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Daily Post Challenge: February 7th

Today’s Theme: Where would I want to live in the Zelda Universe

So, if I we’re Link and I finally decided to hang up the hero’s sword and that fashionable green tunic for the last time, where would I settle down? If you remember a few days back, I said the npc’s were not that immersive. The towns, on the other hand, are rather great. I love most of the towns in the Zelda Universe. We’ve been to a lot.

So where would I want to retire: Kakariko Village

Kakarito Village

Just look at it!

It’s been here since Link To The Past, and it’s been pretty good to us. My first memories of this town are from Ocarina of Time. The town theme is timeless. The carpenters are hilarious with all their weird sounds. And you learn the song of storms here!

As much as I remember it being really peaceful and enjoyable, I’m remembering how weird and eerie the village was too.

For starters, the graveyard. Dampe is a very memorable character. He is always stocking the graveyard with his shovel. Not to mention, when he passes away when you move forward in time was really sad to me. But, we did however get the Hookshot, a very cool item.

Next on the eerie list. The skulltula house. The family placed under a curse. The lighting helps set the tone. Dont even get me started on the creepy sounds and dancing.

There’s also the witch’s potion shop. Witches are pretty inherently creepy.

Lastly, the well. The well man. It’s not even a hard part, but the area is so creepy. The fact that you cant truly see the creatures and corridors makes it so I would not go down there if it was me.

But all that aside. It’s a quick horse ride to the Zora’s domain, The Hyrule castle, and the beach(lake)! Not to mention, Death Mountain is your backyard.

Okay, so honestly, it’s a pretty creepy place, but the theme music make’s it very relaxing, and the renovations suggest it’s on the rise! Also, the Kakriko village in A Link To The Past is super sweet, but I have not been there recently enough to recall details.

Anyway, where would you like to like town wise?

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Check back tomorrow for more daily post!

Manga Monday: One Punch Man Volume 1 Review

One Punch Man is written by One and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. It is published through Shonen Jump and distributed through Viz Media. It originally was a web based manga before the team brought it to paperback in 2012. It is famous for the anime that grew very popular last season(Which I managed to stay spoiler free from so far.

Spoilers: Meh, not really any huge ones.

Plot: Saitama was a man who had lost the will to live three years before the very first panel. In the first chapter he fights a piccolo looking character who is a manifest of earth sent to kill all humans for polluting. Yeah, manga takes a very “Defend Earth” stance early and does not really let it go through out the volume. Chapter two gives us back story about Saitama when he was a dead beat who killed a mutated crab(Yet again from pollution like some Fallout stuff). This is when we learn it’s been three years since he decided to train to carry on the Baldy Balds tradition(I love you if you get this reference). Early on this feels very western world comic style. By that I mean no apparent cohesive plot like tradition mangas. Most of the early chapters just feel like days-in-the-life kinda things where he goes around easily defeating villains. Combine that with almost a deconstruction of Shonen manga’s main characters and you have an entertainingly funny, but boring action comic. The volume does end on a high note as they introduce what I presume to be the bad guy organization.

Characters: Saitama and Genos seem to be our two main characters so i’ll focus on them

Saitama- Saitama could not get a job to save his life. He even commented he failed 3 or 4 interviews that day alone. When a mutated crab tries to kill a little boy, Saitama rushes to the rescue and discovers he wants to be a hero. For fun and all. Saitama is pretty much how you would expect Goku or Luffy to to fight. Saitama is so overpowered it’s crazy. Goku is crazy stronger than anybody in Dragon Ball but still struggles against folks he should not. Saitama, on the other hand, obliterates the opposition. Logically, this how I imagine most fights going. One Punch Man shows how, while very funny, just how dull these worlds would be. The cool part about him though is that he seeks a rival as strong as him and how he feels empty without the competition. The sad part, I do not think he will find that rival anytime soon.

Genos- Genos is a pretty cool character. He is an cyborg but is fully capable of emotions. He is seeking revenge and hoping Saitama can help train him(Sandy would be disappointed to learn this). He once was a young boy in a small town. A cyborg went crazy and killed everyone in the town except him(Like a synth. Man, I have Fallout on the brain). Anyway, a doctor for justice preformed a procedure on him to turn Genos into a cyborg that seeks justice.

The World: One of the first mangas I really get to talk about the world. The world is overrun by monsters and villains. Saitama hopes that by donning his cap(For fun) he would cut down on the monstrous behavior. He’s wrong. Most of the villains seem to be manifestations of science or the earth herself. Pretty cool world, scary to live in though.

