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Life Update: New category, Youtube, and time away.

I fell in love with blogging almost a year ago. It was place to talk about anything: Mangas, School, games, you name it.

So why is it I havent made a post in nearly a month?

Multiple reasons.

  1. I’ve been sick and and unmotivated.

I had this cold back in February and it was not that bad. It keep me bed for long periods of time, because more than I was sick, I was just always tired. I don’t sleep right to begin with but I was always woke up before 11am. I can’t really say I have since I got this cold. Which makes being productive hard when I sleep for half the day.

2. School work out of nowhere.

If you follow my blog any you know in January I was doing a daily blog(If you didnt check it out than I highly recommend it) and was taking five classes and trying to start working. I was completely fine than. However, somewhere along the line my classes up’d the work out of nowhere and so many test, and written assignments, and discussions were due. I had to drop 2 classes just to even be able to balance all the things I was doing. It sucked.

3. Started a Youtube Channel

I’ve stated before Youtube was my first love. I started my first channel back in ’09 and slowly fell out of it. I went out and bought my first mic and editing software and fired up the dream once more. I started blogging back last summer. This Youtube channel has been in the works since the summer of 13. While the blog was a spur-of-the-moment thing and the youtube channel has been very calculated, I wanted to give equal attention. Sadly, I have not. The blog actually takes a lot of time and money(in some instances). Somewhere along the lines my time shrunk. This also goes hand in hand with motivation. Sometimes recording a youtube video is as easy as hitting record, playing the game, and just talking along with it. The blog, however, I either have to watch an entire anime, read a volume, or what have you, and than plan it out.

4. Decreasing Quality

Maybe the biggest reason. Watching anime, reading manga, playing the games, is not the the hard part. It’s the planning the post. I like to be insightful, unbiased, and salt in my own brand of off beat humor. I begun waiting to the last moment and just throwing together material and it got to the point of asking myself “Would I actually read this myself”. This has slowed me down greatly. Everything stems from being unmotivated. I get basically no hours at my job, my apartment is up for inspection later this month, I’m in this weird transition period between possibly transferring colleges and moving nearly 6 hours away, and everything kind of has me in a funk. One of the few things making me happy is making videos and my voice has been gone for the better half of a month so I cant even do that.

*Next topic*

As the title suggest, I am going to talk about youtube.

I am currently doing a Pokmeon Golden Age Let’s Play. I think it is going to finish up with 8 or 9 videos. I also do unboxings every Saturday. I’ve already opened two mew collection boxes and will be opening the Celebi box sometime this week! I also will be opening the dual box for Magic the Gathering and the latest structure deck of Yugioh. My top fives will eventually migrate over to the channel as well. I’m working on putting together a let’s play of Pokemon Gray Topaz and Zelda: Minish Cap. I’m debating on doing Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku 2 and Super Mario 64. Anime and Manga reviews may or may not move over to the channel(They may stay a blog exclusive)

Go Subscribe to Dahubbz on Youtube.

*Last Topic*

A new category. Crunchyroll has a random feature that will assign you a random episode to watch. I want to integrate this into the blog. I will watch episode one of a random anime that crunchyroll spits out at me and give my opinions on it and call this “Random Wednesday”. It’s just a test run but I’ll try it out either this Wednesday or the next so be on the look out!

My Life as a Teacher 1/30/16 and Daily Blog Update

So, yesterday I did my first day of subbing. It was not bad at all. Just really, really boring. The teacher I subbed left the students 5 work sheets to do over the course of the hour and a half class. Only the students had already done 3, and they knocked the other two out within 20-30 minutes. This resulted in a boring but easy day. I let the students speak quietly among themselves or listen to music or play games on their phone. It was a Friday and everyone was looking forward to weekend like they were Rebecca Black in that joint. I was already offered to sub again Monday I just have to confirm it.

Right when I got off, my girlfriend and I began babysitting until 12:30am. After that I had homework to do. This is why no Daily Blog went up yesterday. I passed out after homework. I’ll try to do two today to make up for it.

