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Digimon BT5 Pre Release Weekend!

Hey guys, Digimon BT5 Battle of Omni had its pre release weekend these last few days. Admittedly, I didnt get to compete in any pre release tournament play(my store does it on Sundays when I work…). However Jessica and I bought a box.

Were going to do our own version of sealed. Were each going to open 6 packs each and build a limited deck. In our sealed format, colors dont matter nearly as much as levels. Meaning a blue LV3 can digivolve onto a Red LV4. However, effects that specifically target a color still require that color. For example Piedmon can still only revive purple Digimons.

In the coming days, expect our thoughts on the sets and our pulls from our box(es)!

More Digimon content is on the way! Thank you guys for reading! Have a great day!

Let me know how yall pre release went!

Digimon 1.5 Deck Profile #1 Blue Green Imperialdramon Dragon Mode

Before we get started, which do you guys like better? Deck Techs or Deck Profiles? Either way, today we are doing our first deck breakdown of the season. In 1.0 I built a mono blue aggro deck that looked to eliminate digi evolution cards underneath the opponent’s digimon and gain bonuses that way. I loved that deck. I still do. However, I said it needed an early jammer. Well, 1.5 heard me.

An early jammer helps us apply pressure early

This is the card that got me started. Veemon was my favorite Digimon from the anime when I was younger. I wanted to build a strict Veemon deck featuring his linage.

BT3-025 ExVeemon – Card Cavern
Digimon 2020 V.1 Veedramon Zero P-011 - -

I wanted to build around his whole line but ditched that idea when I saw another card.

Engine: Blue Imperialdramon | DIGIMON CARD META

The early Veemon build thought me something. Attacking twice and with jamming is super busted. It is one of the best things to be doing in early Digimon. However, I found too many of the cards I was playing either made you jump through hoops for the jamming or the second attack. I switched gears once I realized I had most of the cards I needed for the Imperialdramon Dragon Mode deck.

Let’s start with the eggs:

4x DemiVeemon (BT3-002) 1x Demiveemon (BT2-002)

No description available.

Both of these eggs are pretty great for the deck. I run the 4x BT3-002 version because the jamming is more reliable than the unsuspend. However, card draw, while very powerful, is not what this deck is lacking. I could see running the BT2-002 version if you wanted the extra 1,000 DP. As a sidenote, about 80% or more of our LV4 and up Digimons have jamming, so the DP when attacking is a moot point. I could see it being beneficial if you wanted to go hyper offensive by first doing a security check, unsuspending, and then attacking their Digimon. I find that 9 times out of 10, I go for the security stack, so the 1,000 DP is really pointless to me.

LV 3 Digimons

3x Gabumon (BT1-029) 4x Veemon (BT3-021) 3x Elecmon (BT1-028) 3x Gomamon (ST2-02)

No description available.

Veemon is probably the best 3 drop in the deck. The jamming lets us apply pressure early without losing our dude. It can be punishing against slow decks that cannot attack back into him the following turn. Gabumon is probably my second favorite as he draws a card on play. He allows you to set up another Digimon on an egg, play him in the arena and still get the card draw. I could see cutting him if you want sheer power over the drawing he provies. There are plenty of blue LV 3.s to play if starter deck cards are banned where you play in Gomamon’s case (they are not where I play, but I have read about that online.) Everybody loved Elecmon in 1.0 because of his 2 memory cost and 3,000 DP. He is a solid aggro creature.

LV 4 Digimons

3x Frigimon 2x Grizzlymon 4x ExVeemon 4x Ogremon

No description available.

Frigimonmon is a solid creature with jamming. Grizzlymon does not have jamming nor is he aggro, but his ability to block on turns when we need to build our board or avoid dying has made me want to play more. ExVeemon is here with his synergy with Frigimon, Veemon and Ogremon. Unsuspending them can help give you real momentum. He can unsuspend a Veemon he digivolves onto, but he loses jamming that way. Ogremon is here to help make Davis Motomiya a real card advantage machine. Plus he has jamming.

LV 5 Digimons

4x Dinobeemon 4x Paildramon

No description available.

These guys being Green Blue hybrids helps a lot. Dinobeemon provides jamming which can help in a pinch while Paildramon gives himself the ability to unsuspend with no troubles when he digivolves. Both are hits for Davis and both cleanly evolve into our 6 drops.

LV. 6 Digimons

No description available.

4 Imperialdramon Dragon Mode Blue 2x Imperialdramon Dragon Mode Green 2x Puppetmon

Imperialdramon Blue is a great beast to have in this deck. He has jamming and when he digivolves, he unsuspenses all your other jamming Digimons which can let you just swing over for the win in some games. Imperialdramon Green lacks that same instant unsuspend mechanic but his piercing allows you to take out enemies and then unsuspend to check a security card. It requires more work, but can be used to play offense and defense to great effect. The 2 Puppetmons are kind of like utility. He can tap down a threat so they cannot swing in for the kill or he can suspend a Digimon we might want to attack. He can also tap down blockers who might get in our way.

LV 7 Digimons
1x Omnimon (BT1-084)

No description available.

This Omnimon is here to mass kill Argomons (because its all Digimons that share a name!) and to kill other Omnimons. Our dudes can be small so to have a creature that can kill our opponent’s biggest threat is handy. If you don’t have Omnimon, I might just run another Puppetmon, Digimon with Jamming, a removal option, or a pump spell to help our piercers attacking into their Digimons.

Options and Tamers

3x Boring Storm 2x Cocytus Breath 2x Davis Motomiya

No description available.
No description available.

