Pokemon GOes Mobile: TOP FIVE “Wish List/Questions/Concerns” FOR POKEMON GO!

Okay, so the trend is becoming that #TOPFIVE@FIVE is getting done later than 5pm EST. That is because of the other trend which is discovering something on a Friday that I want to talk about. A few weeks ago, I learned of Pokken on a Friday and had to totally change the top five I was working on. Well, the same thing happened today. Hours ago, I stumbled up Pokemon Go. Obviously, we got to talk about this!

First Impression: Easy. WHY WASNT THIS DONE SOONER! My 7 year old self would NEVER put this down. Heck, my now 20 year old self probably wont put this down!

Reflection: Ehh, I can see some problems arising. So naturally, I am here to do a list of stuff I hope they get right and some questions I have about moving forward!

Its a Mobile App. What does this mean for the story? Is there one? Is this just a simplified version of the games we know and love? The concept of catching, trading, and battling seems like a lot of fun and could hold us over til the next installment, so is it wrong to hope for more features? Are gym battles, day cares, and interactive play sessions too much to ask for? Maybe. It’s Free To Play, so I really wont complain if its just surface level.

Legendary Pokemons. How do we handle this? Are they event based? Location Based? Unlock a boss fight by playing so long, catching so many, or visiting so many regions? It seems Mewtwo has been confirmed, so will there be more?

Speaking of Confirmed Pokemon. How many Pokemons will be in here? The latest generation is 6, which puts us at I believe up to 721 pokemons! The latest installment was a remake of Gen 3. However, upon a second watch of the trailer, I only saw first Gen Pokemon. It’s Free To Play, so yet again, if we only see Gen 1 its not the end of the world. An update could fix this later if that is the case.

Battery Life. I still use a caveman phone, so I do not speak SmartPhones(I just use my girlfriend’s if I want to play a game). Will this game destroy your battery? I heard you have to have GPS among other things turned on to really interact with it. If that is the case, am I confined to wherever there’s an outlet for a charger? Yet again, I am concerned about this, but I don’t speak that language so someone can correct me or confirm me.

Location. Location. Location. Maybe my biggest concern is will they make Pokemon location specific. This idea is great for the 3DS games and makes exploring worth it in the games. Real life, however, not so much. I, personally, can not wake up and say “Oh, I want Jirachi, lets go to Tokyo”. I, and I am sure everyone else, hope we can obtain all Pokemons just by doing our daily lives. I am down with time affecting encounter rates. I am okay with weather affecting encounter rates. I am even okay with spreading them out. I think they should make it where nearly every pokemon is within a range of the user. I do not know how realistic or easy a task like this will be to handle correctly, but I am rooting for them to pull it off. Keep in mind, this is a casual down time app. The majority are not going to want to have to get really dedicated to searching all over the globe for a game they are playing to kill time between class.

Alright, alright. Since this is 3 hours late. I will do two more!

3DS Compatibility. Is there any? Oh, come on. This would be awesome. Being able to move my pokemon’s over to my 3ds game would be great. This would also make it worth playing and could help get the On-The-Fence players to buy in. Also, it could solve location issues. If you do not live in the North Pole, but you want to play with your Delibrd, you could just be allowed to trade him over from X to your phone. Sounds like a solid idea to me.

How long will they support it? I am not app savy, but I assume its running on a server. So my question is how long will they support the server? Especially if it doesnt catch fire with the general public. Basically, will I have time to catch them all?

Recap Time! I would love access to all pokemons and have them relatively easy to find. Capture the legendary experience. Do not throw legends at us, but do not make it impossible to get them. It would be so cool to interact with our pokemon, but it is free to play so I’ll be content with just finding pokemons. Give us the ability to move pokemon freely between our phones and 3DS.

So what do you guys think of it? Any concerns? Any hopes?

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  1. Perhaps they will allow people to transfer captured Pokemon to the 3DS via the bank? My concern is that my fave Pokemon will be based in Iraq. I am not going to risk my life to catch them all.

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  2. Yeah, the bank system would be nice.And I totally feel ya about the location part. Hopefully they get it right!


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