Daily Blog Challenge: January 11th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Ground Pokemon

Ground Pokemon are the bane of any player’s adventure. They are normally the first gym leader’s pokemon. They normally litter caves. While they are normally coupled with Rock pokemon, I generally like Ground types better. They make good HM slaves and have  rocking Attack and Defense.

So whose my favorite ? Phanpy

There’s 13 ground pokemons to pick from and Groudon is a legend. Though, I am ont a huge ground type fan, it does contain an evolution line that is one of my favorite. I gauge how much I like a pokemon on mainly two categories. Either how adorable they are or by how awesome they are. Phanpy is very precious and he evolves into Donphan which on its own is an awesome pokemon.

So whose your favorite Ground pokemon? Why? Let me know in the comment section!

About dahubbz

Hi! Im a twenty-six year old college student who loves to relax with some animes, mangas, comic books, video games, you name it. Im also into sports, movies and music. If any of this stuff interest you, follow my blog and do not be scared to strike up a conversation. I love discussing all of these mediums of entertainment. Check often for Updates! Follow me on twitter @Dahubbz Join my forum dahubbz.proboard.com

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  1. I vote for Sandshrew.


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