Gate Recap

Gate is an anime based off the light novel of the same name written by Takumi Yanai and Illustrated by Daisuke Izuka
Kurojishi. The anime is directed Takahiko Kyogoku and ran through A-1 Pictures

Gate received an honorable mention on my most anticipated list. I think this might be a hidden gem.

Spoilers: Only minor spoilers dealing with episode one.

Plot: A gate opens in Ginza, Japan. Monsters and soldiers come rushing out and attacking the citizens. The JSDF have way more advanced weaponry and fight back. Itami is an adult male who is on his way to a convention to buy items to fuel his fantasy addiction. That faithful day, the city is attacked and Itami helps save hundreds of lives. He is later promoted to second Lieutenant and is upon the soldiers that get sent into the gate to investigate the new world.

Characters: Itami is really the only main character explored, though we are introduced to two other soldiers, one who shares an interest in the fantasy world like Itami. Right now Itami is kind of forgettable as far as main characters go, but I think Ill really like Itami later on for some reason. In later episodes we will be introduced to mythical creatures like elves and such.

The World: Could be my favorite part. So far, episode one took place in Japan. The ending had soldiers going into the gate to see whats on the other side. And its the worst(and maybe the best) thing, it ended with the military just crossing over. so the audience caught just enough of a glimpse of the landscape in the distant and the charging number of forces the opposition had. The world seems like its going to be fleshed out very soon. Which, of course, has me excited.

Recap: Episode one is a set up episode. While there is action and character introduction, and some exposition, don’t expect anything too dramatic from this episode. I think this episode ended greatly and has a bright future. I still haven’t seen gangsta or God Eater, but this show went from an honorable mention of  summer anime for me, to possibly my number two pick. Lets give it a closer look:

Action: Plenty. None of it important so far though. I am sure there will be more.
Romance: None that I recall. As we get introduced to later characters, we will see if anything blooms.
Story: Good so far. It sets up a new mystical world.
Characters: Not a strong point so far. I am not crazy about Itami but there is still a lot of time left for him to grow.
The World: The aspect I am most looking forward to. It should be fun to watch it develop.
Humor: Definitely not the funniest to me. But we’re about to be exposed to a world of new characters that could spice up the humor.
The Ending: Great ending! Maybe the best of any summer anime. It had me ready for episode 2 for sure.

Verdict: I have a feeling it is not for everyone. The characters so far aren’t that memorable and its not the funniest show, but the world seems like it has so much potential. Maybe I am over hyping it. I do believe it has to time to develop into a solid summer anime.

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  1. I was excited for this anime until I watched the first episode. I got the feeling that the anime will be all over the place and might place too much emphasis on Itami’s relationship with the 3 girls from the fantasy world, and that’s not what I wanted to see so I stopped watching. Have you kept up with Gate and what do you thiink of it now?

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  2. Short Answer: No, I plan on it though because I did like the first episode, but I see where you’re coming from.

    Honestly, I was super pumped for the animes that came out around this time. I watched the first episode of a bunch of them because I was going to try and keep up with five of them. Than, I went on vacation and where I was staying did not have wifi and when I got back school started and I did not blog or watch anime for most of this period.


    • There were a few I was excited for as well but then the narrative took an unexpected and boring turn. The animes I’m referring to are: Chivalry of a failed knight (Rakudai Kishi no cavalry), Gakusen Toshi Asterisk (The Asterisk War), and Ushio to Tora.
      Heavy Object though is a good anime though i haven’t kept up with it but I intend to watch it later.
      Are there any anime you are looking forward to or that you are watching right now? And have you seen Divine Gate? Is it any good?
      My biggest disappointment though is with Dragonball Super. It really has flaws which ruined the mood for me. I wrote an article about Dragonball Super here
      Would you mind reading it and letting me know your thoughts on it as well?


      • I could not even name any current animes this season(I’ve fallen out of the loop that much). I think currently I am going to focus on watching some old ones I’ve been putting off. Though, I do watch Food Wars and Assassination Classroom when I can.


  3. I’ve watched both Food Wars and Assassination Classroom. I was disappointed with Assassination Classroom, but don’t want to spoil anything for you. However I did enjoy watching each episode so I give it credit for that. Food wars was just awesome, and I can’t wait for the second season to come out. I learned quite a few culinary tips and actually that’s what made me interested in the first place. There are some anime I watch because I want to learn more about the subject of the anime, like a sport or game, I enjoy those types.
    Actually currently I’m only watching One Piece as that’s the only anime that’s kept my interest. At the moment I don’t feel like watching a lot of anime as I want to do other things.

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    • You’re speaking my language now. Food Wars is great, I’m pumped for season two as well(I’ve got a few episodes of season 1 to finish first though). One Piece is fantastic! I am quite far behind like episode 300 or 400 or so(It’s the water 7 arc). but it’s amazing.

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  4. Woah the water 7 arc?! Well lucky you because by the time you catch up Luffy might still not have defeated Doflamingo, man the battle is so drawn out!
    I watched The Good Dinosaur and it made realise that many animes are missing that emotional punch in the guts. Animes now are just mildly exciting or build up a sense of anticipation but you don’t see anything you can relate to anymore. It might be the fact the genre itself is limiting or the dialogue is a bit banal but if animes in general were more emotionally charged they would be way more enjoyable to memorable to watch. What do you think? Do you feel that anime have a good emotional story or do they concentrate so much on characters and moving the story that it just characters doiing their thing for 12 or 24 episodes?

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    • This is such a good topic. Something I noticed from reading anime forums is that the big 3(Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach) are either “You love em or you hate em”. Now, I’ve never seen Bleach. I’ve seen all of Naruto(minus the fillers including the ongoing one). And I guess half of One Piece. The main hate for them seems to be is that they just go on and on and are boring. But watching Naruto and One Piece are some of my favorite memories. They definitely have way more heart than most. In fact, they’d have so much impact on me that sometimes I’m scared to start a new anime because I’m not sure if they can live up to the stories, characters, and emotions of Naruto and One Piece. I’ll say Parasyte showed me a 24 episode anime can be golden though.

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      • Yeah there have been many many moments and episodes in both Naruto and One Piece where you feel how human and real the characters are, and their length is a positive thing because the story material is long. Bleach is great though I would recommend totally avoiding the fillers. And I agree I usually feel that short animes rarely have a lot of emotion in them and certainly won’t be as good as One Piece or Dragonball. Though what’s with this dream arc filler in Naruto? I don’t like it at all

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  5. No Idea. Everyone went into cocoons and havent been back since, haha. I’ve stayed spoiler free but I’m ready for it to end already. It’s been a great ride.

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    • Haha yeah everyone is enjoying their dreams but it feels like the anime is trying out as many versions of Naruto as they like, which is not something I’m a fan of. I can’t wait till it starts again because the anime is being kept alive with this filler arc since the series is close to finishing. I just find it annoying that these filler episodes have been made at all

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