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Daily Blog Challenge: January 16th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Ice Pokemon

Ice is one of those types I want to like, I really do. The concept is really cool. Kill stuff by freezing it. Oh yeah! Some of the primary and secondary ice pokemon are some of the coolest dudes in the game. Ice has Articuno, Frolass, Cloyster, Lapras! At the same time, they almost seem to off the beaten track. I almost never encounter them without going out of my way to catch. The other  hard part is that Regice is my favorite ice pokemon but I cant pick legends.

So with that out of the way, whose my favorite: Glaceon 

Yes, Glaceon is pretty sweet. I think the other option is Beartic. I sweet play on words and pretty fierce looking to boot. One of the major drawbacks for Beartic is the lack of psychical moves Beartic learns by leveling up. It doesn’t learn it’s first physical ice move until 37. Yeah, it’s a hard life. Now, the funny thing about Glaceon is that have a similar problem.  It is special attack user and it does learn Icy Wind around level 9. That’s about it. It does learn Blizzard at level 45. haha.

I’ve had a headache all day and this computer screen isn’t helping, so we’re going to end it here.

What’s your favorite Ice Pokemon? Let me know in the comment section!

Thanks for taking the tell to read this!

Check back tomorrow for more Daily Post!

Top Five Pokemon That Need Pre-evolutions

Lets jump into this!

This post is gonna be a little short and not as in depth as previous top fives this week. This week has been crazy..

#5- Eevee- Yeap. Bringing Eevee back. So we have a couple of ideas for this guy. First, every eevolution could be bred to form a new pokemon.(Think Phione and Manaphy). Or you can evolve Eevee into your preferred choice. Than breed it. The hatched eevee would than have the type of that eevolution. This could be pretty sweet for NFE or LC. My girlfriend wants Eevee to have a baby form called Eve.

#4 Audino- I feel like Audino is suppose to be like Clefairy and Chansey(Based off design). I think she comes up short until she mega evolves, of course. I really hope they give her the evolution line like Chansey and Clefairy gained over the years.

#3 Kangaskhan- I always wanted her to have a baby form showing off the joey. Well Game Freak gave us the Mega form of Kanga and it showed the joey out of the patch. So maybe this idea is no longer valid, but itd still be cool for us to see the little joey going on it’s own adventures

#2 Miltank- I think it might be a no brainer to give her a baby form and call it Caltank(Play on calves not cows). She would be a nice, speedy wall that could be problematic in NFE or LC.

#1 Lapras- I love Lapras and a baby form would be so precious. Competitively, She would have access to Water Absorb and Toxic, but I really like the idea just based on design as it would be adorable to watch in the show.

This is not the best explanation of each pokemon. I am running off of about 10 hours of sleep total over the last three days as I am potty training puppies who wake me up every 1-2 hours and when I am not trying to sleep me and my girlfriend have been visiting her dad every four hours in I.C.U. the last two day. So I have nowhere near enough time to sit down and write an explanation for each, but it is Pokemon Week so were doing a post everyday! Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight and we’ll end this week off on a high note tomorrow!