Action: One punch worth
Romance: None at the moment.
Plot: It’s there.
Characters: We’ve really only done surface level scratching
The World: I feel this is going to be explored a little more. Cool for the time being though
Humor: The series does this right. It’s pretty funny.

Verdict: Seems the chapters are more western style than tradition mangas for now. It’s a funny read but it’s very fast pace.

Score: 6.5 out 10. One Punch Man is hard to buy into after just one volume. It’s a satire and deconstruction of a genre I’m just not sure how well it translates into manga form. The best part from the mangas One Punch Man seems to be inspired by is the rivalry between main characters and villains, think Naruto and Sasuke. One Punch Man does not have that, but it does have potential. A solid start, a good enough middle, and cliff hanger ending makes me at least want to give volume 2 a try(which I will when I can).



Daily Blog Challenge: January 13th

Today’s theme: Favorite Flying Pokemon

If you thought steel had a low total at 5 pure pokemon, wait until you see flying. Flying only has 2! Yeap. Two pure flying pokemons. Can you guess which two. Pidgey? Nope. Braviary? No. Fan Rotom? Haha. no.

Tornadus Incarnate Forme. and…. Tornadus Therian Forme.

Yeah, Tornadus is the only pure flying pokemon. As you know, no legends on this list so we’re going to have to go with a dual type.

If we’re going to branch from the pure type than we’d look at the primary flying type. Well there are only 2 primary flying pokemons. Noibat and Noivern. I have nothing against these two but I dont have the best experience with them.

So I am going to look at flying as the secondary typing. Whose my favorite: Crobat

Crobat is an epic pokemon. It’s poisonous. Crobat cripples his opponents with his toxic poison attacks. Once he disables his victims he uses his crushing flying attacks to finish them off. He is lethal, he is unapologetic, and he is ruthless. He is the embodiment of what a pokmon should be and what a trainer should look for in his pokemon.

So whose your favorite flying pokemon?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Check back tomorrow for more daily post!

Manga Monday! A Silent Voice

Remember how I said Manga Monday would be Neon Genesis? Yeah, slight change of plans. I read A Silent Voice Vol 1 today and decided that is what we will talk about today.

A Silent Voice was written by Yoshitoki Oima and published by Kodansha. It started as a One-Shot back 2011, and has since been serialized. The series ran from 2013 to 2014 collecting seven volumes.

Spoilers: There will be slight Vol 1 spoilers. I do not know how the rest of the series pans out, so I dont know if this spoilers will “give it all away”, but they shouldnt.

Plot: Shoya Ishida is your typical preteen: dumb, reckless, and just all around clueless. He calls himself a daredevil and does stunts with reckless abandon all in the name of winning his war with Boredom. His best buddies grow up and tire of his behavior (they are now in middle school for crying out loud!) Finding himself slowly but surely losing his war, he must think of new ways to defeat his foe without his friends. Enter new girl. Shoko Nshimiya. A deaf transfer student. Shoya gets the idea that he must make her life miserable, and so he does. The rest of the manga plays out as Shoya tries desperately to convey to a deaf girl she is not liked. I want spoil if he is successful.

Characters: This manga has a lot of characters getting introduced quite early in the beginning chapters, but were focusing on two. Shoya and Shoko.
Shoya: As mentioned, his character is relentlessly mean and absent hearted and metaphorically blind. He can be funny and entertaining at times, but at most he is super stubborn and stuck in his hateful ways despite his teacher and parent’s endless attempts to get him to quit. He is also extremely unaware to the situation and what is truly going on at the school and classroom around him.
Shoko: The infinitely cooler one. She is deaf and uses a notebook to communicate to her classmates. She eagerly tries to make friends in spite of Shoya trying to convince everyone she is borderline the devil. One of the ironic moments of her campaign is an exchange between her and her mom and their hair dresser(Shoya’s mom) where Shoko adamantly denies her mom’s wishes to cut her hair like a boy. Her mom believes that will help her stop getting bullied? Anyway, Shoya’s mom refuses to cut because Shoko doesn’t want it. cut Shoko’s mom says “I do not need your opinion or Shoto’s”. This scene is powerful to me, because it shows, in a way, Shoko s getting bullied by her mom. Her mom makes her voice even more mute than it was. The image is super powerful to me. I really respect Shoko’s character because she is tenacious through and through. I cant help but think that her decision at the end of the manga was really her moms idea.

