Digimon 1.5 Decks

I’m totally late to the party but I’m going to be showcasing some of my Digimon decks over the course of this week. Ones I’ll do for sure are : Imperialdramon Dragon Mode Blue/Greem, Piedmon Purple, Ceresmon Green, and a blue aggro deck. I may try my hand at a Rookie Rush, Diaboromon Black and maybe a red, a yellow and maybe another purple deck.

I’m short on 1.0 cards but I have almost a whole set of 1.5 cards (curse you Omnimon). So feel free to recommend some decks for me to build. Jessica and I will run them through a gambit and see how they do. Hopefully that’s something you guys want to see! Anywho, thanks for reading and have a great day!

About dahubbz

Hi! Im a twenty-six year old college student who loves to relax with some animes, mangas, comic books, video games, you name it. Im also into sports, movies and music. If any of this stuff interest you, follow my blog and do not be scared to strike up a conversation. I love discussing all of these mediums of entertainment. Check often for Updates! Follow me on twitter @Dahubbz Join my forum dahubbz.proboard.com

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