I subbed 10th grade biology for one block and 11th grade U.S. History. My spot Monday would be English as long as it’s still open

My Life as a Teacher Update

So if you’ve read any of my other post from this topic, you know I’ve been trying and waiting patiently to become a substitute teacher. I did not check what day I put the other post up but I think it was near August. I finally got a call back from my county in December. I missed getting to start by a few days(Winter Break started). So, I got everything turned in first thing in January. This Tuesday, I finally got a call back for an interview. That interview was today, and I am very proud to announce that I should start subbing very soon. She said as early as tomorrow, but we will see about that.

I will more than likely make a post about my first day subbing, whenever that may be. If you are interested in becoming a teacher or a sub, I’d love to hear your story and offer any advice I can(I’m studying education in college).

Anyway, this will probably be the inspiration to today’s daily post, so make you check back later today for that!

Substitute Teaching Class.

So, I’ve been up since 5 in the morning today, but that is okay. I knocked out the first part of becoming a substitute teacher today. The 4 hour class to get certified. In this post I will be talking about what we discussed and other matters I took away from it.

Let’s dive on in.

For starters, if you have taken an education class, or you were previously a teacher, this is going to be some of the most boring hours of your life. We talked about code of ethics, managing your classroom, and how to handle the new environment. This is stuff I already learned about during my first education class last semester. It was a nice refresher and I did learn some new tricks, but for the most part it really was like they just took a whole semester class and cramped it into 4 long hours.

So what was the presentation like?

The first 3 hours was spent by all 40 of us telling our life story of how we ended up here. It’s not as dreamy as it sounds. Out of 40, I dare say only about 6 or 7 of us were aspiring teachers. The majority? Stay-at-home/retired moms who wanted to go be around their kids at the school. I am not a parent, so maybe I am biased, but I am definitely torn on this. On one hand, as an aspiring teacher, I feel like we should be put on priority(Of course there is nowhere on the applications I filled out that ask what my goals are). We want experience, we would like to have a paying job that we can actually use on a resume. On the other hand, I think it is very important for parent involvement! So substitute teaching is actually a pretty nifty way to do that.

Here’s a fun little game called “Stuff Future Substitute Teachers Say”
“I want to get my feet wet.”
“I am trying to get my foot in the door”
“I have four kids”
“I am here for the income”
“I was a [..] I got tired of it. Now I am here”
“I retired… I’m back”

I show you these quote to segue into our next topic. Who goes to these things?

Most common? Stay-at-home moms made up a majority of the people. Second Most? I use to do […]. I got tired of it. I want to try this. Third? Aspiring Teachers/Other college students. Fourth? Retired Teacher/Administration.

We had four hair stylist who wanted something new. We had a retired cop who wanted to be an Ag teacher. We had a guy from Denmark who worked up north and then came down to coach soccer. We had a kid who had his bachelors in history and was wanting to be a teacher despite not having a background in education. There was only one other person aside from me and my girlfriend who were actually studying education in college.

Here’s a rundown of useful tips:
Meet your neighbors! Talk to the teachers around your classroom. They can help you if you need it. It’s also just a good way to network yourself.
Make business cards! All teachers have mailboxes inside the school. Show up early and put your card in their boxes.
Get their early! For reasons 1&2 and more I am sure. Just get their early and get to know the classroom.

When it was over, we were all given our certificate. No general test, no state level test. Nothing to sweat there. Along with the certificate, you need to get an application for the school system you want to substitute in. You need to already have references and then you need to make copies of that certificate. Some schools will want a copy. Turn the application into a a principle in the system. They will check your references and select rather or not to add you. If you survive this process, your name gets sent to a person in charge of subs for the county. At this step, you will receive a phone call asking you to come fill out some paper work and do a background check. Once it comes back, Congratulations! You are in the system.

I have turned in my application. I am just waiting on a phone call now. Fingers crossed!

Not everywhere is the same.

The county I went to take the class was just a neighboring county maybe 20 minutes away. There you have to go in front of the board for an interview. In my county, that part does not exist. However, I am pretty sure you are required to get certified, get approved one way or another, and than have background checks. I could be wrong though.

Interested? How do you get stated?
In the U.S.A., there is an organization called RESA(Regional Education Service Education). These people are your best friends. Check to see when they are holding one of these substitute teaching classes. Sign up and pay whatever fee there is. That should be all there is to it. Just attend class on your selected day and figure out your county’s protocol.

So! Does your county or state or county do things differently? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear about it. Anything specific interest you and you want to hear more? Well leave a comment for that too.

I will be sure to update my adventure as I go along.