My AP Top 10 as of October 3rd, 2021

Another week, a new top 10.

1. Alabama

No surprises here. While I think they are 1.A with Georgia, I have my questions with all of Georgia’s injuries. They got a huge quality win absolutely shutting down Ole Miss until the game was out reach. With the rest of the west looking human, Alabama will probably cruise to a 12-0 finish to meet Georgia.

2. Georgia

Honestly, Georgia lacks the quality wins of the other top 10, thanks to how mediocre Clemson looks, but their defense looks unstoppable and their offense seems to be clicking no matter who takes the snap.

3. Penn State

Penn State continues to be one the best stories in College football. Their defense constantly looks the billing of a top 5 defense. Their offense has given pause at different parts of the year. But they get another showcase game this week against Iowa to prove they’re a top 3 team.

4. Iowa

Every week Iowa just keeps destroying people. They have bullied Indiana, Maryland and ISU into submission. This helped set up a top 4 battle next week with Penn State. Honestly, if I have Alabama and Georgia as 1.A and 1.B, then Penn State and Iowa are 2.A and 2.B.

5. Cincinnati

I’m interested to see if the AP agrees with me on this. The AP poll was high on ND and is constantly viewed as the committee’s golden boy. Well Cincinnati said they would manhandle ND and backed it up. They jumped up 17-0. I would have liked to have seen them throttle ND to really validate them. Still when Notre Dame made it close again, Cincinnati capped off an iconic drive with a QB run for a touchdown. I think they’ve earned the top 5 spot. Now they need to win out and watch the SEC and Big Ten defeat each other.

6. Oklahoma

Survive is the name of the game. If they’re unbeaten at the end of it they will have beaten Oklahoma State, Texas, Iowa State and Baylor and be 13-0. They are one of the least impressive unbeaten teams left, but they keep winning. You can only drop them so low at this point. Though undefeated teams like BYU and Oklahoma State have looked more impressive at times. Oklahomas offense is doing enough while their defense is really keeping them in it. OU has yet to play 4 good quarters against an FBS team, but they remain unbeaten, which is good enough for this week.

7. Oregon

Admittedly, I could make the argument for Oregon at 6. They have a better win at Ohio State than anything Oklahoma has done all season. They came back from 17 down at Stanford just to lose in overtime (a game They might could have won if they could have performed a better 4 minute drive to close the game. However, Oregon is going to learn a valuable lesson. It’s better to be in control of your own destiny. If they’re at 11-1 and Stanford wins their division, that could have a negative impact on their playoff hunt.

8. Ohio State

Ohio State is closing games out now. They did lose 1 game to a top 10 Oregon team but that’s hardly a big deal at this point. If they run the table and beat Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State and Iowa at the end, that should be more than enough to overcome a loss. The real question would be at 11-2 and Big Ten Champs, would that be enough?

9. BYU

BYU handled business early in their schedule, beating two teams that were ranked at the time. Their biggest hurdle at this point seems to be Cincinnati. The nation thinks more of the Bearcats than the Cougars at this point. I just can’t see two group of five schools getting in.

10. Michigan

I’m not sure if Michigan is a top 10 team yet or not, but they are bullying everyone they play and people in front of them keep losing. Like all the other Big Ten teams, they will get plenty of time to show us who they really are.

For the record, ND, Arkansas and Coastal Carolina are all right outside of my top 10 because I dont punish you that hard for losing to other top teams. Oklahoma State also makes a nice jump in my list as well for the quality win over Baylor.

Well, thanks for reading guys. Have a great day guys.

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