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Daily Blog Challenge:February 4th

Today’s Theme: My favorite race.

I like the Legend of Zelda has used some unique-ish races in it’s game. The dekus are an interesting plant based life form. The Zoras are fish people. Lastly, the Gorons are mountain dwellers. Oh, and the two human races, Hylians and Sheikahs. Those there are the main, though they’re not the only ones

So which is my favorite: Zoras.

The dekus are beautiful and very peaceful(For the most part). Though, they’ve never struck me as interesting. They do become somewhat of an interest in Windwaker due to a more reoccurring nature of the race within that game. Gorons are quite funny and their civilizations may be up there in the most fun to adventure in. They give personality to Death Mountain in Ocarina of Time. However, Zoros are the race I think is the most interesting throughout the whole the series.

They got their start as River Zoras in the original game. They were villains and albeit very annoying and flat villains, but later on they became an interesting part of the Zelda mythos.  In some of the old games, they granted Link the ability to swim or better maneuvering in water. Not to mention, from the Zora’s Domain to the the Great Bay, they always have some of the prettiest homelands in the series. I remember being captivated by the Zora ‘s Domain in Ocarina of Time. Their fancy hierarchy and the Jabu-Jabu fish just made them a fun clan to learn about.

So whose your favorite race in The Legend of Zelda universe?

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