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My TCG Endeavors: Building Classic Yugioh Decks!

Today, we’re starting a new series, My TCG Endeavors. Now, I’ve already made some post talking about TCG games like Digimon, Pokemon, Magic and now Yugioh. These are going to be all encompassing from collecting, building, and playing these card games.

Today I’m talking about early Yugioh decks loosely based on the anime. For my purposes I don’t care about the ban list so my list will often include Pot of Greed and other banned and restricted cards. Also, I say loosely because most of the characters only used 1 of’s which players don’t do in real life (Commander Players: Am I a joke to you? <.<). Also, I’m trying to improve strategies, consistency, and just the overall playability and fun factor of these decks. So the two decks I’m focusing on right now are Yugi’s deck and Kaiba’s deck.

Yugi’s deck is an evolution of the Summoned Skull beat down deck of the early days. It’s goal is to hide behind Kuriboh, Waboku and Swords of Revealing Light in order to amass the needed tributes. It will play 3 Dark Magicians, 3 Dark Magician Girl, 2 Summoned Skulls, 2 Gaia the Fierce Knight and 1 Cursed Dragon. I’m swapping all the effect creatures of Beatdown like Wall of Illusion, Hane-Hane and Man Eater Bug for more of Yugi’s iconic critters. I’ve got 3x Beaver Warrior, 3x Feral Imp, 2x Celtic Guardian, 3x Giant Soldier of Stone, 3x Silver Fang, 3x Kuriboh and some of other cards I have lying around like Gazella the King of Mythical Beasts. It will have a small search package with cards like Witch of the Black Forest that can get Summoned Skull later in game. This deck isn’t meant to be great or anything. It is mostly meant to be nostalgic because nothing beats drawing those classic creatures like Beaver Warrior and Celtic Guardian.

In the same manner, Kaiba’s deck is basically a worse version of Dragon Rush. It plays the Blue Eye’s package of 3x Blue Eyes, 3x Lord of D. 3x Flute of Summoning and some aggressive creatures like La Jinn, Battle Ox and Vorse Raider. I’m kinda stuck with where to go from here. Kaiba’s deck clearly out powers Yugi’s deck pretty easily unless Yugi sticks an early Summoned Skull. With that in mind, I’m giving Kaiba less removal and protection for just sheer power. I’m thinking of just pulling up the anime wiki and filling out the empty spots with cards from his deck list like Hitotsu-Me Giant, Rude Kaiser, Ryu-Kishin, Judge Man, and Saggi the Dark Clown.

So I’m very close to completing these list. I just need to finalize spots and see what cards I still need left to get. I’ll post the deck list on here when I’m done. It is worth nothing I am trying to keep these as “in time” as possible. I might use some updated cards, but for the most part, I’m looking for cards that pre-date the GX anime.

So thank you guys for reading. Let me know if you have any recommendations for improving the decks. Yugi’s will use Dark Magician matters tactics and Kaiba will use Blue-Eyes matters tactics. So any recommendations from before Duel Academy and that are budget are appreciated. Alright. That’s it for me. I’ll see you guys in the next one!