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Daily Blog Challenge: January 21

Today’s Theme: Favorite Dark Type

Today we’re talking dark pokemons. This finishes off the smooth and creepy guys. I like dark pokemon. Theyre very interesting and was one of the first types added after the originals. The pure library is slightly lacking with only 10 pure dark pokemon. However, Darkrai is one of those so they aren’t that bad off.

So whose my favorite: Absol

Yes dark has some sweet dudes. A legend in Darkrai, a mega evolution in Absol, and Umbreon gives it some heavy hitters. Absol is one those gems of third gen and one of my better memories. He’s my brother’s favorite pokemon. His mega form’s design is fierce but questionable at the same time. He looks like a lion with Pete Wentz as his hair dresser. But hey, if that’s my only complaint, it can’t be that bad.

Today’s a short one because I did not get a lot of time to throw this together with school work(I took a break to jot this one down).

Check back tomorrow, were almost done with the types!

Thanks for taking the time to read all this!

Daily Blog Challenge: January 20th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Psychic Pokemon

Ah, yes. One of the best types in the whole game. They’re cool, they’re edgy, mysterious and very fun. I think what makes them so awesome is their impressive library of legendary pokemons. Mewtwo, Mew, Deoxys, Mesprite, Uxie, Azelf, and Cresselia. That’s just the pure psychics! Their powers and abilities to defy physics makes them very cool to study and very powerful to watch. The only sad part is we cannot pick legends because Mewtwo is an OG man.

So whose my favorite: Alakazam 

The sad part about pure psychic pokemons is that once you get away from the legends it’s not that hard to narrow down the best. Espeon is sweet and Wobbuffet and Unown get a boost from the anime and movies. I was fascinated by Mushama but I did not put enough time into black and white to really have memories with it. Most of the others are odd balls. I did use Espurr and Meowstic to beat X so I do enjoy it.

Alakazam is easily one of the coolest pokemons of any type. He has insane special attack and speed which makes him a near auto include when you need a special sweeper. Not to mention he has a mega form! He was one of the four trade evolutions from gen one which means some players might have never used him. That is a sad truth for I’m sure many old school players.

Anyway whose your favorite?

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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Daily Blog Challenge: January 19th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Bug Pokemon

Bug pokemons get a bad rap and deservedly so if were just looking at pure bug pokemons. They don’t offer much. I know what you’re saying, “But DaHubbz, what about Butterfree, Scizor, Scyther, Heracross” That’s just it. Almost any cool bug pokemon is a dual type. There’s really only two bug pokemons I would deem cool.

So which is my favorite in this lack luster typing: Pinsir.

Yeah, probably a no brainer. He’s been one of my favorite since the beginning and I think really shows how cool pokemons can be but also  how cool pure Bug pokemons can be. They don’t all need flying or steel or poison. Pinsir is just straight up bug and he’s killing it(Lets forget how it lost to Ash’s Metapod, ok). It has bulky attack and defense stats and a very solid speed. The only drawback really is based on it’s moves it could use the fighting type, but that aside he is a sweet pokemon.

The other bug pokemon that I like is Accelgor. He kind of looks like that shady, cool drug dealer we all know.

What’s your favorite bug pokemon? Let me know in the comments

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Daily Blog Challenge: January 18th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Ghost Pokemon

Ghost pokemon. Those creepy, sneaky little ghost pokemon. Back in the the day there were only 3. Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar. The type has since broke out in popularity. They have a legend: Giratina. Three mega evolution: Mega Gengar and Mega Sableye and Mega Banette and a good supporting cast to round out the remaining guys.

So. which of the spooky little ghouls is my favorite: Dusknoir

Gengar is awesome but he is not a pure ghost pokemon unfortunately. However, Gamefreak gave us this gem of a pokemon. Dusknoir is by far one of the creepiest looking pokemons. He is a great embodiment of the ghost pokemon.He does lack some quality moves but he is bulky and that kind of makes up for it. He does have access to calm mind, toxic, curse, confuse ray, Will’o wisp and other utility moves.

So whose your favorite ghost pokemon? Leave it in the comment

Today was short, but I should be putting out a One Punch Man Volume 1 review later, so check back more for that!