The World: Not much is made about the world. There is no treasure at the end of the sea, or no dragon balls hiding in the corners of the world. Most of the manga takes place at school or at his house. The rest of the world seems to not exist outside of Shoya and Shoko’s interactions.

Action: Barely any.
Romance: I feel like a relationship could be blooming here. It is hard to tell based off the ending of this volume though.
Plot: Shoya is all over the place, but the plot is easy enough to follow.
Characters: Pretty meaty characters for an opening volume. You love and you hate em.
The World: Could be fleshed out more, but I am not entirely sure what that would add to the manga as a whole
Humor: Solid, when used.

Verdict: Good read. It switches scene rapidly, keep that in mind. Altogether, great read if you can sit through poor little Shoto getting bullied for hundreds of pages.

Score: 7 out 10. Mostly because it seems like it has a hard time staying focused. Maybe it’s the authors intent because Shoya is all over the place. Otherwise, it’s a wonderful opening act.

Final Note (There will be spoilers in this part!)
The scene where Shoya arrives at school to learn his classmates had been writing on this desk all a long was a huge scene and maybe one of my favorites in any manga. I teared up a bit, because it makes you reflect on how mean Shoya was, but how Shoto defended him til the very end. A+ to this scene

Check the manga out yourself by purchasing it here

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Top Five Reasons To Love Pokemon!

Were closing out Pokemon Week so it’s only fitting to do this top five!

#5 Pokemon Never Gets Old- It’s true. Even after so many years, I still want to go buy a Gameboy Color and play Gold/Silver and Red/Blue.The games are priceless just for sheer memory value(Which I’ll be getting into in a later point). That’s just the game portion of the Pokemon world. Season one is on Netflix and every kid from the 90’s had the pleasure of refalling in love with the beloved show we all grew up on. It’s pretty sweet.

#4- The World Of Pokemon Is Beautiful and Wonderful!- You gotta understand, I love breaking down worlds. I do it every time in Manga Monday and Anime Reviews. The Pokemon world is great. Simple montages of pokemons in their habitats puts a big smile on my face. Coming out of high school, I wanted to become an ecologist. I am sure that explains this part of my love for Pokemon. Heck, day dreaming about pokemons in their habitats might be why I wanted to become an ecologist in the first place. Put shortly, it is real precious to watch pokemons in their daily lives.

#3 The Games Keep Getting Better- Okay, so there is a group of people known as Gen Oners or First Gen Elitist or whatever you want to call them. I’m not saying anything is wrong with Gen one, it was great and some of my best memories of the franchise happened there. BUT… Boy, am I glad it kept going. Johto is my favorite region and I think X&Y have done wonders with the game. It is crazy to reflect on how far it has come, seriously. If you quit playing Pokemon after Red and Blue, you should be upset with yourself. I dare you to play through the 6 gens. You will see they just continually get better. Of course, some Pokemon’s have gotten quite weird, dumb, and just plain silly, but the franchise as a whole is going strong and making awesome updates. I didnt think a pokemon game would ever touch Silver, than Platinum came out. I didnt think a pokemon game would ever touch Platinum. Than X&Y came out. Somehow, they just keep getting better.

#2 The Bond With The Pokemon- Maybe this is number 1 for a lot of people, and rightfully so. Spending hundreds of hours with your pokemon’s, raising their levels, traveling the world, you can’t help but love your pokemon by the time the journey is all over. One thing I thought the show captured so well was the bond between trainer and pokemon(Except with Charizard of course). Watching Pikachu and all the other pokemon’s fight hard for their trainer and how they wanted to train hard and grow stronger was so cool to watch. It definitely was well expressed and I love that about the show.

#1 History- Yeah, there is a lot of it with this franchise. I remember years ago picking out my first Squirtle and traveling Kanto with him by my side, or collecting all the vhs’s and doing the poke rap!, or feeling bad for Ash because he is really bad at pokemon and most of the gym leaders felt bad for him so they just gave him badges, or when Brock Misty and Ash say their goodbyes and your younger self just cant handle the thought of no more new Pokemon. Yeah, I, like almost every pokemon fan, have cherished memories of the card game, anime, manga, and the video games!

This is only scratching the surface, I didnt even mention the friends you make through pokemon, the new interactions theyve added, crushing your rival, playing competitively, capturing legends, filling the pokedex, finding shinies, building a team. The list is never ending.

