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Raising Awareness: November

Turkey Month is finally here! What are you thankful for? Your good heath and well being? Do not take it for granted. It’s time to give a shout out to the wonderful causes we get to observe this month.

Alzheimer: Alz

Lung Cancer: Lung Cancer

Epilepsy Awareness:Epi

American Diabetes:ADA

Pancreatic Cancer:pancreatic_cancer_ribbon

Stomach Cancer: StomachCancer

Bone Marrow: Bone-Marrow-Transplant-Awareness-1

Remember, be thankful you are healthy. Never take that for granted. If you know anyone who is suffering from these, help spread awareness and be thankful you still have them here.

Also Special shout out: Veteran’s Day! Thank your veterans for their service and contribution to your freedom.

Have a great November!

Did I miss any? Give a shout in the comment section!

Spread Awareness

Today, were discussing something a little serious, Prostate cancer.

If the stores around your area are like mine, you will never see that little blue ribbon. That’s a shame. September 3 and there’s already pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons and shirts set up in some stores, which is great. I discovered this last year when I was working at Dollar General and we started selling Breast Cancer Awareness pens at the counter at the start of September. I asked the manager on duty why we do not sell Prostate Awareness month merchandise. She did not know. Again this year, I see no Prostate Awareness Month merchandise. I understand breast cancer is huge, and according to 231,840 new cases of breast cancer occur every year, and that 40,290 women a year will pass away due to breast cancer, but we have to raise aware about prostate cancer(and all the other cancers for that matter).

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men in the U.S. and the second leading cause of death for men in the U.S according to About 1 in every 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. The statics and the information are out there.

Educate yourself about all the cancers and catch them while they’re early. My mom has tumors in several parts of her body and has to regularly go get them checked up on. Shes had them for 6 years and, thankfully, they are not cancerous.

Other cancers spotlighted this month are:
Childhood Cancer
Gynecologic Cancer
Hodgkin Lymphoma
Ovarian Cancer
Thyroid Cancer

I got my information from  Key Stats on Prostate Cancer  and   Key Stats on Breast Cancer

Here is what the ribbon looks like:

Light blue ribbon as symbol of prostate cancer awareness, Graves Disease

Light blue ribbon as symbol of prostate cancer awareness, Graves Disease

If you cannot donate to a cause, than spread the word. Write your own post, share this post, or make pins or bracelets, take an elder man in your family to get a check up, anything helps.