2021 NFL Draft Day Predictions

So, its 8PM EST as I’m typing this. The stock will be starting very soon and im scrambling to finish this before it starts. Oh well. I already have my list made up and I will keep writing this even if real picks get announced. Here we go.

#1. Jacksonville Jaguars. Well, this is probably the easiest pick. Even for teams that need OL help or pass catching help, there will still be decisions to be made and pros and cons for each available player. Jags need help everywhere and we shouldn’t expect a lot from any QB selected here, Lawrence or otherwise.

Projected Pick: Trevor Lawrence.

#2 New York Jets

As we were discussing, the Jets have a whole host of things to discuss here. Personally, I feel QBs 2-8 really didnt separate themselves. I didnt watch Any pro days, but I followed the hype. I’d personally take Justin Fields here due to his body of work. The negative side of me says whoever goes here will bust. They just need so many positions filled and it’s a first year coaching staff. Still, people the Jets minds are made.

Projected Pick: Zach Wilson

#3 49ers.

For the record, I’m almost convinced Mac Jones to be the 3rd best QB behind Lawrence and Fields. However, I refuse to fall for the smoke screen. This is the pick I’m most excited about as the story of Jones going third overall was leaked about a month ago.

Projected Pick: Justin Fields.

#4 Atlanta Falcons

Things could have certainly got interesting if Falcons had traded this pick away. Since Panthers and Broncos each went out and got new QBs, I’m just not buying a trade here anymore. I’m half way wanting to say the Falcons draft Chase here but that require a Julio Jones trade. That trade has yet to materialize, so I’ll go chalk here.

Projected Pick: Kyle Pitts

#5 Cincinnati Bengals

I here the discussion here is reuniting Burrow with college team Chase or taking an OL (most likely Sewell). I wont buy the QB hype. They should feel blessed to have Burrow and must keep him upright. Get a wide out in the second round like Higgins last year.

Projected Pick: Penei Sewell

#6 Miami Dolphins

I’m not overly familiar with the Dolphins OL. So maybe they’re tempted to take a OL here. But I’ll avoid that line of thinking here. Grab a pass catcher and get this offense moving.

Projected Pick: Ja’marr Chase

#7 Detroit Lions

I’ve heard rumblings of Lions trading here to get picks. I wouldn’t be against it. Ive heard maybe they’ll take an OL. But with Golladay gone, you got to replace him get Goff some help.

Projected pick: Jaylen Waddle

#8 Carolina Panthers

The first pick where I dont even have a guess. They needed a QB but went and got Darnold. They also got rid of Curtis Samuel. I could see wanting defensive help or another pass catcher, but I think they’ll take an OL here.

Projected Pick: Rashawn Slater

#9 Denver Broncos

When they traded for a QB, I wrote the broncos off from taking one here. But I’ve talked to friend and now I’m convinced they take a QB here to sit under Bridgewater for a year.

Projected Pick: Trey Lance

#10 Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys defense is horrible. I got them taking the best available defensive player. According to everything I’ve heard, that will end up being a corner. I’m not sold on any one player or position. Shoot, they could take Harris the RB or Smith the receiver for all we know.

Projected Pick: Patrick Surtain II

So there you have it. My top 10. I would have loved to do more picks or down each pick in more in depth, but the draft is starting, so I’m going to go watch. If I remember, I’ll try to add pictures or see how many we got right later. As of now, thanks for reading and have a great day! (Hopefully no typos or misspelled names. I did this in a rush!)

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