So why do you play Pokemon? What got you into it? Why’d you stick around for however long? What’s your fondest/earliest memory with the franchise? Leave it in the comment!

Top Five Pokemon That Need Pre-evolutions

Lets jump into this!

This post is gonna be a little short and not as in depth as previous top fives this week. This week has been crazy..

#5- Eevee- Yeap. Bringing Eevee back. So we have a couple of ideas for this guy. First, every eevolution could be bred to form a new pokemon.(Think Phione and Manaphy). Or you can evolve Eevee into your preferred choice. Than breed it. The hatched eevee would than have the type of that eevolution. This could be pretty sweet for NFE or LC. My girlfriend wants Eevee to have a baby form called Eve.

#4 Audino- I feel like Audino is suppose to be like Clefairy and Chansey(Based off design). I think she comes up short until she mega evolves, of course. I really hope they give her the evolution line like Chansey and Clefairy gained over the years.

#3 Kangaskhan- I always wanted her to have a baby form showing off the joey. Well Game Freak gave us the Mega form of Kanga and it showed the joey out of the patch. So maybe this idea is no longer valid, but itd still be cool for us to see the little joey going on it’s own adventures

#2 Miltank- I think it might be a no brainer to give her a baby form and call it Caltank(Play on calves not cows). She would be a nice, speedy wall that could be problematic in NFE or LC.

#1 Lapras- I love Lapras and a baby form would be so precious. Competitively, She would have access to Water Absorb and Toxic, but I really like the idea just based on design as it would be adorable to watch in the show.

This is not the best explanation of each pokemon. I am running off of about 10 hours of sleep total over the last three days as I am potty training puppies who wake me up every 1-2 hours and when I am not trying to sleep me and my girlfriend have been visiting her dad every four hours in I.C.U. the last two day. So I have nowhere near enough time to sit down and write an explanation for each, but it is Pokemon Week so were doing a post everyday! Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight and we’ll end this week off on a high note tomorrow!

Top Five Types To Add To Pokemon!

Continuing Pokemon Week here, today is top five types to add!

#5 Light- Okay, years ago I wanted this type to be added to combat dark(now that fairy has been added, this type is about 90% useless). But I still think these pokemon would very beautiful to look at if nothing else.

Strong Against: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Against: Ground, Rock, Poison(maybe Bug?)
Immune To: Dark
Resist: Ghost, Psychic
Weak to: Ground, Rock, Poison(Maybe Bug?)

#4- Sound- Shout out too tpcsufian for the idea. Sound based moves and ability already exist, so why not give them their own type? Most of these pokemon are normal, so how about instead of having a boring type we give them a new type? Think Jigglypuff, Whismur, Chatot, etc

Strong Against: Ice, Bugs
Weak Against: Steel, (Debating on rather steel would just be Immune?)
Resist: Ice, Fairy
Weak To: Steel, Rock

#3- Cyber- Yet again, Shout out too tpcsufian for help with this one. Cyber is anything dealing with online/virtual realty. I think this is a good type moving forward with how cyber based our word is getting. Pokemon’s that come to mind: Porygon, Genesect, Magneminte .

Strong Against: Psychic, Normal,
Weak Against: Fire, Electric
Resist: Fighting, Normal
Weak To: Fire, Electric, Psychic

#2- Insert another mythical creature- What comes to mind is goblins or elf. We have dragons and now fairies, but it would be cool to have another mythical creature type added.

Strong Against: Fairy, Dark, Bug
Weak Against: Dragons,
Resist: Fairies
Weak To: Dragon

#1 Celestial- Yes! The number 1 pokemon type they should add is celestial. Pokemons from Space! Deoxys, Jirachi, Clefairy, all come to mind. Plus the designs are endless. I think these pokemon would just be all around great.

Strong Against- Dragon, Fairy
Weak Against- Ground, Steel
Resist: Dragon, Fairy.
Weak To: Ground, Ice, Steel

Yet again, thanks to tpcsufian for some of the ideas! Got your own type? Leave it in the comment!

Top Five Future Abilities Idea(Pokemon)!

There are tons of abilities that already exist in the pokemon universe(191 if not mistaken!), but if you want to keep things fresh for 20 years, you gotta keep making them. With this in mind, I am going throw down five ideas for future abilities!