Daily Blog Challenge: January 17th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Fighting Pokemon

Today is fun one. While I normally do not use fighting pokemons on my team, there is no doubt they have some of the cooler pokemons. Sadly, most of the awesome fighting pokemons have fighting as a secondary type(Blaziken, Toxicroak, Gallade).

What’s my favorite fighting type: Primeape

The OG of fighting pokmeons. Most of the old school fans(and I’m sure some of the new ones too) all think of Machop, Machoke, and Machamp when they hear fighting. Than there’s the Hitmonless and Hitmonchop bros. These guys are all great. Back in the day the Machop line was hard to get for a kid like me. You had to trade to get it to evolve. That meant having not only the link cables, but also someone else to trade with(someone you trusted too). That kind of effort was a little to demanding for a six year old. Hitmonlee and Hitmonchop were always some of my favorites( Read Here!<— My post about tyrouge) Back in the day though you could only get one(Yeah they made you choose between starters, fossils and the Hitmons! Oh the inhumanity). The big beef with fossils and Hitmons was how long into the game it actually took to get them. The Hitmons were in Saffron and by that point I think youre about to fight Sabrina which uses psychics. The fossils do not come until Cinnabar Island and I think they are underlevel if I remember right.

Primeape though. You can obtain Mankey before you even visit the first gym. Which he compliments Charmander really well right off the bat. Primeape is one my favorites since back in the day for this reason. Oh and he is pig monkey. That is awesome by itself! And well, the anime did not hurt eithe


Look at this guy^^^

Anyway what is your favorite fighting pokemon? Tell me in the comments

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Daily Blog Challenge: January 16th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Ice Pokemon

Ice is one of those types I want to like, I really do. The concept is really cool. Kill stuff by freezing it. Oh yeah! Some of the primary and secondary ice pokemon are some of the coolest dudes in the game. Ice has Articuno, Frolass, Cloyster, Lapras! At the same time, they almost seem to off the beaten track. I almost never encounter them without going out of my way to catch. The other  hard part is that Regice is my favorite ice pokemon but I cant pick legends.

So with that out of the way, whose my favorite: Glaceon 

Yes, Glaceon is pretty sweet. I think the other option is Beartic. I sweet play on words and pretty fierce looking to boot. One of the major drawbacks for Beartic is the lack of psychical moves Beartic learns by leveling up. It doesn’t learn it’s first physical ice move until 37. Yeah, it’s a hard life. Now, the funny thing about Glaceon is that have a similar problem.  It is special attack user and it does learn Icy Wind around level 9. That’s about it. It does learn Blizzard at level 45. haha.

I’ve had a headache all day and this computer screen isn’t helping, so we’re going to end it here.

What’s your favorite Ice Pokemon? Let me know in the comment section!

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Daily Blog Challenge:January 15th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Electric Pokemon

Electric Pokemon are some of the most and adventuress  pokemons and they are great. They remind of youth and fresh energy. I think I would definitely keep one of my team in real life because they provide that spark I would probably need for adventuring day in and day out. And as Ash has learned over and over, they can be quite shocking.

Ash and Pikachu

So who be my electric pokemon of choice: Electrivire 

Electrivire is one cool customer and not a guy I would look forward to fighting. He was one of my favorite additions to Diamond and Pearl. He is one of the few physical attacking electric pokemons. And unlike some of the other physical attack electric pokemons, Electrivire had the moves to back it up. He had access to most of the punchs allowing him to cover a good range of attacks and had Earthquake which pack a nasty punch. How the fun would be raising a elekid all the way up Electrivire. Elekid was my favorite electric pokemon up until Electrivire release. That whole evolution line is sweet. I think they are heads and shoulders above the rest of the pure electric pokemons next to Mareeps evolution line.

So whose your favorite Electric Pokemon? Leave it in the comment section.

