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Let’s Talk: Pokemon Trailer.

The latest trailer of Pokemon Sun and Moon came out today, so check it out.

The question of the day is: Which starter had the craziest super move? I, personally, am team water, but turning the area into a WWE match and dropping a hundred arrows on your foe’s corpses is pretty sweet as well.

Bonus question: What is Dugtrio’s band name?


Top Five Types To Add To Pokemon!

Continuing Pokemon Week here, today is top five types to add!

#5 Light- Okay, years ago I wanted this type to be added to combat dark(now that fairy has been added, this type is about 90% useless). But I still think these pokemon would very beautiful to look at if nothing else.

Strong Against: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
Weak Against: Ground, Rock, Poison(maybe Bug?)
Immune To: Dark
Resist: Ghost, Psychic
Weak to: Ground, Rock, Poison(Maybe Bug?)

#4- Sound- Shout out too tpcsufian for the idea. Sound based moves and ability already exist, so why not give them their own type? Most of these pokemon are normal, so how about instead of having a boring type we give them a new type? Think Jigglypuff, Whismur, Chatot, etc

Strong Against: Ice, Bugs
Weak Against: Steel, (Debating on rather steel would just be Immune?)
Resist: Ice, Fairy
Weak To: Steel, Rock

#3- Cyber- Yet again, Shout out too tpcsufian for help with this one. Cyber is anything dealing with online/virtual realty. I think this is a good type moving forward with how cyber based our word is getting. Pokemon’s that come to mind: Porygon, Genesect, Magneminte .

Strong Against: Psychic, Normal,
Weak Against: Fire, Electric
Resist: Fighting, Normal
Weak To: Fire, Electric, Psychic

#2- Insert another mythical creature- What comes to mind is goblins or elf. We have dragons and now fairies, but it would be cool to have another mythical creature type added.

Strong Against: Fairy, Dark, Bug
Weak Against: Dragons,
Resist: Fairies
Weak To: Dragon

#1 Celestial- Yes! The number 1 pokemon type they should add is celestial. Pokemons from Space! Deoxys, Jirachi, Clefairy, all come to mind. Plus the designs are endless. I think these pokemon would just be all around great.

Strong Against- Dragon, Fairy
Weak Against- Ground, Steel
Resist: Dragon, Fairy.
Weak To: Ground, Ice, Steel

Yet again, thanks to tpcsufian for some of the ideas! Got your own type? Leave it in the comment!