Pokemon Week on DaHubbz!

Pokemon has 20 years of games, animes, manga, cards, and way more under its belt. This series as touched me and influenced my life possibly the most out of any game. It is one of the reasons I started this blog. Pokemon Go and now Pokemon Z have people buzzing. I think it’s only fair we do a week of Pokemon week! I will be doing a Top Five dedicated to pokemon this Monday-Friday. I am so pumped to do this. Some will be cliche topics and some will be pretty cool.

This starts tomorrow! So check back then and lets kick this off right.

About dahubbz

Hi! Im a twenty-six year old college student who loves to relax with some animes, mangas, comic books, video games, you name it. Im also into sports, movies and music. If any of this stuff interest you, follow my blog and do not be scared to strike up a conversation. I love discussing all of these mediums of entertainment. Check often for Updates! Follow me on twitter @Dahubbz Join my forum dahubbz.proboard.com

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