My Life as a Teacher Update

So if you’ve read any of my other post from this topic, you know I’ve been trying and waiting patiently to become a substitute teacher. I did not check what day I put the other post up but I think it was near August. I finally got a call back from my county in December. I missed getting to start by a few days(Winter Break started). So, I got everything turned in first thing in January. This Tuesday, I finally got a call back for an interview. That interview was today, and I am very proud to announce that I should start subbing very soon. She said as early as tomorrow, but we will see about that.

I will more than likely make a post about my first day subbing, whenever that may be. If you are interested in becoming a teacher or a sub, I’d love to hear your story and offer any advice I can(I’m studying education in college).

Anyway, this will probably be the inspiration to today’s daily post, so make you check back later today for that!

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  1. That’s pretty cool, I’m a PGCE student myself, basically a teacher trainee. I’m waiting for my next school placement at the moment though I’ve done one placement already.
    Is there a particular reason you are being a supply teacher rather than a full-time teacher? Just curious about that.
    I’m training to be a maths teacher (despite my specialism really being biology).

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    • Yeah, I have to have a degree. It’s funny you say that. I’m studying Biology with an emphasis in secondary education. I’ll be able to teach at the Secondary/High school level in about 3 years depending on when I get college finished. Until than, I have to be a substitute.

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      • That’s interesting. I didn’t know you could be a substitute before you qualify. Did you apply directly to schools or are you part of an agency which provides schools with substitute teachers?


      • No, in my county you fill out a application which is basically telling them your highest level education and references. From there, they call your references. If you pass, human resources gives you a call to fill out paper work. They turn that paper work into a certificate like document. You make copies of that and turn them into schools and wait for teachers/whoever is in charge of subs, to contact you. It’s an easy but time consuming process, thanks to winter break it took me three months from turning in my application(the second time) to finally be in a classroom subbing. But I did have to get a new social security card and that few weeks as well.

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      • Ah I see, thanks for explaining. In the UK you need a qualification before you are allowed to teach, which is what I’m training for. When you used the word county before I thought you lived in England. Maybe county was a typo, haha?


      • In the US, states have multiple counties. Some laws and some regulations vary from county to county not just state to state. Substituting is preformed from skilled educators to everyday moms and dads. It pays more to have a degree, but I cannot complain for what I do, it’s good money.

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