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Daily Blog Challenge: January 14th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Fairy Pokemon

Oh, yes. The latest type thrown at us in our pokemon adventures. I did not know what to make of this type originally, but it has more or less grown on me. Anything that completely blanks a dragon pokemon is fine in my book. The mascot for the fairy pokmones was Sylveon. A very gimmicky, but albeit, a cool pokemon nonetheless. Sylveon was also here to showcase the new way to play with your pokemons to obtain a new form of max happiness. I was under the impression(Maybe foolishly) that Slyveon was going to be one of the few fairy Pokemons. What they did instead was change the typing of a lot of the old pokemon to pure fairy pokemon. They made nine pure fairy pokemons for X and Y. In addition, they also changed 6 previously normal pokemons to pure fairy typing(Cleffa, Clefairy, Clefable, Togepi, Snubbull, and Granbull). A few more of previous pokemons (Jigglypuff, Azumarill, Gardvoire to name a couple) were given the fairy typing almost making fairy one of my favorite typings, okay it was not that extreme, but they added some cool pokemons to help get fairies started.

So, quick history lesson aside, whose my favorite pure fairy type: Clefairy

I guess this a match made in heaven. After all it is CleFAIRY. In all seriousness, Clefairy is a cool pokemon. It has one of the more extensive backstories of the originals. The idea of pokemon from space was pretty cool. Gamefreak must think so too if you see the Pokemons they have coming from space after this(Deoxys, Jirachi maybe even Mew). I even made a point that celestial should be it’s own typing Here!

Anyway, enough with how cool space pokemons are. Rather this is a  rumor or not, I read Clefairy was originally going to be Ash’s first pokemon(And I pretty sure was Red’s starter in the original manga back in the day). I do not know how I feel about this. Ash’s Pikachu is pretty great but I do not care much for other Pikachus. I can picture Clefairy laying in the pokecenter after being demolished by Surge’s Raichu and Ash holding his hand out, in it, containing a moon stone. Clefairy chokes up at first. Than, she boldly double slaps the moonstone out of Ash’s hand. She waltz up to that Raichu the next day and uses metronome and down comes the strongest, fiercest thunder from the sky(Gym ceiling?) and totally obliterates Raichu.

So whose your favorite fairy pokemon? Let me know!

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Daily Blog Challenge: January 13th

Today’s theme: Favorite Flying Pokemon

If you thought steel had a low total at 5 pure pokemon, wait until you see flying. Flying only has 2! Yeap. Two pure flying pokemons. Can you guess which two. Pidgey? Nope. Braviary? No. Fan Rotom? Haha. no.

Tornadus Incarnate Forme. and…. Tornadus Therian Forme.

Yeah, Tornadus is the only pure flying pokemon. As you know, no legends on this list so we’re going to have to go with a dual type.

If we’re going to branch from the pure type than we’d look at the primary flying type. Well there are only 2 primary flying pokemons. Noibat and Noivern. I have nothing against these two but I dont have the best experience with them.

So I am going to look at flying as the secondary typing. Whose my favorite: Crobat

Crobat is an epic pokemon. It’s poisonous. Crobat cripples his opponents with his toxic poison attacks. Once he disables his victims he uses his crushing flying attacks to finish them off. He is lethal, he is unapologetic, and he is ruthless. He is the embodiment of what a pokmon should be and what a trainer should look for in his pokemon.

So whose your favorite flying pokemon?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Daily Blog Challenge: January 12th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Steel Type

So for today and tomorrow we’re going to have break some rules. The Steel type only has five pure steel pokemon. They are: Registeel, Mega Aggron, Kilnk, Klang, Kilnklang. So the options are A mega evolution, a legend, and one of the notoriously worst evolutions line. For today and tomorrow I’ll be using dual typing for these answers.

NOTE: The pokemon I pick for this post is not an option for it’s other typing

So who is my favorite? Metagross

Yes, this may seem like the obvious pick, and that is because sometimes the obvious answer is the best answer. Scizor is another good one but it’s steel typing is it’s secondary typing(Where bug is it’s primary). Jirachi would be my favorite if the legendary typing clause was not in effect. Metagross is a truly great Pokemon.

Have you ever seen a psychic pokemon and thought it’s highest stat would be attack? Nope. Interesting enough it gives 3 Defense EV upon defeating it. Here’s one of it’s pokedex entry “When hunting it pins the prey to ground with it’s massive body. It then eats the helpless victim with the large mouth on it’s stomach.” Also, a cool fact, a Metagross is product of to Metangs fusing. I remember one of the things I looked forward to in the Hoenn games was getting the Bedlum from Steven

So whose your favorite steel type? Let me know in the comment section!

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