Top five games I want ported on the Switch. 

Top five games I want ported on the Switch. 


A year ago I wanted to make this list. It was going to be filled with goodies such as A Hat In Time and Spyro, but Nintendo did such a great job getting games on the switch that we even got Super Lucky Tale. Really Go Ninteno.

But theres still more games I want to see come to the switch. Also I’m going to try to not include any exclusive from Sony. I can’t say the same about Microsoft.


#5- Kingdom Hearts- So personally I don’t care too much about Kingdom Hearts which is weird since I like both of its source materials honestly. However, Jessica loves these titles and I know she would lose her mind to hear they finally made it to the Switch. Plus it can’t be that unreasonable. Kingdom Hearts as a console title finally leapt off of Sony’s Playstation and onto Microsofts Xbox but skipped the switch? I don’t know which was more weird to see. Square enix as been insanely buddy with Nintendo and well does Xbox even care about JRPGs? Either way seeing a Kingdom Hearts on a Nintendo licensed system wouldn’t be something unheard considering they had a handful of titles appear on DS. Also you’ll notice I don’t specify which game because I think even baby steps like porting over the PS3 remakes of the originals would be a good start before finally getting some form of definite edition for 3.


4 Persona 5- Okay so we have Joker in Smash. We have a spin off or two coming to Switch. The other tied closely to Persona. The Shin Megama Tensay series featured on the 3DS. We’ve got a perfect store of why the heck is Persona not on Switch? At first I thought it was a Sony exclusive but again the series as appeared on 3DS. Could be something in a contract that allows them to work with handheld if Sony doesnt see those as direct competitors. I’m really not. It could be that Joker on Smash and all these other signs are pointing to Persona 6 coming out for Switch. Of course were all just guessing at this point.


3 Fallout Bethesda has come out with support for the Switch immediately.  I remember that being a selling point for switch right off the bat. The Switch got Skyrim basically right from the start yet the Wii U couldn’t get Oblivion? Come on Bethesda. Regardless, Bethesda has yet to bring over any trace of the Fallout series. Honestly this title could be my number one has I absolutely adore Fallout under Bethesda’s watch, however Switch is getting Outer Worlds sometime this year. That game will hold me over until something Fallout related eventually happens.


2 Rare Replay- I am aware this title may be a stretch. After all, this game really serves a purpose Microsoft needed at one rather Microsoft still cares about that purpose is yet to be seen I suppose as they’re already porting one exclusive title, Cuphead to the Switch so I say depending on Microsofts attitude towards everything determines this merging of consoles success. Banjo already made it over to Smash which considered enivatible and others consider a miracle. Regardless, The Switch would lock up a majority of the 3D platformers they’re missing in Banjo and Conker. Not sure how likely this one is but I’d love it.


1 Bioshock- Here it is. My favorite non Nintendo franchise. An HD Trilogy was released to ever system a few years back that even the Colecovision got a version. Yet the Wii U couldn’t score a version? Regardless it’s a real shame Nintendo couldn’t secure a version of the awesome remake on any of their systems but that’s how it goes. Not to mention 2K has announced a new Bioshock. If we can’t get remakes or heck even original versions of the 360 PS3 games, please let us get a version of this new Bioshock. Please Nintendo, please 2K, and please Cloud Chamber studio make this happen.


So what are some games you want to see brought to the Switch. I tried not to go too crazy and say stuff like The Last of Us or God of War even those would be awesome. I’m going to try to do one on old Nintendo Titles that should be ported so stay on lookout for that.


Top 5 Nintendo Games that should be ported

Mario 64- Wow. What do I even say about this game except please make it portable. If it got a physical release it would blow my mind. But I would go crazy for a digital HD remake. With the N64 being my first console you can imagine my nostalgia for this game. I won’t really go into why it’s amazing as most of you probably already know. I would love if they added new content to go exploring but I feel like that could receive some backlash so I’ll settle for any version of the game coming to the Switch. I would also not complain if Mario Galaxy came to the Switch. 


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