Daily Blog Challenge: January 18th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Ghost Pokemon

Ghost pokemon. Those creepy, sneaky little ghost pokemon. Back in the the day there were only 3. Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar. The type has since broke out in popularity. They have a legend: Giratina. Three mega evolution: Mega Gengar and Mega Sableye and Mega Banette and a good supporting cast to round out the remaining guys.

So. which of the spooky little ghouls is my favorite: Dusknoir

Gengar is awesome but he is not a pure ghost pokemon unfortunately. However, Gamefreak gave us this gem of a pokemon. Dusknoir is by far one of the creepiest looking pokemons. He is a great embodiment of the ghost pokemon.He does lack some quality moves but he is bulky and that kind of makes up for it. He does have access to calm mind, toxic, curse, confuse ray, Will’o wisp and other utility moves.

So whose your favorite ghost pokemon? Leave it in the comment

Today was short, but I should be putting out a One Punch Man Volume 1 review later, so check back more for that!

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