Daily Blog Challenge: February 9th

Today’s Theme: Hardest Zelda Game

I find the Zelda game’s relatively easy and only one game even sticks out to me as being even remotely hard.

That Game: Link’s Adventure


One Picture. Countless Nightmares

Yeah, I did not have to look too hard to find this one. I’ve never beat more than the first temple. Yeah. I think this game was so different. It was a top down mixed with side scrolling action. You died so easily and when you got a game over, you restarted at the main temple. I really want to go back and play because the characters and towns actually look decent.

I know today was short. But I’ve only had a short experience with the game. Tomorrow I’ll talk about easiest and I should be able to talk a little more about it.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read this!

Check back tomorrow for more daily post!

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  1. I hear this game is a toughie, although I suppose it is a bit easier these days as you can use safe states.

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    • Yeah, there’s some gambling areas where you can cheat the system. Once you get the upgrade to the sword and armor it gets quite a bit easier, but until than it is a little difficult. I just think they make you overpowered really early.

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      • Gambling areas? I don’t think you could get away with that these days. There was once a fuss over Pokemon having a casino.


      • Oh, really? haha. Yeah, some areas you could pay for info and sometimes get ripped off. There also is an area in the far north east, you can save slot and gamble to get 250 rupees very fast and go buy the double armor, if you felt so inclined.

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    • Wow, i thought you posted this on “The Legend of Zelda” post on the 9th. haha. So everything I’ve said was about the first one. haha. But yeah, this game is a toughie!

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