mountains with Larvitar. To discover forests with Heracross’s.

I would probably end up being Professor Birch’s aid. He studies Habitats.

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  1. The Otaku Judge

    I would train to be a doctor, that way I can be close to Nurse Joy 😉

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