#5- Attitude- Some very common moves are swords dance, dragon’s dance, calm mind, etc. Well if your pokemon had Attitude, then if a pokemon tried to set up in such a way, it would trigger your pokemon’s ability-Attitude. Once Attitude is triggered, you gain double what they gain. You could use it in doubles and have one pokemon that sets up. In return, this could trigger your other pokemon’s Attitude ability! I got this idea kinda based off of the preexisting ability, simple. So I get it if it feels like this ability already exist, but I thought it would be a cool way of expressing a characteristic of pokemons.

Who would have this?: I haven’t really watched much of the show since the Hoenn days, but think of any pokemon that has attitude that stands out far and above the others. I mostly mean this in a sassy connotation. Also, I was thinking it might could be a hidden ability on super weak pokemons as a way of evening things up.

#4 Tough Armor- Armor abilities exist in pokemon, but here is one I think needs to be added- Tough Armor. It simply says “Fighting and Ground moves do 50% less damage). clearly have one type of pokemon in mind for this. Steel pokemon’s tend to get wrecked by these two types. Also, I feel like when Bronzong was popular in the days of Diamond and Pearl, you had to guess the metagame based off whether to give him Heatproof or Levitate. I feel like this ability brings that guessing back. If you’re running a steel type, do you go with Heatproof, Tough Armor, or even Levitate. Sure, this covers steel’s weakness but you have to guess what types are gonna show up.

Who would have this?: Functionality-wise, I had Steel pokemon in mind. I assume you could give this to any pokemon who have a weakness to either one or both though.

#3 Caliginous/Dusk- This ability would be much like sand stream. When you summon a pokemon with this ability, it makes it nighttime. Subsequently, Dark moves get a slight boost as well as a slight boost in speed, whereas, Fairy moves get hindered slightly and maybe even fire pokemon since they like it when it’s sunny. You could also use this move to make it nighttime outside of battle to help catch pokemons that only come out at night.

Who would have it?: Umbreon jumps to mind immediately, but it could be thrown on pokes such as Houndoom and Mandibuzz.

#2 Luster- This ability goes out to everyone who loves their shiny pokemon. Basically if you breed your pokemon with another pokemon who has Luster, it increases the chances of them producing a shiny egg. In battle it could be used to increase the chance of encountering a shiny pokemon, or interact with shiny pokemon’s such as boosts moves if the user is shiny. Just a thought.

Who would have this?: I know everyone is screaming ditto right now. And it would be a welcomed upgrade in my opinion. It’s two abilities are imposter(Which is basically its move transform in ability form) and limber(I guess useful on your sweeping Ditto).

#1 Rancorous- Look, Poison Point and Poison Touch are fine, but they are dependent on the opponent attacking. I say, take the action into your own hands! With Rancorous all poison moves would get a slight boost in power. Also if your pokemon is running this ability, all damage inducing moves would have a 10% chance to poison an opponent(Even if they aren’t poison moves to begin with). I also had the idea that rancorous would just give all moves an addition poison typing, but I wasn’t sure how that would work with damage calculation(But I guess it would work the same as double typed pokemon).

So who would have this?: Crowbat, Arbok, Weezing and Muk, all come to mind. Yet again though, you really could throw this ability on any poison pokemon.

Come up with any abilities of your own? Post them in the comment section!

Life Update: Heading into September.

Hey guys. Nothing too exciting this weekend. I was busy and forgot it was even Friday yesterday, so there was no top five. I have a couple planned though, just got to sit down and type them up.

Anyway, September is next Tuesday. I’m going to try to make it my most productive month of blogging yet. I’m hoping to put out 4 Top Fives, 2 Manga Monday’s, 1 Trip Down Memory Lane, start Comic Book Reviews, And put out a ton of anime reviews.

I’m also going to start substitute teaching classes and job shadowing, so I might blog about that process and other aspects of college if there are people interested in that.

I am also hoping to launch two new projects(Separate from the blog). If they go as planned, I’ll have one in September and one hopefully by next year.

Lastly, does the new Home page layout make it easier to Navigate and make the site look neater? Any feedback would be nice.

Enjoy your weekend guys,


A Trip Down Memory Lane

Today we will be introducing a brand new category!

A trip down memory lane will be a monthly series where I break down my introduction to a form of entertainment. Some examples are: Mangas, Comic Books, Movies, Games.

I will talk about my first experience with them and reflect on my feelings and how they have impacted my life. I am super excited to be doing this. Tomorrow will be the first edition, so make sure to check back tomorrow!