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Daily Blog Challenge: January 31st

Today’s Theme: Thoughts on Chandelure being added to Pokken

For starters, if you havent read my “What 5 pokemon’s should be added to Pokken” already, go do so. *End of shameless plugging*

Chandelure is the latest pokemon added to the highly anticipated Tekken style pokemon game, Pokken. With it’s gameplay trailer dropping today: Here’s my thoughts.

If you haven’t seen the video already, check it out here Chandelure Announcement Video on crunchy roll.

For starters, I do not like that they choose Chandelure. Nothing against it, but we already have Gengar. Plus, if we had to go with another Ghost type, I would much whether want to get Rotom. Rotom could change types to help him get a boost on his opponent and have access to more moves.

But, Chandelure is what we’re given, so lets roll with it.


Right of the bat, for who Chandelure is and as much as I am hating on it, I still like what they’ve done with it. It looks like it has a nice move pool and cool animations. I’m torn on the cry though. It’s creepy, but at the same time sounds like a kid whine. Maybe it’ll grow on me over time. I do actually enjoy that Chandelure is a more an out there choice. The other character’s are usual suspects, so seeing Chandelure’s face here is refreshing.

However, both fire and ghost are represented while a handful of types are not. I’m hoping Chandelure is not the last reveal or at least get some DLC to help cover other types.

Either way, Chandelure looks to spice things up and I appreciate that nonetheless.

So what are your guys thought on Chandelure joining the fight?

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Tomorrow I have to decide if February is getting a “daily blog” or some other format. You guys can comment on how we handle February as well.

-Daily Blog as well as top fives, anime reviews, manga review.
-Just life updates for important stuff as well as Top fives, anime reviews, manga reviews
-Just focus on Top Five, Anime Reviews, Manga Reviews

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Top Five Pokemon I want as Support Characters in Pokken

Following up our top five characters we want added as fighters, its time to talk about our top five wanted support characters.

But First, Confirmed Support Characters: Emolga, Fennekin, Snivy, Frogadier, Eevee, Lapras,Whimsicott, Jirachi

#5- Clefairy- Think back to the days where teams of 6 clefairy with only metronome as their move set was a thing. We can bring that back! Clefairy could show up and use metronome capable of using any move from splash to hyper beam. That would be insane. Honesty, this is probably my favorite idea, but it is not likely, so I am slotting it in at 5.

#4- Cresselia- Her goal would be to pop in use Light Screen, Reflect, Recover, or something like Psychic or Moonblast. When she appears she would use one of these moves based off who you are fighting and what the fight is like. Say you’re versing Machamp, she could use reflect to make his moves weaker or if you’re losing she can recover your health some. I am pulling for Cresselia, but there are a million pokemon’s with that move set. I could even root for Latias or Latios to promote ORAS. Whoever it is could really help swing the match or help you get back in it at least. It’s a solid idea.

#3-Mew- If were rooting for Mewtwo than we gotta be rooting for Mew! I don’t even care what the angle is. Mew is an awesome pokemon who could do a lot of cool stuff if you give him the spot. If they had finishers like in smash or mortal combat, it would be cool for mew to come in and help Mewtwo. I do not know how likely this would be since Jirachi is already confirmed and they could always use Celebi or any of the other base 100, but my hopes would be on Mew.

#2- Delibird!- Now this is almost as awesome as the metronome. He would play off his present move. He would have a set number of items from a Sitrus berry to sticky barbs. There would be a 50% chance he would give you the present and 50% chance he gives the opponent the present. He could add some randomness that would be fun against friends. I doubt this very likely either but it is a fun idea.

Honorable mentions: Muk, A stampede of Toroses, Any of the three birds, Any of the three lake pokemons, I’d say any of the eeveelutions but we already have Eevee, and Togepi, Chansey, or Arceus

#1- Bulbasaur- Come on, he’s the OG of pokemon(And thats coming from a Squirtle fan!). He has access to all the moves you would want from a support. Stun Powder, this could either slow your opponent down or make it where they can’t block. Sleep powder would wreck your opponent. Poison powder could drain life from them over an allotted amount of time and than something like Synthesis could gain you life depending on the weather of the stage.

I think Bulbasaur and the Cresselia option are the best as far as support goes. They aid you well and can hinder the opponent. Delibird and Clefairy are really more of fun ideas. Mew might not make it because Jirachi is already added.

Who do you want? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Top Five Pokemon I want added to Pokken Tournament!

With Pokken Tournament recently announced to be coming stateside, now’s a better time than ever to discuss future Pokemons to be announced. I’ll leave my top 5. You guys feel free to say who you’d like!

The current roster: Pikachu (Pikachu Libre), Machamp, Gengar, Charizard, Lucario, Gardevoir, Weavile, Suicune, and Blaziken.

#5- Nidoking- This guy is awesome and could be a tanky character. He’s dual type and hes built like a fighter. His moves could range from a projectile sludge bomb attack, to a close range earthquake. I think the potential is there to work him in.

#4- Breloom- Breloom seems like a prefect fit. He is fighting so he has an array of fighting moves like focus punch and dynamic punch. Since he is grass he would be a versatile fighter. He could use moves like leech seed or mega grain to steal hp to add to his own. He also has access to moves like sleep powder, so he could be a very obnoxious troll character. He was also famous for substitute into a focus punch back in the day. We could bring that back.

#3- Scizor- Come on. This seems like a no brainer. The Scizor family tree is a fan favorite and could work very well with either one of them in. Neither Bug or Steel are represented on the rooster, and scizor is a great way to change that. I am not sure all the mechanics(Like can you raise attack and defense mid fight). If this were the case, Scizor could use swords dance and iron defense to beef up and than mega evolve to be unreal. Just a thought. A game thought

#2- Dragonite- This would be so insane. Dragonite is amazing and the OG of dragons. He has access to hyper beam and outrage and a surprisingly large amount of electric moves. He could drop a thunder down from the heavens. On top of that, he has extreme speed to close the gap before seguing  into Outrage. He wanted to keep some space between himself and the opponent, he could use twister to damage them and then push them back. He would than follow this up with hyper beam. He is also flying, so he would have a hover side to him. His aerial game would be on point. Him and mega Charizard would have some insane sky fights. Now tell me you wouldnt want to see those two duke it out in the sky.

Honorable mentions- Blastoise, Metagross, Aggron, Primeape, Regirock, Deoxys, Heracross, Sceptile, Any eevelution

#1- Mewtwo- Of course its Mewtwo. Who else could it be. Mewtwo is awesome and, in a way, is a face of the pokemon world. I would say just as many old school Pokemon fans who do not keep up with it anymore know Mewtwo as they would Pikachu. Mewtwo would be a great reason for an old fan to rediscover pokemon in this brand new way. Sure we have Gardevoir, but its safe to say Mewtwo could do some different things. In my mind, Gardevoir would play like a wall. She could use reflect and light screen to block attacks, while Mewtwo would boost his offence with calm mind and bombard his opponent with psychics and he is faster. I dont know if there is a story mode for this game, but Mewtwo would be the perfect final boss. I could imagine a boss fight mode where you have to beat the two mega evolutions for Mewtwo. Now that would be amazing.

These are just MY opinions on game mechanics and future characters. Go watch the trailer and than comment on who you would want to see!