These are by far my 2 favorite options in blue. Cocytus Breath can be very effective against decks relying on establishing inheritable effects. Boring Storm helps draw out of slow starts and is a good top deck. Davis is great for getting out of memory locks by your opponent. He also has the added bonus of potentially drawing 2 cards! If you cut Davis, cut Ogremon. Ogremon can never be digivolved from your LV 3s thus he is not great for memory control.

So, that is my list. I’ve been cleaning house most of the day and fell behind on getting everything finished. I want to update this in a few days with what I consider are the decks biggest weaknesses, BT4 updates, budget options or money upgrades. It will probably be its own post. Either way, thanks for reading and have a great day everyone.

Digimon 1.5 Decks

I’m totally late to the party but I’m going to be showcasing some of my Digimon decks over the course of this week. Ones I’ll do for sure are : Imperialdramon Dragon Mode Blue/Greem, Piedmon Purple, Ceresmon Green, and a blue aggro deck. I may try my hand at a Rookie Rush, Diaboromon Black and maybe a red, a yellow and maybe another purple deck.

I’m short on 1.0 cards but I have almost a whole set of 1.5 cards (curse you Omnimon). So feel free to recommend some decks for me to build. Jessica and I will run them through a gambit and see how they do. Hopefully that’s something you guys want to see! Anywho, thanks for reading and have a great day!

Digimon TCG Delayed until February.

Fans of the Digimon TCG game received some bad news. We already knew the starter decks were being delayed until mid-February. Now, the company has announced plans to delay the booster set release of Digimon TCG Set 1.0 until early February. I do believe this further pushes back the two other sets that were scheduled to be coming out in 2021 as well.

Tamer Union: Bandai announces 2020 Digimon Card Game, Starter Sets only $5
Just a picture of Digimon Cards to get you hyped!

All around this is very unfornute but expected as it seems Covid is taking its toll on one, or various, areas of Bandai. Either way, I’ll try to make post keeping people up to date as we patiently await for this great card game to continue.

Here’s a teaser picture of our haul!

In the meantime, check out some of the awesome cards we pulled from our prerelease box here. And be on the look out soon for my ranking of each Digimon Skill. It’ll help you gauge the power level of each skill and maybe give you an early idea of which skills you want to build your deck around. Either way, thanks for reading and have a great day guys.

Looking forward to more Digimon TCG Cards and content? Let me know in the comments down below!

Coolest Pulls from Our Digimon The Card Game Booster Box!

Hey guys! Here’s another Digimon post. Hope you enjoy! This edition is about our pulls from our latest Booster Box unboxing. Let us know which one is your favorite.

These are cards from the Promo booster packs. I believe these were only available if you bought a booster box. I could be wrong about that.

Beelzemon is one of the 3 secret rares from the set. I haven’t got to use Leopardmon but Millenniummon is always an all-star when it hits the board.

We pulled 3 WarGreymon’s and Jessica uses all 3. His abilities are super great. Omnimon is considered one of the best cards, if not the best card in the set. His ability to straight up nuke your opponents best Digimon is an extremely powerful effect.

Piedmon was one of my favorite Digimons growing up. I actually built a purple deck around him but I’m missing Lilithmon to really make the deck work. Puppetmon has inspired me to build green when the next sets come out. Gabumon is one of the best blue digimons in the set. He is a free digivolve which would trigger 2 draw triggers.

Here’s an extended version of the same picture including the original art of Piedmon and the original art of Gabumon. Again, both sweet cards.

We also pulled a Diaboromon which is another candidate for strongest digimon in the set. We also had more promo art cards and some other Super Rares. I told Jessica to just take pictures of the highlights, so maybe I’ll do a part 2.

Either way. Hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what cards you pulled.
Thanks for reading and have a great day!

A New A Hat in Time Let’s Play on Our Youtube Channel!

Hey guys, just a few house cleaning matters. As discussed, I want to make more Digimon The Card Game posts. I have a lot of content planned. It is really just a matter of how the next two months go. As college, Christmas, bills from electric to dentist bills are going to make the rest of the year a little tight. Obviously, Digimon has 3 sets coming out from January to March. So, we will just see how these next 4 or so months pan out.

I want to do some 2020 reflections, both in regards to the blog and my life and just 2020 in general. Topics could range from “Weird things that have happened this year” to “Favorite 2020 Memes and Jokes”. Again, hopefully I’ll get around to making these post.

3rd, I’ll be advertising a few things in the coming days. The first one I am announcing now. There’s supposedly a lengthy mod for A Hat in Time called Breathing Sea. I’ve heard there’s 19 Time Pieces. The first episode aired just moments ago. Be sure to check it out!

Enjoy. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Digimon the Card Game (2020) is my Newest Obsession!

As documented on this blog, I work at a card shop. We recently did our super early pre-release at the shop. Jessica and I got a booster box (24 packs of 12 cards) and the Red and Blue structure decks. Consider this post a taste of the Digimon hype. As the following months will probably have plenty of Digimon related post (as I’m watching the anime and will start playing the games!).

The Digimon Card Game came out in Japan earlier this year and will have a 4th set come out in 2 weeks. Here in the States, in January a semi set will come out containing Booster Set 1 and half of Booster Set 2. It is confusing and weird for casual players (this was the pre release we got earlier this month). In February, a second set will come out containing the rest the other half of Set 2 and almost the entirety of Set 3 (as a little bit came out in this semi set.). Finally, in March, I believe this new Japanese set will come out and the whole world should be caught up. At least, that’s the impression I’m under.

So, look forward to future post!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!